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    • Molecule 01 Travel Size in Case
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    • Why it's Cult
      Molecule 01 fragrance from Escentric Molecules smells so good every man, woman and child in a five mile radius will want to discover your secret. Remember the old impulse ads? This is even better… Developed by rising star of the perfume world Geza Schoen, Molecule 01 is sexy, evolutionary and unique – it defies the traditional perfumery doctrine and has bewitched the millions worldwide you’ve fallen for the ‘Molecules’ phenomenon. So, if you want all the benefits of a tailor-made perfume without the tailor-made price-tag, you need look no further. WE REGRET THAT WE ARE CURRENTLY UNABLE TO SHIP ESCENTRIC MOLECULES OUTSIDE THE UK.
    • Description
      A hand-luggage friendly 30ml, Molecule 01 Travel Size is housed in a beautiful, protective aluminium box to prevent leaks and in-transit breakage. Created from the unadulterated aroma-chemical Iso E Super – Escentric Molecules’ Molecule 01 is more an effect than a fragrance. The subtle, velvety, woody scent combines with your natural pheromones, to create an aromatic aura that’s universally bespoke and unfailingly alluring. This waxes and wanes throughout the day and can prove difficult to detect on yourself (hence none of that cloying, headache-inducing effect you can get with many, more ‘traditional’ fragrances) however, the effect it has on others is mesmerising… think Mowgli in his Kaa-induced hypnotic trance, and you’re close to the phenomenal scent-sation this fragrance provokes.
    • How to use
      Apply Escentric Molecules' Molecule 01 fragrance to skin wherever you like to be kissed.
    • Full ingredients list
      Escentric Molecules Molecule 01: Iso E Super (65%)

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    Love it's effect
    Been wearing this for some time and still getting used to people commenting on its lovely smell. One girl phoned me to ask where to get it !!! And the beauty of it, it's fragrance is different from to person. Star product


    Power of Nature
    I realy like Molecules 01, however I only gave it 4 Stars because I found a new fragrance which is even better for me. Nevertheless Molecules 01 is one of the most outstanding fragrances out there!


    my perfume forever
    I just love it and I please ask cult beauty to somehow manage to ship it again outside the UK. It's a disaster not having it, and this is the only way I do have...


    How to gather complements!
    I often find perfume to smell repulsive and so at 28 years old I often act like Mr Bean in the perfume isle and have never owned a perfume before this. But when I wear this I a) can not smell it myself and b) people around me stop, sniff the air and wonder what that wonderful smell is. I find it mixes well and I now wear it everyday with any of my growing perfume collection. I've been complemented most of the mixes of: CB I hate perfume tea/rose and Britney Spears' Fantasy - a Christmas gift. I definitely recommend this, believe it's worth the price and will be repurchasing the large size of this when I've run out.


    In Love!
    Yes I LOVE this perfume it is astonishing, wear this and things happen! I have actually had strangers stop me and asks what perfume I am wearing! I have bought both the normal size & this mini size, the mini is very handy for traveling or just daily use (or when I'm short of cash)! Love it!

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