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    Cult Concierge
    I used to work in Australia as a Senior Colour Specialist (a Make Up Artist in this hemisphere), and studied at MAC Global Artist, Carol Mackie’s, Make Up Academy Artists@Play. I also spent hours on Instagram, YouTube and flicking through magazines, eager to learn all the things and ensure I was always ahead of the coolest new products and trends. I first became beauty-besotted while still pretty little – inspired by my glamorous grandma who loved wearing make up and always looked fabulous. She taught me early on that beauty – and being creative with colour - has no age limits, as well as the need to take care of your skin! I love a fresh and flawless finish, having many failures and triumphs I like to think of myself as a total self-tan aficionado. I love trying fake tan and helping faux-glow-phobics overcome their tanning fears, so if you’re looking for tips for a streak-free finish, I’m your woman. My top beauty secret has to be to mist in-between every skin care and make up step. It’ll help retain moisture and ensure your skin is juicy and glowing throughout the day.
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    OUAI Haircare

    North Bondi Eau de Parfum

    If ocean mist was a perfume
    This would be it. This scent manages to transport me to the beachfront while remaining sophisticated and sexy. The lasting power is good, for me. Eau de Parfums normally last 3-4 hours on me unless spraying it on my clothes and I was pleasantly surprised to smell this on my wrist after 4 hours of wearing it and working out in between and constantly washing my hands. The magnetic lid was a pleasant surprise for me which makes the perfume feel expensive while the price is extremely consumer-friendly. I would adore a smaller size or rollerball to keep in my bag!


    Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser

    Not my bag
    I was expecting this cleanser to be really thick gel on the skin but instead, once you rub it into your face it dissolves into what feels like water. As a dry skin gal, I enjoy really thick cleaners, something I can actually feel on my skin. I will say it did leave my skin soft but it didn't feel like it took all of my SPF and skincare that I had on-off. The smell is also quite sweet, like marshmallows.

    Coco & Eve

    Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam

    Game changer
    As a fake tan connoisseur (I've tried them all) this one really is nothing short of flawless. I've tried everything from drug store to a higher price point and nothing compares. The medium shade is that perfect shade for those who want something a bit darker than a traditional medium but not dark! I'm a self-confessed ultra-dark girl I really loved the medium finish. The best parts, it smells amazing, you really get that zingy mandarin scent and no coconut/biscuity scent the next morning, no more tiger bread legs when you "accidentally" skip a day of moisturising, it buffs off beautifully and seamlessly with an exfoliating mitt and no greeny tinge if you like to marinate in it for 24 hours. This also may be a complete coincidence but my bedsheets were significantly less orange than usual... If you're a tanning newbie or veteran, this HAS to be next on your list.

    Margaret Dabbs London

    Foot Hygiene Cream

    Fabulous for something not so fabulous
    I think we can all agree "foot hygiene" is an odd topic? I've always enjoyed getting a pedicure but since being in lockdown, I've started working out at home more and have noticed my feet have been getting blisters with wearing my gym shoes (that have been slightly neglected). I just wanted something that smooth out my broken skin from the blisters but also helped from that post work out sweaty foot smell and this is my saving grace. I've told anyone who will listen how much I love this product. It smells hygienic with the tea tree extract but also applies really beautifully and melts onto the skin like the silkiest balm to ever be made. It's also improved the appearance of my nails and is fairly quick drying. I've been using it for nearly a month now and once you've got your feet to the standard they deserve it can be done ever second-third night!

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