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    DizziakDeep Conditioner<p>Set to be a new cult classic, Dizziak&#8217;s Deep Conditioner is a (very welcome) hair care game-changer. Formerly a beauty contributor at Stylist Magazine, Loretta De Feo created Dizziak because she was frustrated with the lack of truly rich, deep conditioners on the market that would prove effective on her thick, half Nigerian, half Italian locks.</p><p>Bringing a product that is effective on Afro hair (and all hair types, for that matter) without relying on harsh chemicals to the market, Dizziak&#8217;s Deep Conditioner utilises naturally nourishing ingredients. Rich without weighing locks down, it leaves hair ultra-soft, shiny and detangled, fragranced with a fresh, subtle peppery scent. Quinoa protein contains amino acids, which boost strands&#8217; barrier repair, hydration and shine by forming protective films. Babassu oil eases dryness, restores elasticity and stimulates follicle growth; inca inchi oil regulates oil production while locking in moisture; coconut and argan oils protect hair against frizz and seal in moisture. Formulated without parabens, sulphates, silicones or mineral oil, this vegan, cruelty-free conditioner does only good, finally fulfilling the promise of long-lasting moisture by leaving locks velvety soft, frizz-free and unrecognisably manageable. Modern, monochrome and &#252;ber-trendy, the packaging will up the chic factor of any bathroom shelf, created in collaboration with cult artist Ted Draws &#8211; cool.&nbsp;</p>DIZ0011515950605694500005 stars, based on70 reviews 22.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Dizziak Deep Conditioner

    Deep Conditioner
    ( 200ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      A cult classic in the making, this game-changing conditioner is the brainchild of Loretta De Feo, who earned her beauty stripes at Stylist magazine. After years of frustration caused by the lack of truly rich, deep conditioners on the market, De Feo wanted to create a beautiful-looking, fragrant product that would actually work on all hair types and textures (and particularly well on Afro hair) without relying on harsh chemicals. Enriched with quinoa protein and babassu, coconut and argan oils, Dizziak is the resultant hair care Holy Grail. As well as delivering results, it looks über-chic in its monochrome packaging, created in collaboration with artist Ted Draws. As if that wasn't good enough, the formula is also vegan!

    • Description

      Set to be a new cult classic, Dizziak’s Deep Conditioner is a (very welcome) hair care game-changer. Formerly a beauty contributor at Stylist Magazine, Loretta De Feo created Dizziak because she was frustrated with the lack of truly rich, deep conditioners on the market that would prove effective on her thick, half Nigerian, half Italian locks.

      Bringing a product that is effective on Afro hair (and all hair types, for that matter) without relying on harsh chemicals to the market, Dizziak’s Deep Conditioner utilises naturally nourishing ingredients. Rich without weighing locks down, it leaves hair ultra-soft, shiny and detangled, fragranced with a fresh, subtle peppery scent. Quinoa protein contains amino acids, which boost strands’ barrier repair, hydration and shine by forming protective films. Babassu oil eases dryness, restores elasticity and stimulates follicle growth; inca inchi oil regulates oil production while locking in moisture; coconut and argan oils protect hair against frizz and seal in moisture. Formulated without parabens, sulphates, silicones or mineral oil, this vegan, cruelty-free conditioner does only good, finally fulfilling the promise of long-lasting moisture by leaving locks velvety soft, frizz-free and unrecognisably manageable. Modern, monochrome and über-trendy, the packaging will up the chic factor of any bathroom shelf, created in collaboration with cult artist Ted Draws – cool. 

    • How to use

      Massage Dizziak’s Deep CondiIoner into clean, damp hair from root to tip 

      Leave on for 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes for a luxe mask experience  

      Rinse well with cool water 

      Use once or twice weekly for maximum effect

      Rich without weighing down the hair, the result is super soft, detangled lengths and lasting moisture. 

      The ultimate shine maker, Dizziak’s Deep CondiIoner leaves hair looking and feeling incredible, while a beauIfully subtle fragrance that emulates the fresh, enchanIng, peppery smells of summer throughout the day.


    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil, Behentrimonium, Methosulfate, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Quaternium-87, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Parfum (Fragrance), Hydrolyzed Quinoa, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium PCA, Phenoxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Citral, Eugenol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool

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    Dizziak - Deep Conditioner

    Dizziak Deep Conditioner Reviews

    Great conditioner
    Lasting moisture, defined curls, less frizz and smells great!
    Read this before buying
    For anyone who has 2C/3A hair - I found I benefited more by applying this as a hair mask (after showering) to wet hair for 30 mins to 1 hour then wash out with cold water and found I had enduring moisturising hair for the week.
    Caution as product is protein heavy
    I have low porosity curly hair so I used this for 30 minutes and followed it up with a moisture rich conditioner (carol’s daughter black vanilla conditioner). The results were fabulous! So folks with my hair type need to definitely use a moisture rich, protein-free conditioner after using this product otherwise your hair will resemble a bale of hay. I’m still giving this five stars because of the smell and how healthy my hair looked after. Will definitely repurchase!
    one of the best
    This is one of the best conditioners out of the markte ....a really deep conditioner that smells so good (calming and soothing), nourishes and detangles my thick wavy hair so well and makes it so soft without this slimy feeling that some other conditioners have, which only covers the hair and don't really nourish and moisturize it.
    Best conditioner I've ever had!
    I've been searching a long time for a conditioner that works for both my own fine frazzled hair and my daughters thick locks and I do believe I have found it in this. From the first application this conditioner made both of our hair types so silky soft! Lost one star for the slightly overly floral smell however that may be down to one's own preferences.
    It does leave my hair very soft however my hair is still frizzy even after using it for a month
    Not 100% sure
    Although I absolutely loved what it did to my curls, it made my colour super dull and my hair really greasy. I've ended up having to either use dry shampoo or wash it the next day. Definitely a hair product I would only use once in a while, factoring the price into this, it's not ideal.
    Great for hydration
    A good deep conditioner. I've got porous curly hair, which soaks up water like a sponge and has a tendency to frizz. This doesn't weigh my hair down at all and leaves it softer and a little smoother. The effect is most noticeable when I straighten my hair, not as noticeable when I leave it to dry naturally curly. Knocked a star off for the smell, it really does smell like cleaning products.
    Smelt great but expensive and for the price, I didn't notice a thing - would not repurchase.
    Lovely conditioner but pricey
    Great conditioner, especially nice when brushed through and left on as a mask. Only downside is the pricey which is quite expensive for a conditioner but nice as an occasional mask.
    Thank You Dizziak
    This was amazing. It detangled, hydrated, and left my hair smooth ... all without any silicone! Honestly, this really preformed and left me so relieved as I didn't have to use an ocean full of the product to get the job done which I do even with other curly specific products. Yes, yes, yes, and yes again!
    Amazing slip!
    The slip was the best I've ever had out of any of the silicone free deep conditioners I've tried! I have very thick, bleached curly hair and this was amazing for untangling and moisturising my dried out locks. Packed full of amazing natural ingredients too.
    On the fence
    I tried this once a week for 3 weeks consecutively. And left the deep conditioner for at least 10 minutes, if not 15 or so. It was quite good the first time I used it and I noticed my hair was retaining more moisture. However, I used it yesterday and realised quite a bit of residue sticks to my hair, and was actually quite hard to wash off. Also, after using my hair tends to get oily quicker which isn't the best. I'll keep using it and monitor the difference... maybe it's just not the best for my hair type :(
    really good
    Just used this morning. It's really really nice. I have fine curly hair and it made my hair so silky and smooth and soft. I'll definitely get a big bottle soon as I only had a sample and hopefully, it'll keep being amazing
    Amazingly hydrating
    I have curly hair and my curls used to get defined only if i was using styling creams to activate the curls and still they were kind of coarse at touching. After using this conditioner which works more like a mask, my hair is not so fluffy anymore, curls are much more better defined and they last until next wash and my hair is sooooo silky. Total game changer! Also you need to use only a tiny bit, so it will last a while.
    Used on High Porosity Afro Caribbean Hair
    PROS: Smells lovely and herby, like an Aesop perfume. At first it felt like any normal conditioner, but after 25 mins my hair had sucked it up and became so silky and hydrated. The real surprise was the next day after a night of moisture and a satin sleep beanie, My curls are SO defined, frizzless and moisturised. CONS: For us afro beauties were gonna need a bigger bottle lol! WOULD I BUY AGAIN? Hell Yeah!, New staple.
    Wow! This product is amazing! I’ve read the reviews before purchasing and was still a little sceptical, but as my hair was screaming for help (long brown with blonde balayage) idevided to give it a go. Best decision I made! They say you can use it as a mask or just as a quick 3 minuter conditioner. I have to say works perfectly both ways! Amazing product! I tried so so many from cheap to expensive and nothing really worked until now! My hair is finally soft, and frizz free (god it was so so so frizzy all the time!) it’s easy to apply, easy to wash out and hydrates hair without weighing it down!
    Please never stop stocking this!
    I've tried all of the expensive brands (Oribe, Davines, Ouai, Briogeo etc.) and this is the first hair product that I can never be without again. Please never stop stocking this, Cult Beauty. I will remain a loyal customer as long as you sell this!!! My normally dry, pouffy hair has become so soft and moisturised. I even use it as a co-wash now as I can't get enough of it.
    This is a constant repurchase in my home. My 12 year old has thick, waist length curly hair and wash day was always a struggle for us. After using Dizziak, this has become way less traumatic! It’s beautifully moisturising, smells heavenly, and adds so much shine to the hair. I also use this on my long, straight hair and it’s a godsend for my dry ends. I recommend this constantly to all my friends and family and would say if you have any dryness you *need* to try this product!
    You need this!
    If you have thick coarse hair you should have this! Absolutely love it! Best product I have had for my thick coarse curly hair in years!
    Reviewed the wash, now this!
    I bought and used this conditioner after the Dizziak wash, and it is life changing. I only left if on for 5 minutes but I want to try it for 30...because it left my hair looking like real hair and not a frizzball. Certainly worth the investment.
    Great surprise
    I was looking for an extremely rich conditioner that could double as a mask to save my thin dry hair after six months of washing it with Dubai's chlorinated water. Supermarket brands fell short which is why I was willing to buy something a bit 'fancy' without spending too much money (£40 for the Coco & Eve? No thanks). This really met my expectations. It seems oily but rinses out really well and has a wonderful smell. It did not weigh down my hair and was easy to apply. It also succeeded in restoring my hair to its pre-Dubai days.
    Wanted to love it
    Even though Dizziak products were made with Afro textures (3b-4c types) in mind, I have to say that I don't find the deep conditioner hydrating enough. I'm a 3c and it doesn't leave my hair as soft and manageable as other conditioners have done. I see another reviewer with a 4 hair type loves it, so I would still recommend trying it to see if it works for you. It just didn't for my hair, which is still damaged from heat, and extremely dry. The smell is DIVINE, a very sexy, gingery, musky smell, which I love - it's different from the typical floral scent you get in shampoos and conditioners.
    Fingers crossed!
    So far, the only thing I can say is that it's floral scent is extremely strong and persistent that for me is most likely one more headache looming. For this reason, leaving the product on my hair even for a few minutes is a rather difficult task for me as a not much pleasant sensory experience. I am just hoping that it will proove to be a gamechanger as many reviews claim...
    Holy grail of conditioners
    I have repurchased this soo many times! It's the only conditioner that can detangle my fine frizzy bleached hair. It leaves it feeling soft and nourished and a little goes a long way, it's definitely worth the price.
    Love this
    It’s the ONLY conditioner I’ve tried that actually detangles and softens my frizzy wavy hair without having to use tons of product. Only a small amount is enough to nurture and moisturise thirsty hair. Will definitely repurchase.
    So good!
    I have fine, wavy, frizzy hair - lots of it - and this conditioner is better than anything I've tried before in terms of hydration and making it soft and manageable. It's definitely a must have either for regular use as a conditioner or as a mask. Will be repurchasing!
    Simply the best
    Oh Dizziak, let me sing your praises! I have honestly recommended this to everyone that will listen, including multiple stylists. This stuff is THE BEST. It is thicccccck, has a lovely texture, smells heavenly in a spicy, musky way, and moisturizes like no other. I love it so much that I have ordered it 3 times now, and don't see myself stopping any time soon. I am Jewish and have frizzy, dry, mixed texture, unruly hair, but this stuff moisturizes it and leaves it about as happy as it can be. I'm excited to try the Hydration Wash next once I have gone through the 3 bottles of different shampoos I have lying around my shower... Oops.
    I love this conditioner and use it with the hydration wash. Gorgeous finish to my hair, smooth, soft and easy to brush through. I have fine, colour damaged, dry hair and this makes it look beautiful! Smells gorgeous too! Please make a travel size!
    Little wonder
    Love, love, love this stuff! Really makes my hair softer, shinier, smells gorgeous. I think it even keeps hair clean for day or two longer than my usual conditioner. Already ordered Hydration Wash also from Dizziak to explore the brand better.
    I have dry, wavy hair and now abused with bleaching (removing black colour and returning to my natural light brown). This saved me. Do I need to say more? Just buy.
    Don't get the hype
    This conditioner wasn't that great as the reviews are read here, I was expecting a significant result, but I got an OK result I guess. It did work, but I didn't notice something extraordinary. I could achieve the same thing with a much cheaper conditioner. Maybe it's my hair type, I have coarse strong reddish hair that tends to tangle up, so I was hoping it will help with that, but what I got was similar to all the other conditioners. In my opinion it's nothing special, and for what I got, I thought the price was too high. I had definitely had some better experiences with much cheaper products. All in all, it's just my opinion, as I said before it might be due to my particular hair type, and it might work brilliantly for other people. So keep in mind, if you have naturally red coarse hair, this might not be a dream conditioner for you.
    Turned my hair curly....
    I abuse my hair; it's bleached, it's blue, I don't wash it, I used to heat style it. When I started using Dizziak once a week on my weekly hair wash (it's bright blue, I don't colour often) and it was great. But then I was mixing it with my blue semi-permanent hair colours (Crazy Colour/Directions) and would leave on for a couple of hours...OHMYDAYS. My hair is soft for a week, I don't even brush it anymore! It has a WAVE to it! My hair has been dead straight from the bleach for years. I recommend this to everyone!
    Excellent product
    I have relaxed hair and this product worked very quickly to moisturise my hair. Look forward to using it for a deep treatments too. Thanks!
    Шикарный! ***Chic!***
    У меня длинные тонкие волосы, склонные к жирности, кондиционер использую каждый день и безумно довольна! Не жирнит, не утяжеляет, волосы гладкие и блестящие. Обязательно куплю еще. ***I have long thin hair, I use this conditioner every day and I'm insanely happy! Does not make the hair heavier, hair stays smooth and shiny. Will be sure to buy more.***
    Really Special Product
    It really works. My hair/curls look and feel like they've been moisturised deep within.
    If you have curly hair, try it
    My hair is a mixture of straight, wavy and curly, after one use this made the straight/wavy parts curl like the rest of my hair, which is what I’ve been trying to do for YEARS. After so many masks and treatment this is the only thing that has made it curl.
    Best conditioner for curls
    I have curly hair and this conditioner not only made made them super soft, but also defined them so nicely and had a great shine. Wasn’t expecting that perk at all, as I’m used to always using curl cream after a shower. Also smelt subtly gorgeous. Lockdown purchase that I’ll never be without now!
    Dizziak deep conditioner
    I live in Belgium so had to wait a little while but just received my very first order of Dizziak wash and conditioner... I am so happy! My daughter and I can't wait to give it a try! Will be sure to leave a review. However, the first thing I felt when taking the two tubes out of the box is that one tube is heavier than the other(?). Strange, because they should both contain 200ml of product. The tube with wash weighs 213ml (tube included) but the tube with the conditioner only weighs 194ml (tube included). Both tubes are identical so this can only mean that there is only 181ml of conditioner. Don't like when brands cheat like this!
    Smells like heaven and detangles really well
    My wavy, breakage prone highlighted hair has become incredibly tangly and dry in lockdown and balls into big knots after shampooing, but I still want to avoid silicones. Enter this. It’s amazingly rich and moisturising, detangles well (a lot of slip for a non-silicone formula, just like someone else here said) - and smells like herbal heaven.
    Repeat Purchase
    On my 2nd bottle of this and will definitely be buying more! For reference; I have thick, coarse, long bleached hair, very prone to dryness and frizz. Seldom few conditioners do anything for it, but I have to say this is the best one I’ve found to date that doesn’t contain silicone, which I don’t like to use on my hair. I hardly have to use any hot tools (except the hairdryer) when I use this. The smell is gorgeous too, like a deep, warm peppery scent that lingers. Thank you CB for blessing us with this!
    Very rich texture
    The fragrance is herbal and spa-like, very luxe. Extremely rich conditioner - I use it to help with split ends.
    The hydration
    I really like this deep conditioner. I have 4c curls and any time I've used this (I usually leave in for 30 minutes), my hair is left feeling so hydrated and soft. Will definitely be using again!
    Game changer
    I never leave reviews but had to for this. This deep conditioner completely changed my hair. I went from having unmanageable loose waves to straight up spirals using this. My hair is no longer frizzy, my waves hold for days and it soothes my scalp. It really is worth the price. I hope this comes in travel size soon so I can take this with me on holidays.
    Great for 3C curls
    Left my hair super moisturised with defined bouncy curls. Lovely scent ...but wouldn't recommend if you're sensitive to fragrance. Would love more products from them. Will buy again!
    Not for 4b/4c hair
    This product may be working well for high-porosity hair but I definitely do not recommend it for people with 4b/4c type hair. Creates little slip on the end of hair strands which made combing out the conditioner over the entire hair shaft laborious and even more time intensive. Didn't notice an improvement compared to other conditioners I had used in the past.
    The best hair of my life
    My hair is wavy, dull, frizzy, thin, dry, and wild. Not a good combination. But this conditioner has given me the best hair of my life. Good as a conditioner but fantastic when left on for an hour. My hair is actually glossy for the first time ever. I can’t believe this doesn’t contain silicones my hair is that smooth, amazing. I thought it might be too heavy for my fine hair, but it is perfect. Smells nice too in a sort of herbal way.
    So good
    I just tried a sample and first of all I appreciate that the sample had a really decent amount of product so you can thoroughly wash your hair unlike some other brands. This made my hair feel super moisturized it's crazy that it doesn't contain silicones! The smell is also really nice and smells very sophisticated and expensive like another commenter said it reminds me of Aesop
    Not for me
    I don't usually do these reviews but I've just finished this shampoo and conditioner, took around a month to use. The first couple of washes, I thought I liked it but then came the itching. After about an hour after washing my hair, my scalp felt irritated, and then my hair looked greasy the next day. I didn't want it to go to waste so I persevered and finished it, it's very expensive and I don't usually splash out on this kind of thing but all the other reviews said how good it was. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the scent or just the formula but I'm so glad I don't have to use this anymore and I definitely won't be buying again. Sorry!
    OMG finally
    I have worked my way through nearly every hair product out there I have thick coarse curly hair nearly waist length hair , nightmare, I tried this today I left conditioner on for 30 minutes and WOW my hair is like silk it feels like someone else’s hair I’m so delighted just ordered more I cannot understand the negative comments about the smell it’s not overpowering it’s quite subtle please please don’t stop stocking this it’s a real game changer
    This is hands down the best conditioner I have ever used. Despite this product being targeted for thick, curly hair, I was desperate to try something for my super fine hair that gets bleached every few months, so the ends are practically untameable. It's super thick yet spreads really well, so you don't need a whole lot. I was worried that putting it close to my roots would be too heavy, but it rinses out like a dream - no buildup, just soft, shiny hair. And the smell is fantastic!! This is my new go-to and I will be trying the hydration wash next.
    Perfect choice
    For a thick, oily hair this product made wonders, used as a conditioner or as a mask if leave it for 20 minutes. My hair remains somehow stronger but smooth; a plus, you don’t need to wash the product off a long time as for other conditioners..conclusion: I was happy to see it again in stock on Cult Beauty
    Feels silky
    Really creamy and feels like silk but I would need to apply it every time I wash my hair not say twice a week as a conditioner as it makes my normal conditioner feel cheap
    Finally frizz-free
    I’ve been using this as a weekly mask for months now. After bleaching my hair white blonde for 2 years it was extremely dry, damaged and the ends were always frizzy. Since using this I enjoy soft healthy-looking and most importantly Frizz-free ends for a week even after wearing a bun. I wash my hair once a week and I have type 1c hair.
    I have quite thick, long hair and this product makes an amazing intensive five minute mask for me. On my daughters waist length curly hair though, is where this product really works it’s magic. We leave it on for the full 30 minutes wrapped up (sometimes longer) and the result is beautifully defined curls that are much easier to comb - as well as less cries of ‘ouch, you’re hurting me!’ I have repeatedly purchased this product since it launched and will continue to do so. A real five star hair care saviour!
    Great for dry hair
    I have wavy and dry hair without having beautiful curls (ha), and my hair is sensitive to a lot of products. With this in mind I have to take almost obsessively-good care of my hair and research products. I gave this a try because of its ingredients list (and what it DOESN'T contain) and now it's my absolute favourite. I use this as a mask once per week. Highly recommended :).
    I researched everywhere to find a good product for my girlfriend who has biracial hair which is bleached and then dyed with a vegan semi-permanent dye. She absolutely loves this product! I will be ordering more.
    It’s a yes from me
    Love this stuff. Detangles, smooths, hydrates and adds shine to even unruly textured hair. Smells fabulous too. Dreamy.
    As a more mature lady, I have recently allowed my natural colour to grow thru after many years of bleaching. However, I almost gave in to using colour again because my hair was dull and lifeless. I was recommended to Dizziak Conditioner by my daughter. This product is fantastic. Many people have complimented me on my hair. Dizziak has brought out an amazing shine-enhancing my natural colour. The cut has been complemented by the conditioner because it allows me to style my hair beautifully, I am so thrilled to have found such a brilliant product. No hair product has excited me so much. Thank you
    Dizziak Conditioner
    This conditioner leaves my hair feeling luxurious and incredibly smooth and soft. I am in the 4 category of natural hair with 2 different textures, some areas are cotton like, and other areas are loose and springy, so a little bit of a mix. I love the scent and how it helps keep my hair hydrated. I will be ordering more.
    This has really helped my bleached and re-dyed hair. My hair is long, fine but there is tons of it, so it’s usually hellish knot city. Throw into that mix a bad decision of a balayage which I hated then dyed back to my natural colour, and then top that off with perimenopausal hair = full on triangle head every morning. But this stuff is great -I use it as my each wash conditioner and once a week as a mask. which is expensive but when something works, it works!! Plus it’s silicone free. It has saved me from losing my rag with my hair and doing a Britney... The only thing I don't like is the smell but I tend to finish my hair with Davines OI oil, which covers the smell. Just about to reorder!!
    My sister originally bought this for me as she came across it and said it was fantastic. After finishing the bottle, I had to get another! It's a game changer. My hair is super soft and manageable. In a nutshell, it's given it a little more life. I leave it in overnight and use a little from time to time as a usual conditioner. It goes a long way and smells delicious.
    My holy grail
    I have very long, wavy and fizzy hair (type 2c), and sometimes brushing my hair after washing it could take up to one hour (no joke). Spending a bit more on conditioner would actually pay itself back... So I started trying EVERYTHING, with a max price of 40 GBP per good sized bottle. Then I found this. I am EVANGELICAL about it. Could really not be without it. I sometimes use it as a mask but usually I brush it in my wet hair after shampoo, lather the rest of my body and then rinse it off. It has been my hair saver :)
    I used this with the hydrating wash and it was such a wonderful experience! Cleared my dandruff and made my hair shiny, healthy and soft! I highly recommend it!
    Was first given this product to try by a friend who knew I had trouble taming my curls. This product leaves my hair smelling and feeling fresh and light. Don't know what I would do without it now!
    I don't normally leave reviews, not even for stuff that I like. This, however, is so extraordinary that it deserves a shout out. I have fine hair that's been turned to straw by too many blowdries, too much colouring (semi-permanent dye is not that conditioning) and many swimming sessions in chlorinated pools. I tried and bought everything - without any result. Two applications of this stuff and my mane feels and acts like virgin hair. I will never, ever be without it again. Seriously, give it a try. It's not cheap for a conditioner, but a 50p size piece will give you flowing, light, silky hair. Dizziak is wonderful.
    I have Caucasian, fine, very curly, untreated hair and wanted something that would define my curls without weighing them down. Sadly Dizziak is not it. It does smell nice but was very flyaway and wispy after drying naturally. I'd expected a lot more for the price and its cult status.
    I have straight, very long, thick hair that tends to dullness, and I've had trouble finding a conditioner that works for me. I thought I'd give this a whirl even though I thought it may not work for my hair type and have been delighted with the results. It detangles, makes my hair very glossy, and smells beautiful. A surprise bonus: I have a one-year-old daughter with very fine, wavy baby hair that's very dry and prone to tangling and breaking. In desperation after her baby conditioner wasn't working, I tried a pea-sized amount of Dizziak on her hair in the bath a few weeks ago - and we haven't looked back! She's breakage- and tangle-free now, and it's so gentle that it hasn't caused her delicate skin any irritation. It really does seem to work for all hair types.
    Love this product
    This product really works. I have blonde highlighted hair which is damaged on the ends, I struggle to get a comb through after washing usually even with using the best products, this smells fantastic and really smooths and detangles. I keep it on as long as possible for best results.
    Amazing product
    My hair is dead straight & lifeless so I wasn’t sure if this product was for me but after loads of recommendations I gave it a go and it’s made my locks glossy and so much fuller. It smells gorgeous & a perfect product to use once or twice a week for a nourishing mask. Definitely buy again.
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