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    d.j.v. MIARAY

    Volume Lash

    Emma Day

    Make Up ArtistA great mascara!
    Emma Day
    I’m asked SO frequently about great mascaras. This is one of them. It has bodybuilding particles in it which bulks up each lash, but never makes them look clogged or drag-queen-esque. You get separated and lusciously long lashes and it just doesn't smudge, at all. This is an awesome mascara and a great range.

    Lynn Taylor

    Make Up ArtistLove this!
    Lynn Taylor
    The d.j.v beautenizer volume lash is brilliant for bulking out even the little spare lashes. For maximum effect apply the first coat on clean lashes sparely, then just apply the second coat to the edges of your lashes to wing them out.
    Mascara mistake
    I have no idea how this mascara has so many good reviews. It sucks compared to most mascaras I’ve tried. If you’re after a mascara in the same price range, definitely go for stroke of beauty / Any Benefit mascara / Dior It Lash. As for being a “false lash effect” my lashes are long, and it just makes them look natural - doesn’t add any thickness or length. I have to add a layer of another mascara when I go out to gain that false lash effect. I recommend saving your money and just going to the drugstore.
    Absolute best mascara!
    Best ! Best! Best!
    Excellent mascara
    I have very short, straight, rubbish lashes and this is the only product which makes a dramatic difference to length, volume and really holds a curl. although the brush is quite fat this is actually very easy to apply and you don't need to layer a lot of product to get results, which is great as I have no patience. I really can't recommend this enough if you too have stumpy little lashes.
    A very good staying power.
    This mascara does not smudge or fall apart during the day.
    DJV Miaray mascara
    Having been a long time fan of Beautinizer which this was supposedly the same as, I was VERY disappointed with this. So excited to see it back for sale on cult beauty and ordered immediately but then found it to be a totally different mascara, didn't do anything for my lashes, may as well have bought a lower end product for the same effect. Cult beauty very good as when I complained they gave me store credit, however, I wanted to buy a benefit roller lash which i think is the next best thing, but CB dont do benefit!!! :-(Not sure what to buy now, or if it's worth trying the other DJV one, Fibrewig. Don't want to be disappointed again.
    Best mascara, wands down :-)
    I am SO pleased that this is back in stock! It is by far the best mascara I have ever used (and I have used them all!)
    Nothing else compares (in my eyes!)
    Couldn't believe my eyes (literally) when I first used this mascara last year. It gives me everything I require - massive volume and doesn't budge. Even when working out and sweating a fair amount it does not move. Finally a mascara that lives up to it's hype! Only down side is how long it lasts. I'd say on average 4-6 weeks per tube. It's a shame as if it lasted longer before running out I would give it an easy 5 stars! Need to order a few at once!!!
    Great mascara - builds volume and length; lasts all day, and doesn't streak! I have terrible allergies and really struggle with a watery right eye as a result, this is the only mascara that truly stands up and stays on!
    The BEST mascara ever
    I am a woman of certain age (ie over 60) I wear contact lenses. Over the years I have tried so many water-proof mascaras, and some of them have been ok; but this mascara is more than ok, it is FANTASTIC! Firstly, it makes my lashes look full and lush. Secondly, it NEVER smudges or weeps. Thirdly, you only need warm water to remove it.. I am now on my fourth one, and hopefully will never have to look for another type of mascara again. PLEASE DO NOT discontinue it ...ever, ever, ever.
    The one and only
    This is the only mascara I use now. I try the newest and the latest mascaras that claim there will be no smudging or drifting, but sadly their claims to do not work for me. My eyes water a lot and waterproof mascaras dry out my lashes. I can build this up for thick and long lashes which I like. This is my go-to mascara every time.
    Awesome mascara
    Awesome mascara - but if you have short lashes it makes a world of difference to use an eyelash curler prior to using this mascara. Very easy to remove - doesn't smudge even in the hottest of climates under extreme humidity!!! Gets even better as it dries out a bit. I found lashes I didn't even know existed!!!! :) I recommend tgiving this a try
    Best Mascara EVER!
    I have the unfortunate problem of looking like a racoon at the end of the day with most mascaras. And trust me, I've used all different kinds from the local drugstore to high expensive department store mascaras. Then several years ago, I found the D.J.V. Fiberwig first and it was great for adding length. I thought it couldn't get any better until I found this Volume Lash mascara! It lengthens and volumizes, without clumping and it does not fall/smudge around your eyes! I now get so many compliments on my lashes and all thanks to D.J.V. Volume Lash mascara!!! It's the best!!!
    Where have u been!!?!
    I admit I was skeptical about this 'wonderous' mascara even after reading the reviews all over the Internet. I have tried most mascara out there! This is a fantastic product, great definition and length, and volume (surprisingly from the narrow brush). Cleans off easily - saving money on eye makeup remover :) Cult beauty you have solved my foundation and mascara problems! Thank you :)
    DJV Brilliance
    I completely LOVE this product, it takes a little getting used to but makes my lashes so long and full, I have to push glasses further down my nose or wear lenses. I am constantly asked where I got it and tons of my friends, with all types of lashes, in all lengths are now converts too. You won't regret it; and simple to remove too, with warm water. A no-brainer for me.
    Volume Lash
    To me this product is a sensation. I have been searching for a mascara that does what it says and does not irritate my eyes. My sister bought this for me as a gift and I have never looked back. I have tried many cheap and expensive ones but this is the only one that hits the spot.
    I have quite long, fairly thick, but very fine eyelashes. If you have lashes like me, and like a "butterfly wings" effect, buy it. This is the best mascara I have ever tried. I also found the fiberwig disappointing - not thick enough. I just wish they did it in other colours!
    Great mascara
    It does what it says! Emphasises the eyes, I actually stopped using eyeliner and it looks more natural with amazing volume and length. Strongly recommend.
    Best mascara
    After reading a review of this in Style magazine thought it was worth a go - I always try new mascaras but am never that impressed. My eyelashes are short and the only thing that helps is to use a primer - anyway I tried this mascara having received it the day after I ordered it - great service - and was pleasantly surpised - the results were amazing - I looked like I had false eyelashes - so I would say this was the best mascara I have found on the market that does what it says - amazing product
    The search for the perfect mascara continues
    After all the hype and other positive reviews I was disappointed with this product. It is no better than many cheaper, volume building mascaras available on the high street. The brush is quite chunky and makes it difficult to apply without getting it all over your eyelid and considering the price, the packaging is cheap. If you particularly want a 'tubing' mascara, you would be better off with Revlon's Double Extension Beauty Tubes. I am willing to concede that my lack of success with this product might be partly due to the fact that my lashes are naturally quite sparse (but then thats exactly why I was prepared to pay a bit more for a volumising product). If you already have long, full lashes you might fare better with this. Im afraid its a case of the Emperor's New Clothes with this product. Shame
    Volume lash d.j.v beautenizer
    Michelle gladstein midwife east london. This mascara is amazing, I love it and already thinking about re ordering it as I don't want to run out! IT is the best mascara I have ever used! 5 stars from me!
    I am hooked after 3 days' use of this wonderful mascara ! I am in my sixties so have used an awful lot of mascara in my ( make-up) lifetime ------- some of which were more than twice the price of this little beauty ! While i am wearing this product i feel glamorous and 'wide-eyed' -- which just goes to show that you can still feel good about yourself even if the calendar tells you that you are an 'o.a.p'! Thank you all at cult beauty for your advice over the telephone and for your wonderfully prompt delivery --------- despite the snow and ice we are enduring at the moment ! I would give this product a ' 10 star-rating' if there was one on your system ! Thank you !
    This mascara will change your life...
    Ok, it may be a bit melodramatic but this is seriously the best mascara I have ever tried. (And as a beauty copywriter I have tried a lot.) My lashes are super-fine and this is the only mascara that has made them stand out, even with just one coat. Looks-wise it's more of a false lash effect rather than a natural everyday look, but who wants to be a plain Jane? With lashes like these, you can keep the rest of your make-up simple with just a slick of lipstick and a sweep of bronzer. I have also tried the sister mascara to this - DJV fiber wig - and was so disappointed after one use that I gave it to a friend and re-ordered this one. (Fiber wig is probably more suited to people with thicker shorter lashes.)
    I have recommended this mascara
    This worked for me. Easy to apply and great results. Would buy again.
    Best ever mascara
    Got short and few lashes and have tried almost all mascaras in the market and this one delivers!!!!!!
    DJV Beautenizer Volume Lash
    Definitely cannot live without this amazing product! It really does what it says on the 'tin' - and that is not easy for me to say as I am really critical when it comes to beauty products. Most of them are 98% hype and 2% effective, but not this baby! Can't wait to get another. My friends were all asking me if I'd had lash extensions or something! Woohoo... Love it! Jay Atkinson, UK
    Just three words. Oh. My. Goodness. This mascara is amazing. I've been loyal to a well known brand for over 5 years. However, I saw this and thought I would give it a go and I'm definitely not sorry. I'll be ordering the Fiberwig LX product immediately. This is a must buy if you want amazing looking eyelashes.
    Fantastic for me as older woman
    I'm 50 & had given up on mascaras many years ago as they irritated, smudged, ran, or I could never remove without a performance. I've been having my eyelashes dyed on a monthly basis, with varying degrees of satisfaction & thought I'd give this mascara a try after reading a positive review in a national paper. I'm really glad I did. It is a great product- it goes on smoothly & easily and immediately makes lashes look twice as long. (much, much better than dyeing them & significantly cheaper ); It does not irritate, or cause me to rub my eyes & even if I do, amazingly it stays put & I do not end up with dark circles. However, it is quickly removed with warm water- no greasy make up remover required, no stains on pillow & no faffing about after a long day. Perfect & an easy 5 stars
    This product really does what is says - I absolutely love it. It makes lashes appear longer and thicker and comes off easily with warm water on cotton wool pad. I would highly recommend it and I am going to buy some more so I don't run out.
    WOW - product that lives up to the hype!
    This arrived today- I didn't expect it to be any better than any other mascara- over the years I have tried and been disappointed with many. However this works on a number of levels- a) my eyelashes are difficult to curl- whenever I curl then apply mascara, they always droop down again- however not with this mascara b) catches onto each lash but doesn't clump c) Seems to lengthen as well as adds volume I keep having to go and look in the mirror to double check my lashes! I have straight away ordered the other in this range to try that, and will definitely not want to be without this one!
    superb mascara
    Was recommended this by a friend and even though I have had total loyalty to another well known makeup company for the last 20 years, I thought I'd give this a go............well all I can say is I was blown away by how fantastic this product is...........I bought this one and the lengthening one then reordered some more to give away as Xmas presents. Def 5 star product!
    Best Mascara !!!
    Bought this wonderful mascara last week - it really is brilliant ! No clumping just accentuates your lashes without them looking false and "spider like". Two words - buy it !!!!