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    My love of beauty started from my time in boarding school, when I shared a room with a girl who had this incredible make up collection; her older brother was in a band and his make up artists gave them to her! As much as I loved it, as a young Black teen, the beauty industry never seemed to be geared towards people that look like me. That’s when I stumbled upon Jackie Aina and my obsession with make up - specifically make up that caters to people of colour - was fully realised! It wasn’t until I went to university and the late nights started to show on my skin that I delved into the realm of skin care — my go-to smoky eye called for a stellar cleansing routine after all. I spent a lot of time reading up on new skin care technologies and ingredients, as well as following household names such as Caroline Hirons, Sali Hughes and James Welsh for insider knowledge. Overall, my expertise definitely lies with hair care, with a focus on afro-textured and curly hair in particular. There’s a real need for education on these hair types and how to care for them, so if you're after any tips, I'm your girl!
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    Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo

    Scalp treatments are your best friend when wearing protective hairstyles
    As a Black woman, my hair is everything. Like many young Black folk, I’ve over-used relaxers leading to weak and brittle hair. Curl pattern? Gone! I knew something had to change when my edges broke off. Since January 2020 I’ve vowed to wear protective hairstyles and look after my kinks and coils. Something a lot of people forget to look after when wearing a protective hairstyle is their scalp, when wearing braids I often get build-up but this product is amazing for cleansing my scalp and helping to reduce build-up and is a life-saver for braid takedown. It’s a staple in my hair cupboard and helps to promote good hair health so I can really make the most of protecting my hair whilst in a protective hairstyle helping to reduce breakage. My one message to those of you who wear braids, locs and twists is to protect your scalp!

    The Ordinary

    AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

    A Cult Social Media product but not my Cult favourite
    I think social media can make some products a ‘must-have’. This is for the experienced skin-care folk. A beginner may experience irritation and would be better off using a lactic acid or glycolic acid. As a Black woman, I find my skin works best with liquorice root, lactic and mandelic acid. So, I was disappointed when purchasing this as it didn’t live up to the hype for me.


    Modern Matte Lipstick

    Recreate that 90’s lip in 60 Seconds
    I am your girl that loves a bright eye something dark and vampy and a 90’s lip with a bit of gloss in the centre to enhance my lip shape. Finding a nude that isn’t my skin-tone when paired with a brown lip liner is hard. But this lipstick is amazing and makes my lips look juicy and plump. It glides onto the lips unlike other matte lipsticks it isn’t drying your lips still feel soft when you remove it and it stays put! It will be my must-have for this Christmas festivities and events. It’s a lipstick I won’t be leaving out of my makeup bag.

    Paula's Choice

    Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

    This is a game-changer for people who suffer with acne
    I have PCOS and hidradenitis suppurativa and for me, although I require medication for my skin concerns tablets simply do not solve everything; or at least for me. But this is my holy-grail product when my skin goes into a panic. Think of the panic and madness on Black Friday or Christmas Eve. My skin from time to time due to university deadlines or hormones goes into a frenzy and I suffer even worse breakouts. It hasn’t worked miracles, but it has eased my acne in times where my skin freaks out. It isn’t irritating, and I have sensitive skin it is gentle but also does the job of minimising breakouts.

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