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    DISCIPLE SkincareDisciple Discovery Kit<p>If you&#8217;re struggling with tricky, stressed-out skin, DISCIPLE Skincare&#8217;s day and night oil duo is the perfect solution. For day time care, there&#8217;s Good Skin Day Oil, which stars potent &#8216;superfood&#8217; turmeric oil and antibacterial geranium oil. Formulated with breakout-prone skin in mind, this 100% active botanical face oil is rich in essential fatty acids, hormone-balancing essential oils and bad bacteria-fighting prebiotics to clear, brighten and nourish confused complexions. When it&#8217;s time for bed, Dreamy Skin Night Oil is a powerhouse treatment that&#8217;s rich in regenerating rosehip seed oil and age-defying retinyl. Helping to regenerate skin cells while you sleep, the formula reduces pigmentation, pore size and fine lines while boosting firmness. Perfect for acne-prone skin, the age-defying, anti-dark spot treatment corrects damage and boosts radiance for a firm, youthful effect.&nbsp;</p>DPE0041577050606700400085 stars, based on122 reviews 17.00Cult BeautyNew
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    DISCIPLE Skincare Disciple Discovery Kit

    DISCIPLE Skincare
    Disciple Discovery Kit
    ( 2 x 10ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Created for stressed-out skin by psychotherapist and fountain of skin knowledge, Charlotte Ferguson, DISCIPLE Skincare is perfect for addressing inflammatory skin issues, including adult acne, eczema and premature ageing. With Good Skin Day Oil and Dreamy Skin Night Oil, this duo is brimming with essential fatty acids, hormone-balancing essential oils and bad bacteria-fighting prebiotics to leave your skin clearer, nourished and more radiant. Clean, natural and sublime in its streamlined (seriously effective) simplicity, this set represents everything we love about DISCIPLE – prepare to be converted.

    • Description

      If you’re struggling with tricky, stressed-out skin, DISCIPLE Skincare’s day and night oil duo is the perfect solution. For day time care, there’s Good Skin Day Oil, which stars potent ‘superfood’ turmeric oil and antibacterial geranium oil. Formulated with breakout-prone skin in mind, this 100% active botanical face oil is rich in essential fatty acids, hormone-balancing essential oils and bad bacteria-fighting prebiotics to clear, brighten and nourish confused complexions. When it’s time for bed, Dreamy Skin Night Oil is a powerhouse treatment that’s rich in regenerating rosehip seed oil and age-defying retinyl. Helping to regenerate skin cells while you sleep, the formula reduces pigmentation, pore size and fine lines while boosting firmness. Perfect for acne-prone skin, the age-defying, anti-dark spot treatment corrects damage and boosts radiance for a firm, youthful effect. 

    • How to use

      Good Skin Day Oil

      Gently massage four to five drops into cleansed skin morning and night. Pat around the orbital area. Can also be blended with your preferred hydrating cream, serum or gel to intensify hydration and break-out-busting properties*.

      Dreamy Skin Night Oil

      Gently massage four to five drops into cleansed skin every night. Pat around the orbital area. Because of the regenerative powers of this treatment oil it is important to wear SPF sun protection during the day.

    • Full ingredients list

      Good Skin Day Oil

      Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed Oil), Curcuma longa (Turmeric oil), Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil (Rosemary), Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil (Geranium), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender oil), Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree oil), Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha Oil), Burdock Root Extract, Olive Oil - Organic Extra Virgin <0.5%

      Dreamy Skin Night Oil

      Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed Oil), Rosa Rubignosa Seed Oil (Rosehip Seed Oil), Ormensis Multicaulis (Chamomile Essential Oil), Boswelisa Sacra (Frankincense Oil), Boswelisa Sacra (Frankincense Oil), Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba), Burdock Root Extract, Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha Oil), Vitamin A Palmitate (Retinyl Palmitate), Olive Oil- Organic Extra Virgin <0.5%

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    DISCIPLE Skincare - Disciple Discovery Kit

    DISCIPLE Skincare Disciple Discovery Kit Reviews

    Dreamy skin great
    I found the night oil much more effective than the day one - maybe because I found it hard to apply makeup on top of the oil texture. Dreamy Skin made my skin soft, calmed redness and smoothed blemish marks. They smell great and this kit is great value - def worth a try.
    This is great value but the results are disappointing. I get hormonal spots and I’ve also got some scaring. I used both for 2 weeks in line with instructions but I didn’t see a great difference in my skin. Surprisingly the oils didn’t cause my skin to breakout but it didn’t do anything to reduce the redness or spots coming through. I definitely didn’t get the results other people saw from using this product.
    Skin: combination / hormonal acne Love the smell and texture of both. They help with my inflamed acne and acne scars. I will repurchase!
    This is going to be my go-to from now on. Within a week I noticed a visible difference - less breakouts, my skin looks brighter, firmer, and more even, and I look healthier. A couple weeks into using it and I love it. The bottles are small but they will last a long time, so it's totally worth the price. The oils smell wonderful, they are light and absorb quickly, and easy to use. I can't recommend this enough!
    I’ve been using these oils for over a year now ever since I got the dreamy oil in a goody bad last year. They are pretty much the only thing I repurchased again and again. I love the good skin for day even though it’s a bit much for summer but dreamy skin is the real winner and give skin such a glow. For the price these are brilliant bargain!
    V good
    Very good for the price range, smells amazing, feels like a spa treatment
    Good products
    These are both good. I love dreamy skin and will continue to use it. I use it every 3rd night rotating with a BHA and another face oil and my skin has been great. I thought good skin was also good, but I decided I don't always like applying an oil to my face every morning. I've been using these for about a month now and it looks like it will last a long time.
    Formula change? NOOOoooooo
    Smells different and feels different, like lower quality and the effects are not as evident - does not penetrate the skin as well as it did before ): Wish you would have kept the quality of the oils rather than spending on newer packages - will finish this batch but might be starting to search for newer products.
    Dreamy skin is the one!
    I have been using dreamy skin in place of a night moisturiser for around 6 months now and absolutely love it. It leaves my skin so smooth and really evens my skin tone. I’m not 100% sure on the Good Skin yet, I think it’s slightly heavy as I do use SPF over the top (Caudalie to be precise) but it also feels nice and softening for days when I’m staying in. For the price point, I think it compares well to the Elemis Superfood serum which I used previously. Definitely recommend for normal skin
    Adore the Dreamy Skin oil
    Love love this set. The Good Skin oil is slightly heavy, but I still like it during the day especially if I'm not going outside (which under lockdown is very much a reality!) but the real standout in this duo is Dreamy Skin. It really feels SO dreamy and I've been waking up with such soft smooth skin... Will definitely repurchase when it runs out, which will take a while coz you only need two drops a night!
    Honest Review - Broke me out a couple of times
    For me, these oils didn't help and might have made things worse. I have oily, congested, and acne-prone skin and normally I stay away from oils as they tend to clog my pores and break me out. I decided to try these oils out because my acne was beginning to get a lot more distracting and obvious. I tend to get a lot of little spots on my forehead that take a long time to heal and tend to leave my with hyperpigmented skin underneath. I think these oils are for more deep-set acne, like cystic acne that is healing up a bit. I firmly recommend to not apply these oils on any zits that have formed a head as these oils can make them worse. I have tried several methods of application and did a lot of research but I'm sad to say that these oils don't work for my teen, oily and acne-prone skin, but I wish they did! 3 stars because the other parts of my skin did look brighter upon use but I don't think that brighter skin is worth some painful spots and hyperpigmentation after.
    Second time purchasing
    I have acne and I am currently on medication drying my skin out this is great, it doesn’t break me out and gives my skin the hydration it needs. Even though this is a trial set it’s lasted me like 3 months using every day and I find it cheaper than buying big bottle. The night oil is great for pigmentation!! I will keep buying.
    Works beautifully
    I decided to try the duo after getting night oil in one of goody bags. Night oil is amazing, enjoy this product as its non sticky, absorbs fast and doesn't make my extremely oily skin to break out. My acne reduced too and skin looks radiant. it is also a good oil for face massage before sleep. Me and my skin are in love
    Did absolutely nothing
    I bought this product bc of its raving reviews (like every other "magical" product I've ever bought..). But, it ended up being a waste of money. It did absolutely nothing. Didn't find any difference between the two products. I even gave it to my mom to try and she said the same.
    Love it
    If you have dry skin this duo is wonderful combo.
    Oh my god!
    Absolutely in looooove with the oils!! I can’t decide which is my favourite! I have used every skincare out there from natural to the high end environ. I used to find they would only work for so long and then stop working and make my acne worse. I only started developing acne about 2 years ago and I have tried absolutely everything to keep on top of it. Skincare/facials / going vegan. I’ve noticed it’s probably hormonal as it gets way worse around the time of the month. It’s usually really bad on my cheeks! It’s that time of the month and I cannot believe how much my acne has reduced. I currently have no active acne. I am absolutely amazed! This has never happened before! I usually wake up with at least one break out a day and it can really knock my confidence! I have oily/ combo skin but the oils sit so nice! Keep my skin glowy/ hydrated and calm throughout the whole day and during work and it’s not greasy at the end of the day! I never usually write reviews but I had to! Just Incase it could help someone else! I have also been using botanical skin elixir tablets so It could be a combo of the two but my skin is the best it’s ever been!
    Perfect duo!
    I love it! Perfect results after one and half weeks of using it. Dreamy skin reduces my pores in few days. Good skin is perfect for winter days - it is good under make-up- for me it is first oil product, which I can use under make-up.
    Broke me out like never before
    I had really high hopes for these products after reading the reviews but sadly...it broke me out! The morning oil didn’t really sit nicely on makeup either which has never happened before with other skincare. Sadly not the one for me btw I have combo / dehydrated skin
    So far so good
    My sister raves about these after suffering from terrible acne for years. While my skin isn’t terrible, I do get the odd breakout. Been using both of these oils morning and night and my skin hasn’t looked this good in years! The dream skin oil is especially effective and I can feel my skin drinking it up overnight!
    Holy Grail Duo
    I don't know how many times I've repurchased this duo (I've even bought them individually)! It was one of the first products I was introduced to and bought when I first joined Cult Beauty and has been a staple in my skincare ever since. They smell divine, sink into the skin really easily, and is so hydrating that I don't even follow up with a moisturiser (especially after Dreamy Skin). It really does 'sort out your skin' and I have gone to purchase other products such as their Night Shift Cleanser and Balancing Mist. If you're looking for a good oil, or a brand that does what it claims, look no further than Disciple!
    Repurchased, lovely set.
    Really happy with these products - one or two drops patted into my face in the morning or evening has really helped with blemishes and balancing my skin.
    Great product!
    This is my favourite face oil duo. They both smell great and keep my skin glowing. I still use a moisturiser during the day but at night the Dreamy Skin Night Oil is all I need (and it’s pretty mild so works even for sensitive skin like mine).
    LOVE THIS SET !!!! these two are like my holygrails !!!
    I love this combo of oils!!! I have combination skin and a very oily t zone. I read somewhere that oily people can use oils in their regimes. I alternate between the two oils. After a few weeks, my skin looked AMAZING!!! I couldn't see it instantly but after 2 weeks I could see a huge difference in pores and in my breakouts (I also used a sunscreen with salicylic acid so maybe that helped too). I am 27 and even though I don't have wrinkles I started using the dreamy skin and I could see a difference in my hyperpigmentation. I can't say that I see a difference in wrinkles because I am oily and I don't have any. The good skin oil I would say it helped me with my oiliness. I am still oily but now my skin is more balanced. After I ran out the results were still noticeable for two months. All in all, I have 2 backups in my cabinet!!!!! I also use them with the Alpha H Liquid Gold! Try this combo.
    Didn't live up to the hype...
    I have sensitive acne prone combination skin that is fairly on the drier side. Read the great reviews and purchased this combo. The Dreamy Skin is my favorite among the two but I won't be repurchasing as the essential oils are sensitizing my skin. While it didn't prevent me from getting new pimples, the Dreamy Skin was drying up my acne faster. The Good Skin was too oily for me and didn't get absorbed in my skin. It also was clogging my pores and breaking me out further.
    Хороший набор на пробу ***Good sample set
    Хороший набор, что бы попробовать средства не в полном размере и понять, нужно оно вам или нет. Масла питают, но не увлажняют, имеют разный аромат, цвет практически одинаковый, в меру жирная консистенция. Масла помогают бороться с воспоминаниями, ранками, быстрее заживляют кожу, выравнивают немного тон лица и небольшие пятна. ***A good set to try the products not in full size and understand whether you need it or not. The oils nourish, but do not moisturise, have a different aroma, the color is almost the same, moderately greasy consistency. Oils help fight scars, wounds, heal the skin faster, even out the face tone and small spots.
    Love it!
    Feels great, smells great and really does the job. Makes my skin glowy, soft and clearer. Got combination skin that's really prone to breakouts. My skin looks so good and healthy. I also use their face oil Night Shift Cleanser which is my favourite product ever!!
    Wow! This has changed my skin!
    My skin typically has dry patches and I break out with redness and angry spots around my cheeks and chin. However, since using the Dreamy Skin and Good Skin oils, my dryness has completely disappeared and my spots have cleared! My complexion has 100% improved. I'm now on my 3rd order of these products!! Absolutely recommended trying these.
    Having oily yet sensitive skin which periodically goes berserk is... not fun. Most products for oily skin are ultra-harsh and only superficially address the skin's needs. Enter Disciple, and these two little beauties. I use the Good Skin Oil in the morning after cleansing, and the Dreamy Skin at night (a little spritz of Balancing Mist helps to 'spread' them evenly). My skin is softer, clearer, less congested and somehow less oily too. Both oils absorb very easily and play nicely with other products, though I've thrown out some less effective toners, serums, etc in favour of these. So I'm saving time, money, and my skin all at once.
    These two amazing little bottles have left my skin smooth. Day and night oil care at such a good price!
    The Best!
    This is a great way to trial these oils, which are simply wonderful. I have 40+ skin, sensitive, dry but very oily t-zone. Using these for the past 3 weeks there's been a huge improvement in clarity, hydration and smoothness. The scents are beautiful and judging by what I've used so far, this trial set will probably last me about 3 months. Also, importantly, I have a small scar on my throat from a surgery in January which was red, raised and not healing well at all. I'm so happy to say that after using these oils morning and night, it's now the same colour as my skin and smooth to the touch. Don't wait - buy this set now! ;)
    Repurchasing ASAP
    I really love this brand and this duo is what got me into it. These are just great - my skin just feels like it really appreciates whatever is going on in these - it feels nourished. I have got every last drop out of each of them (and was sad to see the last few go!) so they are top of my 'repurchase' list and won't need to wait long to do so. They're such amazing value compared to some other face oils out there.
    Amazing oils!
    I saw all the good reviews of this product and decided to buy it... And I have fallen in love! Really, really good oils.
    I love both of these oils, they smell delicious. I have been consistent with my use of these and it’s paid off. I put a couple of drops of the Good Skin Oil under my moisturizer in the morning and it doesn’t make my skin too oily as I initially thought it might. They are very reasonably priced and you only need a few drops a day. I have seen a huge improvement in the quality of my skin.
    Great duo
    A really nice pair of face oils for morning and night. It's definitely helped improve my redness and the skin around my chin where I was getting spots. A little goes a long way so I like using 2-3 drops before moisturiser. If you've got oily/combination skin, the recommended 3-4 drops can be a bit too much. They also smell AMAZING.
    OMG! i love this product soooo much! I love face oils, and these are just beautiful, i have noticed such a difference from using them, especially when together, they totally go hand in hand. I've actually seen a glow in my skin now... dare i say! it's so gentle, and really does work. The discovery kit is such good value for money! i'm still using mine daily and i've had it for 1 month so far, and i still have half left. I will absolutely be buying them again! I'm excited to try their other products too.
    Holy Grail
    Best oils ever!! It literally clears the skin. I got rid of my acne I barely have a pimple on my face now and it also cleared my dark spots. A 100% recommended skin care brand. Will def. repurchase it. ❤❤
    Firstly. 10ml I thought was going to be tiny. It’s really not considering you use like 3/4 drops each time, So really good value and great as a duo. Second, my skin has been sensitive and acne prone since my teens and I’ve tried everything. Every brand, every price range & even chemical peel, and nothing keeps my acne at bay. I’ve been oil cleansing for about a month and that’s really helped to keep my skin clear but these two have done that and more. My blemish marks are completely gone and my general texture/pore size & oiliness has improved. Only been using these for two weeks but can definitely tell I’ll use them forever. I never in my life would have put an oil on my face in the day either and now I can. I use hardly any moisturiser anymore either and my skin is glowing. I was nervous that this has a retinol but honestly have had no negative side effects at all! Amazing!
    Must have!
    I've tried many, many acne treatments; prescribed, homemade, drugstore, high end but nothing made a difference, at least till I found Disciple. Both oils leave the skin hydrated and plumped and not greasy. 90% of my breakout are gone after just 2 months of using these products. Absolutely give it a try, you will not regret it.
    Really good, but bad.
    I really enjoyed using the oils, and noticed the brightening, smoothing and really softening effect, and it was amazing...but then came an even clogging of my pores and a giant cystic zit - I've never had one in my life.. I suspect, like one of the other reviewers, the added olive oil to be the culprit.. but hard to say. It's really sad that it didn’t agree with me, since the other effects were amazing.
    It really works!!
    I love glowing skin, but lately my skin went crazy and I was suffering from breakouts. As a result of their treatment, my skin was super dehydrated, dull, with a lot of scars and I was scared of using my old facial oils. I bought this following the good reviews but sceptical and I couldn't be more happy. My skin has improved a lot and now looks wonderful even without make up (scars are still there, but the glow is real). I can't stop using both oils every day. GOOD SKIN in the morning creates an amazing canvas for glowy makeup. Definitely I am purchasing full sizes. Highly recommended!!
    Regulated my oily skin!
    Been using these little bottles night and day and love love LOVE how my skin is looking. Had no hormonal breakout this month which I attribute to these amazing oils. Will be repurchasing and I am telling anybody who will listen about how good they are. Disciple Forever!
    Don’t need anything else
    I buy this a Balancing mist every month and don’t need anything else. Company motto paid off as I totally sorted my skin out!
    Great combination
    I love DREAMY SKIN oil. I have been using this for 1 month every single night and I love the results :) GOOD SKIN is great as well but I do not like the smell (tea tree).
    Really works
    I suffer breakouts and scarring but this stuff works. It smells great which is super relaxing at night. Really enjoyed adding this to my routine. After two/three weeks scarring reduced dramatically, skin is brighter and appears better nourished. Some scars remain and I still have some bumps on my skin and small spots but they do clear quickly. Worth it.
    Big difference
    I've been using plenty of different creams, serums, peelings etc, more and less expensive with no result. After using this miracle pair of oils my skin is much more smooth, I don't have any breakouts (which I had a lot on a chin) and it reduced the excess of sebum - after all day my skin still looks fresh. I will definitely buy it again and again.
    Perfection in a bottle.
    This is so good for acne prone skin..and value for money too.
    Dreamy skin is the bomb!
    My title says it all, dreamy skin is incredible. Used it religiously every night and my extremely stubborn clogged pores have shown so much improvement in about two months. Be patient and consistent if you’re looking to clear up your skin - retinol/ retinoids take time to work. Good skin performs alright but it keeps my dehydrated combination skin balanced in the day. All in all, a great kit for troubled skin types to try without breaking the bank.
    At first I was very skeptical about these two serums. After several days of using these (still using those though), my skin has improved a lot and I am so impressed with that. This is something that I would re-purchase again in the near future.
    I was hesitant about putting any oils on my combination to oily skin but these two are a treat! Even after insane skinpicking they manage to soothe my skin and prevent the dramatic after events haha. They smell lovely and are very economical. I don't use them during the day though - even the Good skin oil is too oily and doesn't absorb quick enough for me to use it in the AM. Great, great, great addition to any skincare routine.
    I have redness, sun stains and some acne on my face. This duet has left these three things behind. I am on my second set, and I must say I am absolutely hooked. Also, when I am applying them it feels so relaxing and I often have to just lay down while I'm on the process as it is really an experience. These are the only two products in my routine. They are wonderful!
    Very good!
    I have acne and sensitive skin but this product can make me feel good with every day I used! I love it
    Just brilliant!
    Great duo. Skin visibly improved, it’s brighter, keeps moisture better and is smoother. I’m also using oil cleanser and balancing mist from the same range and they are all brilliant!
    Perfect for Acne Prone / Combi Skin
    The Dreamy Skin calmed my hormonal breakout on bottom chin and redness on my nose . It probably will take longer to see good results on my hyperpigmentation scarring but so far my skin is less sensitive and less oily (on T-zone). I use it as the last step after my daily night regime (cleanser, alcohol free toner, retinol serum, mask, eye cream and moisturiser), I am very surprised how fast it absorbs and leaves my skin soft and little glow. The Good Skin oil (as my last step of morning regime) absorbs quite easily, it does indeed purified my skin and I have less oiliness on my T-zone area despite full make up. Did I also mention my make up last longer whilst looking radiant in the same time? I'm 100% converted as I love everything about them, the smell, the absorption and the result! Thank you for making these high quality products at affordable price!
    Disciple Discovery Kit is Excellent
    I have combination skin and do not usually use oils on my face. However these felt amazing and I can use them daily without my skin breaking out.
    Honestly blew me away
    I've used nearly every product aimed for acne that's on the market, but my hormonal acne persisted, but the Good Skin oil from this duo has really helped me clear my skin and the Dreamy Skin has given me an amazing glow and has helped fade scars. I have already put money aside to purchase the full size bottles and backups, and the matching face mist. These products replaced my UFO oil and my Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I hope they come out with bigger sizes (50ml) so I never need to worry about running out.
    Just average
    I have a lot of active acne as well as acne scars, and after reading all the amazing reviews I decided to give it try, but it did nothing to my skin and didn't calm it at all. I think if you'd like to try this brand out, this kit is a good start. I've been using it for 3 weeks and it's half of a bottle value.
    Amazing Oils!
    These oils are just divine. The ingredients are natural and essential, they smell lovely and leave my skin so soft. This try-me set is great value too. Try them, you won't be disappointed!
    Love, love, love
    After trying all and everything...this is exactly what my skin needs. I can actually feel and see how my skin absorbs cravenly every drop of this two amazing oils. The smell is divine and relaxes me and at the same time, I can see my skin transforms into a glowing canvas. The toner is a must and does as much as the oils. It leaves the skin firm and bouncy. Don´t miss out on this amazing products because they are truly incredible. Love that the price is so reasonable (used to use Vintner's daughter and it doesn't come close in performance).
    I can’t believe the price of this product!! It’s 100 x better than my Sunday Riley oil and half the price. So glad I found this little company. Really did ‘sort my skin out’!
    I have been using these oils religiously for about 3 weeks now and the difference they have made to my skin is astonishing. I have acne-prone, oily/combination, red skin and I'd gotten to a point where I just accepted that nothing makes it look any better. Every morning now I wake up to the clear, glowing, hydrated and bright skin. It's given me back some confidence to leave the house foundation free. I had a facial a week ago and the beauty therapist could not stop stroking my skin and say how beautiful it was. I could have cried, I was so flattered! I will 1000% repurchase these in the full sizes when I run out - which shouldn't be for some time as a little goes a very long way! Would absolutely recommend this to anyone who will listen!
    Awesome kit
    Great trial size for an awesome price. Both oils smell like tea tree and lavender. They both have a great consistency and feel lightweight yet effective on the skin. I found myself reaching for Good Skin instead of the Sunday Riley Juno because it's thinner than Juno and sinks in faster. Two great oils which nourish and moisturize the skin without being heavy or irritating.
    Bargain...love so far...
    I have only been using for a few days but can see a difference already. My skin looks clearer and brighter. Think it’s probably the night oil making the biggest difference. Definitely worth a try!
    Best product ever
    For fans of dreamy skin. Makes skin firmer and brighter. I am 39 years old and have seriously clogged pores, and this does not block at all, plus it hydrates and firms skin. Amazing smell - it is indeed psychotherapy for the skin.
    I am very disappointed with this purchase, I had high hope's after reading all the reviews. I do prefer the dreamy skin rather than the good skin, I find the good skin too perfumed. I have sensitive oily combination skin. Plus I can only use the dreamy skin a couple of nights a week as it breaks me out if I use it every night.
    Works Wonders
    These oils are really clearing up my skin and fast! I have only used them for about a week and I see such a difference already. Another plus is you get a lot of product for the price.
    Formula change!!?? Why!
    I was so happy I found this product! Repurchased 4/5 times. It seemed they changed the formula: the oil smells different now (not pleasant) and I don’t see results as before. It is such a shame, it was a great product!
    Visible Difference
    I ordered this trial kit after reading previous reviews. Wow. I have used for 10 days and they have made a significant difference to my skin. I had an appointment with my dermatologist and she was very impressed how clear and plump my skin looked. I have ordered both in large sizes and at going to try the mist too. I have also purchased as gifts for friends.
    Simple and affordable
    I bought this about 6 weeks ago and I’m just replacing now. For the price I feel like this is very good. I have cut my routine back to just these two plus pixi glow tonic and a charcoal soap and my skin is loving it.
    Good product
    I really like these products, they work well!
    When I first used this product I was very unsure especially when I saw the consistency of the product I was worried it would make my face really oily and make me break out. I suffer from hormonal spots and since using this product I can see a massive difference in my skin! And it doesn’t make me break out at all it does the total opposite and my skin feels so soft and looks smooth I’m definitely buying again!
    Love love love
    My acne and blemishes are fading and my skin generally feels much healthier!
    This is my second time buying this set, love the way how it makes my skin feels. Sinks in minutes and lovely smell.
    It has sorted out my acne
    I have been trying so many products to calm my acne and these two are my heroes. I love what they have done to my skin.
    Love it
    I absolutely love the Dreamy skin at night! I have a dry and mature skin type and after few days it glows in the morning.
    Combatting acne
    I have acne with scarring and my skin can get dehydrated. I still have pigmentation but this product has taken it down so much. Best product I have ever used it does not break me out which is a miracle. I have scarring that is years old and this oil has reduced that. I had new scarring around my mouth which completely went. I am buying this product again! And the price point is great and it’s not super expensive like other oils.
    The Best duo!!!
    The Best duo for day and night!!! I have oily skin and I wasn't really sure if the oils were going to be good for my complexion. But I started using the Good skin during the morning after my toner and the Dreamy skin in my night routine and it is the only thing that I am using!!! So much worth it, as soon as the will end I will reorder them!!!
    I really Like them !!
    I really like them!
    何故かこのオイル使うと肌の調子が整います。私は朝にGOODを化粧水の後に使い、夜にDREAMYを洗顔がすぐに使っています。乾燥も感じなくなるしないと困るアイテム。 リピートしました。 If you use this oil for some reason, it will even your skin tone. I use GOOD in the morning after the lotion and I use DREAMY immediately in the face wash. Items that need to be dry. Repeated.
    Good quality oils
    I loved the dreamy skin oil. It helped a lot with my acne and my skin glow. I believe it is a good safe way to introduce your skin to retinyl. There was no irritation at all. I would definitely buy again. The good skin oil is also good. It gives my skin a nice glow, but it seems to me a little thicker. Maybe because I use it during daytime. However if I mix it with my daycream it is a lot better.
    Dreamy skin is the best!
    I’ve tried so many serums for my dark skin patches and spots under the skin. While good skin is nice, dreamy skin is something else and changed my skin in a few days! Love this oil will probably but the full size dreamy retinyl oil.
    I can’t believe this didn’t break me out. I have sensitive, acne prone skin (mostly on my chin due to hormonal disbalance). My skin improved after two weeks of using it. Highly recommend! Excellent products!
    Didn't live up to the hype for me
    I was so excited to try the dreamy skin specifically given the 5-star reviews. I gave it a go with the smaller size in case it didn't agree with me and I'm glad I did. I'm not acne prone but have had some trouble lately. The products feel nice and smell good but honestly, I haven't noticed any difference in my skin at all. Confused as many people who have had similar experiences but give 5* - pretty misleading but serves me right for not reading them all.
    Must have for oily skin!
    Trust the reviews - I had serious doubts when I bought this because putting oil on my oily skin sounded a bit off and risky, but I couldn't ignore the reviews and tried. I think the Good Skin Day Oil is the best skincare product I've tried!! My skin literally stopped being so oily and the problem of looking like you just came from the gym during the day was eliminated! I thought it would be weird putting oil on my face in the morning, and not to mention putting makeup on top but that was never the case - the foundation actually blended better. I also got less hormonal pimples which I'm prone to get. The Dreamy Skin Night Oil is also super good, however there is a tiny bit of olive oil in it (only less than 0.5% though) but my skin didn't like it for daily use as I got pimples from it. But I really like using it after masks for hydration. My boyfriend uses it, but he has mixed skin and he really likes it :)
    These 2 literally saved my skin. I have acne prone, dehydrated skin and decided to strip back my skincare and use v simple routine. After 3 weeks my skin looks better than it has in years! My tip is using the ordinary hyaluronic underneath both. 100% repurchase from me!
    Dreamy skin is amazing for dry skin
    My skin is very dry, that and foundation (even the dewiest) catch on patches and collect around my lips This thing (WOW) - I used it as a primer (with no cream under, directly after washing my face) and applied MAC Water Weight and NARS sheer glow, usually not perfect, but they glided on amazing and no dry areas. Ordering again!
    Good products without wonders
    I have oily sensitive skin. I use products alternately at night with cream or mask. It doesn't make something special. The kit didn't worsen my skin, just usual product with good price. If you want to have more visible effect better choose something else.
    Too rich for an oily skin
    Great value based on buying two full-sized products, but both products were thick and just settled on my already oily skin causing breakouts. I am used to retinol and highly active products so knew this wasn't an excuse for my skin to overreact. I persevered to the end of each bottle in hope for glowing, more even skin, alas I will stick to serums and the Disciple Night Shift Cleanser. May be more suited to a drier or more mature skin.
    Worth buying for acne-prone skin!
    I have enjoyed using this set of oils and have found them useful when I have overdone it with too many acidic products. I haven't found them life-changing, but they smell great and they haven't broken me out, which is great!
    Love, love, love
    These oils are amazing! They also have a nice smell and they apply evenly and merge perfectly with any moisturiser. Absolutely recommend them, if you like oils, of course.
    Ride or Die Oils
    I love these products and everything about them. I use the Good Skin Oil every day, and the Dreamy Skin Oil every other night. I suffer from acne and oily skin, and these products have helped clear up my breakouts, fade scars from them, balance my skin, and my skin has a nice glow to it too. They smell divine, which helps me to relax and therefore I'm getting fewer stress breakouts too. The price - you really cannot complain about. Whilst 10ml of product doesn't seem like a lot, you only need 3 drops to cover your whole face and neck. I've been using consistently for 2 months now and still have half a bottle of each left. Also, it works out cheaper and better value for money to keep buying the discovery set rather than the two larger individual oils so I am very grateful for them offering this set. A handy tip also for those who think that using an oil in the AM might be a bit too heavy - you can mix just a drop in with your moisturiser so you still get the benefits and scent of the oil, but without it being quite as heavy (not that the oils are heavy). I've repurchased ready for when I run out, and see myself continuing to use these products.
    Blown away!!
    How amazing are these two little miracle workers?! Having sensitive skin, this has reaaaally changed the appearance of my face texture! Really a miracle bundle.
    I don’t really understand the great reviews here. To me, this is just a basic oil; no more, no less. It didn’t break me out but it didn’t add or enhance anything either. I pretty much could have NOT used this and achieved the same results, except a bit more dryness. However, their ingredients are very good and have no silicones or parabens or similar. And that’s something you rarely see nowadays in skincare and make up. Big thumbs up on that!
    Magic Duo!!!
    I've been using this kit religiously for almost two months and my skin is so much calmer and guys, the smell and glow is amazing!!! These two oils have totally changed my skincare routine! I've got hormonal adult acne and, thanks to those two, now I barely use my prescription cream of benzoyl peroxide, which is life changing! And even if I got an angry pimple it would disappear much quicker and would be less painful. I've just ordered more because my bottles are almost empty and now I can't live without them... Besides, this kit is really perfect to try out these oils if, like me, your skin has quite the temper ;)
    It's good if...
    You like face oils. I have problematic skin with adult acne, scarring and pigmentation and thought this product might be a life saver. It wasn't. My skin does not like face oils and not only did it do nothing for my issues but it also broke me out a bit. I believe that for someone who's face is OK will oils this can be a holy grail product. Unfortunately, it wasn't for me.
    Cant get enough of this!!
    Absolutely I love this duo. I can't live without this duo. I have acne prone skin and this does not break me out, on the contrary, it makes my skin less angry.I am in love with this brand.
    I am one of those people who never write reviews but rely on them before buying a product, but i had to leave one for this!!! My skin has genuinely never looked better, the good skin oil works a charm on any breakouts as its got tea tree in it (i also mix more in myself) and the dreamy skin night oil is LUSH! I use these in combination with the balancing mist and my skin has never. looked. better!!
    Not for me
    The day oil does nothing for me and the night oil actually breaks me out. 2 stars because i appreciate the trial sizes offered by the brand
    Miracle in two little bottles
    I have had acne for most of my life and given that I am now 34, really thought it would have stopped by now. I am prone to cystic acne which even other medication couldn't sort it out totally, along with my skin hating every time I eat sugar (or drink wine). But these have made my skin glowy, soft, balanced and healthy looking as I sit here writing I have no active acne on my face and I haven't said that in years. I wish they did the dreamy skin in a bigger bottle as this is my fave, but both work really well and I cannot recommend them enough.
    Love this
    My BFF raves about these two and decided to get them for my birthday. I can absolutely see why she loves them! Also the price point is amazing! Th night oil is herbal and very nourishing my skin glows in the morning. The good day oil I find quite light thankfully didn’t break me out even though the olive oil but it’s less than 0.5% so very small amount. Will definitely repurchase the night oil and probably the good day oil too!
    Balanced my oily skin.
    I received this in the Cult Beauty Goody Bag and a few drops left my skin incredibly balanced. I noticed how my skin became less oily when I used it. It didn't feel greasy at all and helped calm any existing breakouts. My skin was left glowing. I absolutely am in love and now adding the full size to my basket!
    Calmed down my temperamental skin within a week. A definite skincare staple for me.
    I have sensitive, acne prone skin. This leaves my skin soft and hydrated. Not only does it not break me out, but actually helps to reduce skin imperfections. Highly recommended!
    Perfect for oily acne prone face
    I have never used oil because my face was always oily enough. Since I heard it so much from the kit I wanted to try and I am happy with the result. I finished the kit and result is good but feeling is beyond perfect. I would actually love to write long review about the products.
    A game changer!
    At the end of last year, my skin went to hell for some unknown reason. After trying everything, I decided to purchase these facial oils and OH MY GOD!!! They have changed my skin! I don’t break out as much, the scarring from previous ones have gone way down and my skin just glows - cannot recommend this enough!!
    Really good!
    So far so good, these products have both been really nice to use. My skin loves them and hasn't played up. Really loving these at the moment.
    Great for skin with hormone acne
    I've used different creams for my hormone acne. It has mostly made my skin dry and irritated. These oils are great! They have made my skin so so much better.
    There's something to be said about putting essential oils on the face. One of these smells wonderful so I have started putting this on my wrists, however as a skin treatment. There are better products. Glad I didn't invest beyond the discovery duo.
    It minimised my pores and really helped my acne prone skin. Definitely buying more.
    The first products I've tried from Disciple and I absolutely love them. Both smell divine and give your skin a great glow! Also noticed less spot breakouts too since I've been using both oils. Will definitely be investing in the full size bottles now.
    My wife got me this because she wants me to sort my skin out (I have acne and very oily skin). I have been using this twice a day and love using it and my skin seems less spotty.
    Didn't notice a difference
    It's 3 stars for me because I loved the smell and the idea of the two oils coming together at a very good price. I love the herbal/natural scent too, however, I don't think I noticed any miraculous results with the oil other than making the skill feel soft the following day which all the oils I've used so far do too.
    Such a bargain - my skin is clearer already!
    These were the first products I tried in the Disciple range and it was love at first use - I’m already on my second set. Prefer the good skin mainly because it just smells amazing but the dreamy skin is also lovely. I’ve recommended these to everyone I know.
    These 2 oils are simply really efficient!! They get your skin glowing, they hydrate and calm the skin down. My skin is dry/dehydrated and sensitive. I will definitely repurchase!
    I was looking for a budget friendly option for my acne prone skin and thankfully I came across this amazing duo! The good skin does the job of clearing the breakouts and the dreamy skin gently resurfaces the skin. I cannot believe that such amazing quality is offered at that price. Highly recommend!
    Cheap and VERY cheerful
    Love these little bottles. Excellent value. No breakouts and smells divine.
    Excellent well-priced starter kit
    I was interested in using a new facial oil, as I was getting bored with my standard Oils of Life so decided to try the Disciple discovery kit. I have oily/combination skin that's prone to both dryness and breakouts. Both oils are denser than ones I've used before, possibly due to the use of olive oil in both, so I am using a smaller amount (3-4 drops) than my previous brand but both sink in well and leave little residue. I particularly like the night oil (dreamy skin), it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. My skin definitely looks brighter and more hydrated in the morning. The day oil (good skin) is slightly lighter but also well absorbed. Both leave my skin looking somewhat shinier but also more radiant! So it's a worthwhile trade-off! I expect these to be very hydrating in the winter months, in summertime it may be a little too heavy for some. Both have a nice, natural fragrance to them and are very well priced for a starter kit. The bottles are simplistic and classy. All in all the products feel high quality, despite the low price tag. The quantity goes a long way and I'll probably buy the larger versions once these eventually run out.
    Miracle Potion
    I bought this looking for an alternative to my current Caudalie Vineactive Night Oil and Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil. Especially the night oil of this range is a magic worker. My spots and aftermarks of spots get smaller after every night I use this, normally it takes at least a week. I love the Good Skin Oil in this summer heat we're currently having it is lighter than the Dr. Hauschka one. The only downside for me is the lavender smell of it, makes me want to go to bed rather than start the day. I will definitely be repurchasing the night oil, most likely also the day oil.
    I’ve never commented on anything on here but I felt like I had to give this product credit! I have been suffering from really bad acne for the last year to the point where people asked me what happened to my face. I went to the doctor and he put me on antibiotics for 6 months- cleared it up but 2 months later it was back again. This has done a better job at clearing up my acne that any medication has. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks religiously and it has made a huge difference with active acne, under the skin annoying ones that won’t go away and my scarring! I’m genuinely so happy I could actually cry because my skin was really stressing me out! Both of the oils are incredible! I reordered full sizes and this one for when I travel. I’m obsessed. It ACTUALLY works.
    Best oils I have ever tried
    Both oils are really great, best oils I have ever used, and I tried them a lot! Slightly better is, at least for my skin, a good oil, I don't know why (turmeric oil, rosemary oil?). I use both oils in combination with The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides, and it is a great combination.
    Great value, I got these two tester bottles but you use so little that they’ll last. They both have a very pungent fragrance, very herbal. They are both quite oily but I use them under my face cream.
    Disciple is amazing!!!
    I’ve been using disciple for over a year and am delighted it’s on Cult beauty. My skin feels amazing. Use it alone, with spf, with your own moisturiser. It’s an amazing product! No matter how stressed my life is my skin still looks great, I’m totally hooked. Try it. You will not the disappointed. I’m a converted product junkie... this is seriously a staple product to ANY beauty routine...can’t wait ( and praying for) an expanded range!! Disciple, I am a true and faithful follower! Xx
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