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    Escentric Molecules

    Molecule 01
    Very good
    I haven’t actually bought this item, but my mum has it and I use it as well. It smells really nice and is suitable for male and female, also a lot of celebrities wear this scent such as Scarlett Johansson ( I don’t know if I spelled that right, but she recommended it to us).
    Try before you buy
    I purchased this perfume after looking through so many positive reviews. I am a perfume fanatic and was looking forward to the idea that it smells different on different people. Unfortunately, it really hasn’t worked for me. Like many have said, you can’t smell it on yourself and from my experience, it has a small ‘sillage’. It has an alcohol or ‘ozone’ scent that you can smell when it’s initially sprayed, but to my disappointment I haven’t had any comments made about it. I am now layering it with other fragrances in hope that it’s doing something magical to tailor other fragrances to my skin! My advice would be to purchase with caution and try to get a good spritz of it in a shop, so you can try it out for yourself. Hopefully it might work for you as it seems to work better on some than others. It’s a try before you buy product.
    Molecule 01
    This is the only fragrance I will ever buy!! I adore it and am constantly asked what it is I'm using and forever being complimented on it! I love it ❤️
    My love for over 10 years!
    Fantastic fragrance. I use it for more than 10 years and hope to use it forever :) I like to use it solo and in combination with Diptyque philosykos. My colleagues always know when I am in the office because nobody smells like me. In the office, in the elevator, in shops and just in the street, people always ask me what kind of perfume I use. Be careful, by using it you will always be noticed :)
    Best perfume ever
    I am VERY picky when it comes to scents, there are only a few I like wearing as I'm not a big fan of anything too musky, floral or sweet. When I spray it, It comes across as a fresh, almost herby scent that doesn't linger long. I quite often forget I'm wearing any perfume until someone compliments me on it - something that happens a lot when I wear it. At least once a week I am stopped by a colleague, friend or stranger to ask what perfume I am wearing. If you're after a strong perfume that you can catch a whiff of whenever you move then this definitely isn't the perfume for you. It's a beautifully subtle, indescribable scent that garners a lot of attention.
    I have been buying this for a couple of years and I have to say that although I cant really smell it on myself everyone and I mean everyone comments on how lovely I smell, I even had a lady who followed me around a shop she managed to pick up the courage to come ask me what I was wearing I was taken aback as I looked at my clothes and said I'm sorry what do you mean ? she said I smelted amazing :-)
    Didn't work for me...
    I really wanted this to work but it didn't. I couldn't smell anything, my boyfriend and friends didn't notice it on me, and after wearing it for a few weeks - binned it. Try before you buy!
    Smelled this on a friend and loved it. She let me try as it smells different depending on your individual skin chemistry. I loved it on and get so many compliments when I wear it. I will be buying this forever.
    Molecule 01
    This is the most essential part of my scent wardrobe. It works it's magic both alone and when layered with other fragrances. I can hardly smell it on myself, but when I can, it smells woody and slightly spicy. I know that others can smell it on me, because I get complemented constantly when I wear it. From my experience, it smells different on everyone. Like I mentioned above, it is woody/spicy on me, but it smells sweet on my best friend, slightly musky on my boyfriend, and like nothing on my mom. I'd recommend getting a sample to try before buying, just to make sure it works for you. It's very hit or miss...but if it works, then it REALLY works :)
    Molecule 01
    Well, talk about "The Emporer's New Clothes", this says it all. I might as well have sprayed tap water on myself. No smell. No comments from anyone. Utter waste of money. I should have known better. A lesson learned.
    No smell...
    I was beyond excited to use this but unfortunately not a single person has ever been able to smell it on me. It has an initial scent, nothing too strong but after a minute or so I get used to it and the scent disappears. I've asked friends if they smell anything different and they swear they can't smell a thing, even directly on the areas I've sprayed. I feel like this product must only work for certain people.
    Love perfume
    Escentric Molecules 01
    Love, love love, have been using this for years and though I can't smell it on myself, I always get complimented on it when wearing. But funnily enough I can always smell it on my clothes when I take them off. Fabulous stuff.
    Molecule 01
    I was unable to find a perfume that I loved after Revlon discontinued 'Ultiima' a fragrance which I wore for 20 years!!!! That was until I chased a woman around Marks & Spencer who was wearing this. I have last found my new fragrance...Molecule 01 is gorgeous and feminine and gets you so many compliments. I highly recommend you try won't be disappointed!!!
    No scent
    Expected not to smell this on myself but it was the opposite - it smelled like play-dough and the scent followed me around all day! However, I have given this product 4 stars because it was very interesting and fun to let family/friends try it out. Every outcome was different (it was horrible in my opinion but others said they really liked the smell).
    I can't smell it on me and yet I am addicted to it. I have received so many compliments since I started using it that I do not think I am ever going to stop. It seems to have some special sort of effect on people around you. But do I want to recommend it? Not really! I do not want EVERYONE using my Molecules! :D
    Molecule 01
    Like many others I cannot smell this perfume on myself ( or on my clothes ) at all - but, oh boy! I wish I had a pound for every time someone has complimented me on it and asked me what it is. It is also, apparently, remember I cannot smell it, very long lasting - eliciting comments hours after application. Unlike Prada's very expensive Infusion d'Iris which seems to totally disappear after about 20 minutes. I know which one I'll be buying again.
    can't smell it
    Sorry I can't smell it. Bought it based on good reviews. It's as if I didn't use any perfume at all but it's probably the whole point
    Bought this perfume just to see if it lived up to the hype. It does exactly what other reviewers say-find it hard to notice it on myself but I have had people follow me in work, that I passed on a staircase to ask what I'm wearing meanwhile my office workmate can't smell a thing. The only time I have ever heard my husband comment on a perfume is with this-it drives him crazy in the best way. It must be body chemistry or maybe because it does not follow a mass market sledgehammer approach to scent. You won't find it in Boots and that adds to its mystery-don't tell anyone what it is because it our little secret. Thumbs up to Cult Beauty as well-extremely quick delivery, great price and wrapped in tissue if you want to gift.
    Purchasing this perfume was such a mistake. I'm incredibly disappointed! I'd been dying to try this one out for YEARS after hearing so many good things about it. However, after trying it on, all I could smell was this overpowering, horrible, artificial, chemical-y scent. It makes me think of a really cheap (and poorly made!) masculine cologne. I couldn't wash it off quick enough. I had a friend try it and she had similar feelings, so I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with this perfume. I honestly cannot think of a good thing to say about it. It's definitely one to try before buying, I would think!
    A classic
    I have been wearing this perfume since soon after it's launch in 2007, and I have never found anything comparable - despite frequent visits to Blooms in Spitalfields to try the many wonderful fragrances they offer. I always gets positive comments when I wear this, but unfortunately it's become a pretty well known scent now - I guess that's a reflection of how wonderful it is though :) The only scent that I love equally to Molecule 1 is Escentric 1.
    I am absolutely addicted to this bottle! This is the second time I'm buying this perfume. I would love to try another one from this company but I don't know if I would like it as much as I like this one. A lady in the post office window commented on the perfume - it was after 5pm and I only sprayed it before work at 7am. Love it!
    Love It!
    I never seen it on the street but because of the good reviews I had to take the risk and buy the 30ml just to see if I like it. I don't like it, I LOVE IT! I don't think many people would get disappointed by purchasing this amazing perfume. So if you are like me and still unsure, you can trust the good reviews. Some people say it enhances my own smell (I'm guessing a good smell;) and some say it is a very sexy scent; oh and the minority, cannot even smell it. I sure can and every-time I smell on myself, I put a sexy smile on;)
    Fabulous perfume, I've had so many positive comments over the years . Shame I can't smell it, however as most of my friends wear it I guess that's a positive .
    Secret signature
    This fragrance makes me selfish. I've been asked so many times, "What is it? I have to know" and I lie. That makes me a bad person, I hang my head in shame but it's my signature, my secret. I'll happily divulge the name of any other fragrance I happen to wear but not this one. Touted as a "man magnet" when it first appeared, hmm not seen any signs of that, it's always women that comment on it.
    molecule 01
    Well my last review of this perfume was 1 star, but now it's a 3/5 and that's because I still can't smell it on myself but I've had people come up to me in supermarkets asking what perfume am I wearing ( which is how I found out about it), and 3 separate people coming up to me saying "you're wearing molecule aren't you!!". Could have knocked me sideways. So I am now ordering another bottle. Just wish I could smell it on myself!!! :-)
    Not a fan...
    I bought this having read the reviews but I have to say I really don't like this. I hate to be the negative one and I'm sure its just a personal thing but PLEASE don't buy it until you've tried it.
    Very useful
    An interesting aroma. On me molecule 01 started with a cedar wood chip aroma and then seemed to fade. I needn't have worried as about an hour later it returned with a great enthusiasm. There was still the cedar thing going on but now there was a sweetness and muskiness. Every time I moved there would be puffs of the scent wafting around me that clearly others were also smelling as well. I love perfume and I appreciate this scent for what it is but the best discovery for me is that it significantly extends the longevity of all my other perfumes. I just layer the perfume and it works like magic.
    Luuuurrrrrvvvve this
    I bought this going on the reviews & love it! I can't describe the exact smell but it is unisex, earthy & reminds me of Morrocco....warm, musky with a touch of vanilla
    Believe the Hype...
    Often I smell a scent on others and love it then buy it for myself and hate it on me. Finally one that smells amazing on me!! It's all true. Everyone asks what I'm wearing. I can smell it subtly on myself which is lush but it's the wafts of it you get throughout the day that smell really sublime
    So I was extremely curious regarding this perfume, especially the hype so I decided to purchase a bottle. Oh. My. Goodness. Heaven in a bottle and I cannot stop smelling it. So many people have already commented/complimented me, literally within a week of wearing it. I love it and will certainly be interested in repurchasing. It smells almost woody/musky on me with maybe a very little hint of parma violets (which I don't mind, I actually like) but not so strong. On initial application I cannot really smell anything, it is only through the day that I catch wafts of it and think wow... :) Even my boss commented how the smell is drifting around my workplace making it smell gorgeous! ;) I may have talked her into purchasing her own bottle!
    molecule 01
    Cant smell it on myself and neither can anyone else. Very disappointed!!!!!!
    Molecule 01
    Loving this product.. I'd like to think of myself as knowing what I like in a perfume, this one has it all. You cant smell it on yourself, but others can smell it.. lots of compliments... love it... buy it
    Smelt this on a friend - amazing. Bought it for myself, can't smell it at all & neither can anyone else!!! Do not buy this unless you have tried it first. I LOVE perrfume and was soooo looking forward to receiving it. It was delivered within a couple of days but a total waste of money. If there are any tips as to how to exaggerate the smell please let me know!
    Smells nice but it dried out my skin
    When i first put this on, i wasn't too keen on the smell as i really don't like parma violets. But after a while i slowly started to change my mind. After a couple of hours wear, i couldn't smell it on myself, and i've still had no comments on it. unfortunately. Now, after a couple of days i began to notice a huge red patch on my neck down to my collarbones. It's extremely itchy, dry and sore when i put any kind of moisturiser on to it (even E45!) There's nothing else that i'm using that could be causing this. Although i haven't noticed any kind of reaction on my wrists which is odd. It's so annoying as i was beginning to really like this fragrance. But as much as i like it, the pain on my neck just isn't worth it.
    Molecule 01
    Love this fragrance it's everything you want & more ... Bought it for my trainer he better watch himself ...
    Soooo sexy
    I don't know about the reacting with pheromones thing but all I will say is that my ex girlfriend could barely keep her clothes on for a minute when I arrived rearing this. She even asked me if it was some sort of aphrodisiac because it made her feel uncontrollably horny. I'm glad to say it seems to have the same effect on my current girlfriend as well. Long may it last!!
    Subtle & Incredible
    Hands down my favorite fragrance. I am a perfumer and makeup artist and product developer - needless to say, I've seen it all and this perfume is a truly unique 'under the radar' scent that works beautifully layered with other perfumes or on it's own. I constantly get told that I 'smell amazing' and it is no doubt due to this product. Never precedes you in a room and sometimes is barely detectible right up close, but it's there. Works with your skin chemistry as all perfumes do, so it may not be for every single person, but I have never heard of it not reacting incredibly well. As my favorites always get discontinued, this one better never go away. If it does I will re-create it!!
    Very special and unforgettable smell
    Was stealing my husband's Molecule 01 while I was pregnant..but now I am very proud to have this perfume in my own collection!! The smell is special and unique. Feeling beautiful, confident and sexy when I am wearing Molecule 01!!! :)
    When I first sprayed this perfume i was disappointed because I couldn't smell a thing. As soon as I started walking past people, everyone would comment on how nice it smelt.
    Didn't like to start with but now I LOVE!
    I first bought this having read a review in a national newspaper when it first came onto the market. I was intrigued and bought a bottle. When I sprayed it onto myself I was disappointed that I couldn't smell anything - it was like spraying water and I was extremely disappointed. I recently tried again but this time from Cult Beauty. I now wear it every day and am stopped by someone every day asking what I'm wearing as they love the scent.
    Amazing scent
    I'm asked everyday what I'm wearing and have to write details down for everyone, my colleagues know I'm in the building before they see me...definitely my favourite perfume! x
    When I first got this perfume I personally loved the smell even though it had a strong resemblance to Palma violets on me, I unlike most reviews can smell this on myself. 3 of the male chefs at my work made comments on how I smelt like an old lady and I seemed to attract elderly men this particular shift. I will keep wearing it to see if I get any nice comments but at the moment I am the only one who likes this scent on myself. I'm upset that I am maybe not one of the lucky ones it smells gorgeous on.
    A Truly Unique Scent....
    ...delivered with Speed & so nicely wrapped by the folks at CultBeauty, i didnt want unwrap it....but alas i had to!
    Molecule 01
    I've used this for around two years now and love it. I get so many people asking what the great smell is.......... they're all disappointed that they can't buy it in a shop. I won't ever use anything else now, I'm so glad I found Cult Beauty!
    Very special!
    I smelt this on somebody else and had to try it. Initially i was disappointed as couldn't smell it on myself which i found odd..part of having a perfume is to be able to be aware of it, however the effect on others is fantastic! People often say 'who smells nice' and i am often asked what perfume im wearing. I find that on different days it has a different effect...after some hours others could smell it on me but other times it seems not to have the same lasting effect. I am a perfume addict and now dont think i will wear anything else. Wouldnt recommend it as i dont want everyone else to have it!!!
    Molecules 01 perfume
    Excellent product!
    can't live without
    can't live without
    Absolutly fantastic fragrance
    This perfume is a must. It is beautiful. Very subtle but lasts all day you will get plenty of comments about it. I ordered this on a Friday and recieved it the following morning. Thank you Cult Beauty for such a great service.
    molekule 01
    An amazing fragrance! My favourite! Thank u :)
    Molecule 01
    Everywhere I go I get people remarking on my perfume. I was once in a taxi and he didn't charge me for the fare because he loved my perfume so much. Hilary
    Best of all
    Best of all
    It's amazing
    It's one of my favourite perfume
    This perfume is so fresh, cool I wish I could eat it Lol, it last all day and night, it is really worth every penny. It's a much have. The men adore it.
    Molecule 01
    Absolutely addicted to this perfume
    Phenomenal Fragrance
    I bought it from here, and I absolutely adore this one. I was so frustrated when I start smelling rubbing alcohol the first spritz. But exactly 20 mins later I tried to test it outside. So I went outside, got on a bus and suddenly a breeze came in through window and I got a strange wiff. It was so strange and so lovable scent I cannot describe. I thought it came from some kinda cake... though :D. But I knew it came from my neck and everybody on the bus were trying to figure out where it came from. Some girls try to sniff into the air around to figure out what it is and I got asked by a lady who deliberately got off the bus to follow and ask the cologne's name. I am now absolutely in love with this magic potion........ Cheers
    Molecule 01
    a marvelous scent
    Absolutely fantastic
    the only shame is, that you can not smell it on yourself - BUT the rest of the world can.
    This is the kind os scent that i could happily wear everyday for the rest of my life, its stunning x
    Molecule no 1
    No 1
    molecule 01
    I really like molecule 01....Sometimes is hard to smell it on your self,but the people around me,gives me a lot of compliments...So that is a good sign......I'am loving it... Marloes from the Netherlands...
    would recomment to a friend
    would recommend to a friend
    People tell me I smell delicious
    I am constantly stopped and asked what perfume I am wearing and everyone at work comments every single day about how great I smell. Unfortunately, I couldn't say what Molecule 1 smells like because I can't smell it on myself - I'll keep on using it though because it obviously has the desired effect! I love it!
    Isn't great for everyone
    Pros- Unique, great for a gift Cons- Doesn't smell great on everyone. Thoughts - I received this as a Christmas present from my boyfriend and I must say; it is certainly unique: when you first spray it on it smells like really strong alcohol but after awhile it vanishes completely. The product claims to work with your natural pheromones, which I thought very amusing as I tended to attract more women than men whenever I had this fragrance on! Apparently (or so I was told) I smelt ?spicy, warm and inviting?!? I then decided to try it on my boyfriend and my best friend. I swear my boyfriend smelt like chocolate (too sickly in my opinion) whilst my best friend ended up smelling like Parma violets (which she hated). Verdict - It makes a unique present and if you're bored of conventional perfumes then give this a go: you certainly won't smell like anyone else! Beware though because (if you can) try it first: it doesn't smell nice on everyone. Personally it didn't live up to my expectations.
    Very good
    Very good
    best perfum
    best perfum
    Molecule 01
    Molecule 01 took ages of identifying as a patient of mine wears it and only comes in x2 a month.......eventually I had to ask her the name, as during our consultation - and for an hour after she left, it simply lingered, the softest and sexiest of fragrances imagineable.......I now have some! and yes, I have been asked every day so far - its been 2 weeks-what it is! So subtle and hope it smells as good on me as it does on others as its hard to discern yourself - tho it revs up for moments and dies off again. Highly recommended.
    Molecule 01
    OMG what more can i say ...its breathtaking.
    molecule 01
    smelt it on a friend and had to get it
    truly unique!
    Molecule 01 is one of my all time favourite perfumes. everybody always compliments me on it.
    must have
    smells absolutely gorgeous
    love this perfume
    Get a whiff of this
    Oh my, this is a product I can get very excited about. I first came across it when I finally asked a friend at work what her fabric softener was as it smelt amazing. The reason I didn't ask what perfume was because it's totally unlike any traditional perfumes. A few of us girls now wear Molecule 01 and we all compliment each other on how good we smell. However, it's the response from some (admittedly not all) boys. "Row you smell so good," "Oh my God, smell how good Row smells," and "Row you're wearing that perfume again for me," are just a few of the comments I've received. It lasts and lasts and even after I've washed my clothes (thoroughly at 30 degrees, naturally) I can still smell it. The friend who I discovered it once said "Sometimes I actually turn myself on I smell so good." Nuff said.
    No headaches and everyone asks me what I'm wearing!
    Having experienced headaches with most fragrances I'm delighted that I have no problem with Molecule 01! I'm frequently complimented on it and asked what I'm wearing.
    Makes me irresistable!
    Aftershaves don't have to do much; Smell good and not cause agony on application. Pain can be removed by moisturising first (everybody does it these days). This leaves this to do one thing, and it does this very well indeed - Attract women! Honestly - this stuff is seriously nice, an unbelievable fragrance that both men and women really like. So whatever you are trying to attract slap on Molecule 01 and get out there. I hear its supposed to interact with your pheromones or something, so it smells stronger if you are horny - not sure if this is true or how you would test that, but who cares - If you have a pulse this will be effective!
    The most amazing scent
    This is the most amazing scent. I don't know whether it's just the smell or that it does in fact react to your pheromones but it certainly makes me horny(!) and strangely attracted to anyone (male or female!) in the vicinity wearing it. Now his 'n hers isn't exactly cool but I urge you girls to buy it for your men-folk, then you can steal some and be more attracted to them and at the same time make the world a much more attractive and fragrant place; that way everyone's a winner! Unfortunately my Sales bit went a tad awry as my ma has now stolen it as her signature scent too...thankfully we are not trying to impress the same people ;)