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    Charlotte Tilbury

    Matte Revolution
    This is my first Charlotte tilbury lipstick and i have amazing grace. I love the color and it's very creamy and soft on the lips. I would buy more colors!
    Pillow talk and Kidman's Kiss
    These lipstick feel very soft and creamy on the lips. Unfortunately, Pillow talk doesn't last as long as Kidman's Kiss although it makes your lips look bigger (but the 5-star rating is for Kidman's Kiss, for Pillow Talk I would give it a strong 3/5). If you have fair skin, you'll love Kidman's Kiss. It makes your lips look bigger and with a healthy pink tint that really lasts/stains the lips.
    I want them all!
    I got Amazing Grace, and I love it. Long lasting, smooth, and doesn't dry the lips. Plus, it's a gorgeous colour. I'm thinking of going to The Queen next!
    Always looks nice even on dry lips, very Victoria is the perfect everyday lipstick.
    Pillow Talk
    I finally got my hands on this shade after it selling out so many times and being that Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are my favourite formulas I wanted to love this, but unfortunately I didn't. The colour is a rosy pink (not nude) which does not suit my complexion at all. I purchased the lip liner also which is ok under alternative lipsticks but the combination is just not for me
    Walk of shame
    I like the color. It fits me well. Long time for waiting for the international shipping. Nice product.
    Matte revolution lipstics
    So far my fave formula, I have pillow talk, walk of shame and from Hot lips, Secret Salma which is also matte revolution formula. Very comfortable and long lasting.
    Really not worth the hype, nothing special.
    Terrible Product!
    I was really excited to get a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick, but honestly I was so disappointed. I bought the colour 'Glastonberry' and though the colour is beautiful, it did not stay on my lips longer than 2 hours!! Definitely not long wearing and a total waste of money.
    Pillow Talk
    Amazing formula. I hate dry lips, this one ticks all the boxes, hydrating yet stays on for a long, especially pared with lip cheat liner in pillow talk as well.
    The best lipstick formula out there
    After you've tried CT Matte Revolution lipsticks, you just cannot go back. I was flirting with the idea of getting fillers to balance out my lip lines (17 years of smoking will make lipsticks bleed; if you're young and reading this, quit smoking now, please). I have been using Matte Revolution lipsticks exclusively for months (Bond Girl being the star) and abandoned any ideas about fillers. I keep joking (in all seriousness) that with these lipsticks I think I have big lips now. It's only on weekends, when I am at home without makeup, that I remember it's only an illusion. They make your lips look bigger and feel like plump, hydrated little cushions. The colours are spot-on.
    Love liberty
    The shade is very beautiful,and I love it.
    Best Matte Lipstick
    I love both the matte revolution and kissing formulas and I own at least 20 CT lipsticks. I find the matte revolution formula very long wearing and hydrating. This is the only matte formula that does not drive my lips out. Bond Girl, Walk of Shame and Love Liberty are my favourites out of the darker tones. Pillow talk is a great nude pink.
    Don't get the hype
    I absolutely don't get the hype behind Charlotte Tilbury. This lipstick cannot be applied straight from the bullet. It builds up horribly on the inside edge of my lips because it's too thick. It works well when applied with a brush but even then it only takes one coat. Lipstick Queen is so much better.
    Absolute love
    This is a beautiful lipstick, luxe component, so pigmented, hydrating, unlike any matte out there, the shade is fabulous. Need a back-up!
    Very long weartime
    The shade Love Liberty is a beautiful shade, it turns out it is identical to another lipstick that I own, the NARS Afghan Red. The NARS lipstick feels a bit more moisturising, but the CT has a longer wear time on my lips. Love them both.
    Love it
    Love the formula, love the colour.
    Amazing formula
    This is my most expensive lipstick so far but I don't regret buying it at all. In fact I'm planning on buying a second one. I purchased 'Walk of Shame' after watching Miranda Kerr using it at her recent wedding. This shade did not disappoint me, the whole lipstick is a pleasant surprise. Although matte, still comfortable, and leaves a really nice even tint all over your lips, so when the surface layer comes off after eating, the tint is still there to make you look complete.
    Pretty impressive formula
    The colour I ended up getting was just not the right shade for me but it'd be doing the product a disservice if I were to judge it based on that. The formula is really soft for a matte and truly has that 'lit from within' effect which I can't seem to put my finger on. It's still drying (only because I have very dry lips) but overall I'm impressed by the formula.
    AMAZING Grace
    I recently purchased amazing grace, and amazing it is. I put a few coats on (out of habit) and it lasted all day and only FADED (not rubbed off completely) after I ate.
    Just so so
    Worth the splurge
    Bought the shade 'Bond Girl'. It has quickly become one of my favourite lipsticks. The shade it absolutely beautiful. It isn't completely matte, but in return it is really comfortable to wear and does not in any way dry out my lips. Even though it is a more expensive lipstick, I am definitely a fan, and I already have my eye on a bunch of the other shades.
    Bond Girl
    I'd never tried any CT makeup before, but I'd seen the shade 'Bond Girl' online and though it looked beautiful. This is such a beautiful 'your lips but better' shade and honestly lasts for ages for a stick lipstick. I'm a messy eater but this lasts way longer than any other stick lipstick I've tried before. It's a little bit dry, but no matte isn't. This is certainly the most comfortable. It also has the bonus of smelling delicious and isn't a synthetic smell like many other brands. Worth the Birthday treat.
    The best at this price point
    Only beaten by Tom Ford in quality, colour range and wear ( seriously pricey for a lipstick). Great lipsticks, easily wearable for most skin tones. CT has given me the confidence to buy and wear colours I would never have dreamed of before.
    Gorg lipstick
    I have pillow talk in this formula, its an absolutely lovely colour with is sooo flattering. Shade is perfect, not too much yet really stands out as not just a boring nude. Formula is amazing, I also love the KISSING formula in Bitch Perfect and already can't wait to try more.
    Worth every penny
    Although I am a makeup addict, I do think twice before buying a lipstick that's more than £20. I bought the sought-after shade 'Pillow Talk' and I think it might be my everyday go-to. It's the perfect 'your lips but better' soft pinky nude shade. The shape of the bullet makes for easy application to the contours of your lips, and somehow makes my lips look really plush and full. The finish is matte but the formula creamy and non-drying. Cannot fault this product, it's an investment but worth every penny.
    You need it
    My first lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury was Liv it Up. When I purchased it I was a bit worried as usually pale pink lipsticks has enough white in it to make my lips dead and teeth yellow, but to start with the brights I did not dare - after all I have fair skin and pastels suit me better. When I got the order and tried out my Liv it Up, I thought that's exactly the shade I've been searching for years. Later on I purchased the Coachella Coral and found out it's the right coral I've been searching for and Bosworth's beauty - the perfect bright pink which suits me and I've been searching for years. The shades are really amazing as I find they suit to everyone, no matter what's your choice. They have perfect blend of main colour, beige and grey undertones. Also the formulas are great.
    Best lipstick ever!
    Bond Girl and Pillow Talk
    Great lipstick, it's matte with a hint of satin and stays on all day. Pillow Talk is a must, when I looked it up online it was a bit pinkish but in real life it is just the right colour for my lipline. If you're an Amal Clooney fan then you have to buy bond girl. Charlotte (over on her youtube channel) has an amazing make-up tutorial where you can see how she used the lipstick. It's a natural berry going a bit more to the brown side.
    The beeeeest matte comfort lipstick formula. Very long wearing for non-liquid lippie. My fav colour is Very Victoria. Wanna try Pillow talk now, can`t wait for stoking.
    The Best
    Absolutely THE BEST CHARLOTTE TIBURY PRODUCT EVER!!! I love the feeling of it and it feels so moisturising.
    Bond Girl - such a pretty shade for winter
    Love the formula, love the color.
    A beautiful lipstick in its gold rose packaging. Looks as luxurious as it feels. Velvety moist and fades elegantly. Now I want to own them all!!!
    Heavenly !
    Best matt lipstick I have ever used <3 The texture is beautiful and it feels hydrating all day long. I wish Charlotte Tilbury to add more vibrant shades to this collection ! I just love this :)
    Best lipstick I have ever tried. I usually have a problem with lipsticks ending up on my teeth shortly after application, but with these I've never had this issue. My all time favorite lipstick!