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    DavinesMELU Conditioner for Fine, Delicate Hair<p>This conditioner has been formulated for long or over-processed hair that's prone to breakages and split ends. It has a delicate floral scent thanks to natural ingredients like hydrating apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil. It'll leave hair soft, shiny and de-tangled, so you can comb it through more easily and use your hairdryer or straighteners without worrying that you're frazzling your locks. MELU products are intensely nourishing but won't weigh hair down, making them ideal for long, fine tresses.</p>DAV01982080046082251645 stars, based on21 reviews 20.00Cult BeautyNew

    MELU Conditioner for Fine, Delicate Hair
    ( 250ml )

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    • Why it's Cult


      A sustainable original Italian range with style and substance, Davines shampoo is a Cult favourite. All products in the range are enriched with active ingredients to protect the structure of the hair from stresses like combing, brushing and heat styling, so if you're addicted to your straighteners, the brand's lustrous, anti-breakage MELU formulations are for you. A-listers and beauty buffs alike are fans of Davines, which came out of the Bollati family's commitment to combining high-grade natural ingredients with first-rate scientific rigour.

    • Description

      This conditioner has been formulated for long or over-processed hair that's prone to breakages and split ends. It has a delicate floral scent thanks to natural ingredients like hydrating apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil. It'll leave hair soft, shiny and de-tangled, so you can comb it through more easily and use your hairdryer or straighteners without worrying that you're frazzling your locks. MELU products are intensely nourishing but won't weigh hair down, making them ideal for long, fine tresses.

    • How to use
      Apply evenly to damp hair throughout the lengths, leave for 2-3 minutes then comb through. Rinse thoroughly.
    • Full ingredients list
      Water, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, cetrimonium chloride, behenyl alcohol, behentrimoniummethosulfate, dimethicone, cetyl alcohol, prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil,prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, hydrogenated apricot kernel oil, behentrimoniumchloride, amodimethicone, silicone quaternium - 8,tocopherol,benzophenone - 4, potassium sorbate, disodium edta, trideceth - 12, cinnamyl alcohol,cyclopentasiloxane, citric acid, isopropylalcohol, benzyl alcohol,sodium benzoate, ci 42090/ blue1, ci 19140 yellow 5, fragrance.

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    Davines - MELU Conditioner for Fine, Delicate Hair

    Davines MELU Conditioner for Fine, Delicate Hair Reviews

    Waxy not doing the job
    What a waste of money and product, as the bottle is quite big , but not worthy to buy. Had decided to try this brand as i had before the oi butter and the shampoo from davines which were very good, the hair felt silky and soft . This range is no good at all.....
    Love every Davines product I have
    I bought this along with the Energising Shampoo and the Energising super active and my scalp hasn’t been this healthy and my hair hasn’t been this strong, shiny and soft for as long as I can remember. Literally, every day is a good hair day now. Just a small bit of this conditioner and my hair stays smooth and so easy to brush right up until my next wash. I actually like the packaging as if I take too much I can always put some back, something I wouldn’t be able to do if it came in a standard bottle which means less product wasted and more for me to use.
    Great for damaged hair
    I have really dry ends and this rich conditioner leaves my hair very soft and tangle-free! It also leaves it shiny and smelling very nice and clean. I love it.
    Really good conditioner
    I've used this a couple of times now, and every time I'm surprised by how manageable and soft and smooth my hair is. It needs hardly any heat tools to look nice it really is lovely. I'm not crazy about the scent, but it's barely detectable after you've rinsed it out so it's no real issue. I have very sensitive skin as well, so a lot of products break me out around my hairline, this doesn't. It's great and very moisturising for my fine, damaged hair without weighing it down. It's veeeery thick, which I wasn't expecting, which explains the tub and I'm still figuring out how much product I actually need, but so far so good!
    Pretty great!
    Liking this conditioner so far! Smells nice and you don't need much of it at all, so I expect it will last months. It does not weigh my fine hair down as much as many other conditioners, but I would say there's a small aspect of this still. I was successfully 'no-poo' for over 6 months, but was finding the hassle of washing with a rye flour/honey mixture quite laborious and time-consuming, and in the end, I figured I was using much more water - so it wasn't as 'green' for the planet as you would hope. So I purchased this and the MINU shampoo for a sulphate free alternative. My hair isn't quite as bouncy and thick as it was when I was "no-poo", but is still much better than with any other traditional shampoos and conditioners I've tried.
    LOVE IT!
    I Love IT!!! Makes my dry, damaged hair feel a lot better. I ran out of my first can, for a few weeks I used another conditioner but it just didn't make it. Its so thick and the hair gets fluffy and shiny. I have thin, blonde scandinavian hair that has suffered too many bleaches. I highly recommend this to everyone.
    Amazing Range
    Love this conditioner, my fine (dyed) blonde hair is smoother after use, less tangles and not at all langey looking. Doesn't weight down my fine hair. No problems with the packaging either compared to some reviews.
    Cheap awful packaging!
    This is OK for getting the tangles out of my fine hair quite well, hence 3 stars. However, I will not repurchase purely because of the cheap plastic box that it comes in which is completely impractical for a hair product.
    Great conditioner, shoddy packaging
    I have thin, very damaged and naturally very curly, frizzy hair so this sounded like the ideal conditioner after I tired of just about every other premium hair care range. I was so impressed - it really is very good. My hair has genuinely never been shinier and it stays lovely and smooth long after I've straightened it which is a revelation. Even my hairdresser commented on how good my hair looked after a month or so of using it, and she is not easily impressed. So it's a real shame that the packing is so awful and cheap. Initially I thought "so what if the packing looks a bit rubbish and feels a bit clunky to use, it's what's inside that counts" but then I dropped it, from about knee height onto the bathroom floor and the entire pot shattered into multiple pieces. All remaining conditioner exploded across my nice newly painted walls and my brand new limestone floor. I managed to salvage a bit of it by scraping it off the floor and into a tupperware pot but I reckon I lost at least a tenner's worth of conditioner. Please Davines, please please upgrade your packaging - it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just needs to do the job of safely containing the (excellent) product inside it! Then it will be a 5 star product that will have a lifelong place on my bathroom shelf.
    Lovely product
    I love the Melu shampoo and conditioner. It is SO silky after using the conditioner, I barely need a comb, and I have fairly thick hair. It has a lovely subtle scent and it seems very good quality stuff. It restores your hair and feels very luxurious.
    The best
    This is the best conditioner for frizzy hair! My hair is so much more manageable now and it doesnt weigh the hair down either. Amazing.
    Love the product, hate the packaging
    This conditioner leaves my hair soft, shiny and healthy looking. Even after one use I was amazed. However, the weird container is not water tight so is no good for keeping in the shower (which is where most people wash their hair, right?) If it was in a bottle I would use again and again, but the tub is just a pain.
    Leaves hair feeling super soft
    I love this product, you don't need much so lasts a long time. But I really hate the packaging, a box is so impractical!
    Best for delicate hair!
    I wrote another review for the shampoo version and I used them together. It is an absolute great buy! I can’t decide if this is better than the OI conditioner because both are really good conditioners for my fragile hair (but OI definitely wins on the smell part). My hair became light and fluffy (a trait I wished for as I have super fine, limp and bleached hair).
    Shouldn't we all be using this product?
    I have been using this new shampoo for a few months and my hair now feels and looks fabulously fluffy!! My hair shines like the sun's reflection upon the water. This may sound poetic but we should be writing a song about this product.
    Fab conditioner- Makes a difference
    This is a great conditioner; I really struggle finding hair stuff in general with fine hair which can easily become greasy. With this my hair wash routine can stretch that extra day and I can get away with washing my hair 2/3 times a week. I like the shampoo in the same range also. It's just a shame about the packaging; it is a let down and for the price of the product it needs to be changed. Mine arrived cracked and 1/3 of the product had been lost, but would repurchase as the conditioner is great and lasts a while.
    I loved this conditioner so much that I decided to try out the shampoo and the heat protector too. I've got fine long hair, it easily gets oily and I straighten it every other day or so. this is honestly incredible! It made my hair shiny but never left it greasy as other products often do; after straightening I get the best results ever. I love the smell of it and the color too. it amazes me that it's so cheap compared to other product of the same quality. Sorry for any mistakes, eng it's not my first language.
    Hands-down the best conditioner I have ever used. I have very fine, thin hair and this product immediately made my hair look thicker and healthier. Love it!
    Best shampoo I have used! I use it with the conditioner and have quite damaged bleached hair but now I'm getting compliments about how healthy my hair looks.
    Have tried three different Davines conditioners and this is the best - if, like me, you have thickish hair with a tendency to go frizzy when it's damp. In fact, this is the ONLY conditioner I've ever used that leaves my hair feeling soft and natural yet ensures that it stays how you originally styled it (in my case, with straightening irons) till the next wash. Particularly brilliant at the seaside, if you have a tendency to frizz. Oh, and a tub lasts for months and months - you just need the tiniest bit. I just coat my hands with a speck and then run my hands through my hair before rinsing.
    My favourite conditioner
    After being pleasantly surprised by another Davines product I decided to give this a shot and I'm really glad I did. I think this is probably the best conditioner I have ever used, and I don't say that lightly. I have long hair (mid-back), I used to colour regularly (have left it alone for a couple of years now though) and I straighten it daily. It's incredibly dry and damaged and I've gone through so many conditioners and masks now that it's hard for anything to stand out from the crowd but this one manages it. It's much thicker than I expect from a conditioner (and even a lot of masks) but it's lovely to apply and you only need to leave it on for 2-3 minutes, unlike a lot of masks where it can be up to 20. It leaves my hair smooth and tangle free, I still get a bit of frizz but that's often near the roots and I avoid putting any conditioner too close to them, so that's to be expected. My hair is also shinier and just healthier looking than usual when I've used this. I actually prefer it to the mask by the same brand (though I do also love that) and find it to be more conditioning (plus quicker to use and slightly cheaper.) This is definitely a conditioner I'll be repurchasing time and time again and I'm hoping to try the matching shampoo out soon as well ^^
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