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    Cult Concierge
    I fell in love with beauty as a teenager – I was always subjecting my friends to my ‘vision’ at school – so when I realised I could study this at college, my mind was made up. Following an introductory Pixiwoo course, I took a two-year Higher National Diploma in Specialist Make Up at West Thames College which included Film and TV, Body Painting, Wig Dressing, Period Make Up… you name it! Due to my own struggles with acne, I became obsessed with skin care and quickly realised the importance of a good routine. As Team Cult Beauty’s resident, self-proclaimed skin care guru, I love sharing my knowledge, helping people find products to support them with their skin issues and seeing the improvement in their skin – and their confidence. My beauty secret is that moderation is key, don’t overdo it! This also applies to most other things in life too. I adore food, I consume excessive cups of tea (Northern traits die hard) and will often be found running, at the gym or doing yoga to relieve stress and balance things out.
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    Uma Skin Care

    Intensely Nourishing Brow Oil

    Luxe for your Brows
    I was so excited to try this when I ordered it, I have been trying to grow out my brows for a more 'full brow' recently and thought I would try this! The smell is absolutely gorgeous, a blend of lavender and rosemary, it smells like a spa and is such a lovely treat for your brows. I have been using this for about a month now and am already noticing that my brows look fuller, and I am getting more growth in areas I have always wanted to grow out but never could before. I really didn't expect results this quickly, but they feel super healthy, look fuller and looks so gorgeous on my dressing table too. I have been using this twice a day and really think this has sped up results and I can't wait to see even more results in a few months! This is small but mighty and you don't need to be over-zealous with this as you'll get through it too quickly otherwise.

    Too Faced

    Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

    Great finish but not smudge-proof
    I am always on the lookout for a great smudge-proof mascara that volumizes and defines my lashes. I was so excited to try this and I absolutely loved the finish it has and it was everything I was looking for, to begin with: my lashes were volumized without looking clumpy, defined, and lengthened. However after an hour or so I noticed panda eyes creeping up on me and sure enough, by the end of the day, it had transferred onto my brow bone and smudged underneath without me applying to my lower lashes. I'm so sad I didn't love this, and I know other people will get on really well with it, I gave this to my best friend and it's perfect for her! If you are prone to oily eyelids I would definitely go for a tubing formula though, as this still smudges if you struggle with this.


    552M Soap Free Shampoo Bar

    Game Changer
    I have loved Odacite for years now, and love the whole ethos behind the brand, and that it actually works too. When I found out they were branching out to sustainable and plastic-free shampoo I genuinely jumped for joy. Now, I have super thick hair and lots of it! It can get so unruly, frizzy, and struggles a lot with knotting and humidity too. I have never found a shampoo bar that actually cleans my hair and doesn't leave it feeling like I've not cleaned it and just generally not soft and 'swooshy' after. This has completely blown me away, I really didn't think this would get through all my hair, but I can do my preferred two shampoo rinses and get perfectly cleansed hair! The smell is absolutely divine! It has a gorgeous sweet/citrus scent that kind of reminds me of childhood. You get the most incredible lather from this bar without stripping your hair at all. It feels soft, cleansed and so shiny after drying and that is a big ask for me, even from a typical shampoo. I feel like this will last me such a long time and I find if I apply the bar directly to my scalp for my first shampoo I get a really good cleanse at the scalp. I then work a lather into my hands for my second shampoo and rinse through. My hair feels so soft and shiny when I have gone through and dried and styled it, but equally, find it dries so nicely if I just leave it to air dry. Only 4 stars as I do wish there was a container for this! The wrapping inside the box is fully recyclable too so this is the perfect luxury and eco-friendly shampoo...fingers crossed for a conditioner to go with this!

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