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    Charlotte Tilbury

    Magic Foundation
    I thought this made your skin look oily and slipped off your face within a few hours, I didn't like it at all.
    Excellent Foundation
    So many negative comments about this foundation, but I have found it to be excellent. I gave it a 4/5 because it does need to be built up to achieve maximum coverage, but that aside, I find it creamy, easy to apply and has a great range of shades to suit most skin tones. I am a fifty seven year old woman who has a normal to dry skin. This foundation suits that combo best and its worth noting that it works really well with after using an excellent exfoliator and moisturiser. If you have patchy, flaky dry skin, then this will not work for you but on my dry(ish) mature skin, its provided excellent hydration, a porcelain finish and perfect 8 hour plus longevity.
    Ok, I tried to apply it with Magic cream and Wonderglow and finally IT WORKS! It doesn’t crease anymore!!! And powder works perfect with this combo! So it’s 4 out of 5!
    Not for me
    The colour match on this was perfect, I liked the look of it and the bottle is lovely, but that’s all I like. I have dry skin and usually keep it under control but with this foundation it’s like I shouldn’t have bothered. It shows all the dry patches (or makes them where it was fine) and creases awfully. I’m better off wearing no foundation at all. This might be good for those with more oily completions but not for us with dry skin.
    I have always be devoted to my regular foundations but thought I'd branch out. This blew my mind away. Perfect shade match based on their photos and gives a fab dewy finish.
    Treated myself to this foundation, i'm shade 5. Colour match was perfect and that is why it receives 1*. My skin is dry-combo. This foundation emphasises flakes, creases and any imperfections. Felt it was quite thick actually and felt it on my skin through the day. I just couldn't wait to get home and wash my face. Quite drying too. I tried to love this foundation because of the price I paid for it, but no matter what I tried, it just wouldn't work for me. People work hard for their money, there is no reason this foundation should be as much as it is when, in my opinion, it is cheaper drugstore quality.
    Not really into it
    Well, I couldn’t wait for my order to come so I finally could try this magic on my skin...but magic didn’t happened. The foundation was creasing around the nose, on my cheeks and sink into my large pores. First I thought I’m doing something wrong. I tried different combinations with primers, moisturisers but it was still creasing. And the sad thing was that when I put a CT powder it looked so horrible. I was hoping to love it but this foundation is not for me.
    Great coverage
    This is my go to foundation if I'm going out for dinner or an evening out. The coverage is amazing on my skin and I find it really easy to blend. Slightly drying personally on my skin (my skin is very dry regardless) however with a good moisturiser beforehand, it never fails. I'd recommend.
    Not "magic"
    This foundation would probably suit oily to combination skins. As for me who has dry skin, it shows dry patches and worst flakiness of my skin. It's not full coverage but medium.
    Love it
    I expected a natural finish and that is exactly what it gives. So, I think I've found my foundation. My shade is the lightest, though it look a little bit dark on hand, it looks very bright on my face. (My face is red with visible pores and in general an irritated skin)
    Gorgeous foundation
    I had seen this all over youtube so I thought I'd give it a try and I loved it. Although it's probably medium coverage, not full (so for acne sufferers like myself, concealer is needed) it's also a really nice demi-matte finish so it's not dewy but it's not matte either and looks natural. I got the colour 2 but I think I'll get the colour 1 this time because it can run a little on the warmer side. Definitely for anyone who has combination skin - this didn't break me out at all.
    There are days when I think this foundation looks great on my skin but there are also other days when I think its horrible. First of all, I got the shade 3.5. On the website it claims to have a yellow undertone; nope, I disagree. It looked almost pink on me. Second of all, don't bother applying this foundation with a Beautyblender, it just won't work. For some reason it worked better with a foundation brush. Thirdly, it is not full coverage like it claimed to be. It is actually a light to medium coverage foundation. You want full, go for THREE pumps of this thing. Lastly, I gave it three stars becuase the finish on my skin isn't actually all that bad. Its just that I've tried better foundations out there.
    Not my cup of tea
    Purchased this foundation before it was available on Cult Beauty from her flagship store in Covent Garden. Although this claims to be 'magic' I found that it was far from it. I had high expectations for this foundation. I knew it wouldn't be full coverage as Charlotte's products focus on emphasising what you have using ingredients that are good for your skin. However this compromises the overall finish of the product. Definitely not for those who want a full coverage flawless finish. This foundation will leave you with oily and patchy skin and it will settle into all of your fine lines and wrinkles whilst emphasising your pores.
    Don't waste your money
    Was an excellent colour match for my skin but the positives stop there; made my skin appear flaky, seemed to emphasise pores and wouldn't recommend for oily skin as there was no oil control whatsoever. Waste of £30 do not recommend.
    I want to cry
    So, I was so eager to try this that I paid extra for quick delivery. It arrived 30 mins ago and I purposely left my make up in the morning until it had arrived. I bought the medium 6 shade which was a good match for my skin tone, but this really is awful foundation for the price. I applied my normal primer, and I normally use my beauty blender so went on to use this, to find there was virtually no coverage at all. I then thought maybe it's the sponge so used my artist brush. Still barely any coverage. I got through 4 different applicators and came to the conclusion it was the foundation. It claims to have full coverage, but it is barely medium coverage. So disappointed. Unless you have brilliant skin and don't actually need foundation on and wish to waste £30 for fun, then buy this.
    For the money, it is not worth it. It's a nice consistency with a nice colour match, but the staying power and the coverage is just not there, especially when it claims to be. For the money, look elsewhere. I have bought a few things from CT, and have always come away disappointed. Probably won't buy again.
    Great Foundation
    Had a slightly lighter coverage than I expected but loved the finish it gave and it lasts throughout the day.
    I bought this foundation hoping that, especially for the price, it would do everything it claims. This foundation goes into fine lines very easily and you can feel it sat on your skin the whole day, making it feel uncomfortable. It really emphasises pores and I couldn't wait to take it off. I tried to mix it with other foundations to see if it would be better and it didn't make much difference, don't waste your money.
    Not for people who prefer full coverage
    The consistency is great, don't get me wrong and because I have dry-combination skin it felt really lovely on my skin. But after a couple of uses I noticed it gives me a slight tingling sensation. Also, the product is no where near as full coverage as I like and not easily buildable. I have yet to try it mixed with other foundations so I hope that will improve the coverage, also would prefer if it was more dewy, it seemed a bit dull on my skin.
    Perfect for oily skin!
    I have purchased this foundation several times. It is seriously amazing, especially for oily skin. I honestly have the worlds oiliest skin and huge pores it's horrific, but this makes my skin look perfect. It's a full coverage, but not at all heavy on the skin. However, I'm not sure how well it would suit dry skin as it is not a hydrating foundation at all. Being a makeup artist, I use this on all clients with oily skin with a mattifying primer it's perfection!
    Really disappointed
    I have been using Mac Pro long wear for years now so I thought I'd give this foundation a try as I've heard great things about it. The first day I wore this product my skin became so oily and my foundation was just coming off and going patchy. I don't usually get oily skin but with this product I did and I found after a few days of using it I started to come out with spots which I rarely get. So this really wasn't for me. Think I'll be sticking to my trusted mac prolong wear.
    Great foundation, but not full coverage
    This foundation is not full coverage as claimed. However, it is still a great foundation. I have combo skin, and this gives a nice semi-matte and very natural finish. It last decently throughout a long day (taken my sometimes quite oily t-zone into account). I got it in the shade 3,5 and it has such a nice yellow undertone, which I find is rather rare within some foundation ranges. Really am liking it.
    I absolutely love this foundation; medium coverage, light and amazingly - the lightest shade actually works for me! I am super pale & have struggled a lot to find the right colour. I've been using with Gosh hydrating primer perfectly, despite having dry skin. Love that it's matte finish, easily made less so by using a beauty blender to add a really thin layer of primer over the TOP - try it some time if you have dry skin.
    Best foundation I've found
    I have dry to normal skin and a very red skin tone and this foundation works amazing, It also does exactly what it says on the tin and it STAYS ON! You will need makeup wipes to get it off I can have a shower and go swimming and it stays in place. One pump does by whole face and it covers and evens out my skin tone really well. The lightest shade is still a little dark for me so I use a foundation base that's white to get it lighter but it blends out really well. Get this!
    My second bottle
    I just purchased my second bottle of it. It's hydrating and have a nice finish. I love how it wears. However, not so full-coverage as I expected.
    I was waiting for this foundation, but it disappointed me. No product went so bad on my skin. For some reason when applying the foundation it emphasizes all the flaws and wrinkles.
    Not for me
    I so wanted this foundation to work for me but sadly it doesn't. I have combination skin and it makes my skin greasy. I have used benefit's primer underneath and powder on top, still after an hour or so it just look patchy and oily. I was surprised it was a medium coverage (I thought it was a full coverage foundation) and of course i can't build it up because i would look like I'm sweating after 10 min. The lightest colour is perfect on me, which is such a shame, because I have trouble finding a perfect match. It will probably work for someone that has dry or normal skin.
    Not what I expected for oily skin
    Purchased this foundation after seeing the reviews and all the advertising of it. I was told it was great for my skin type because it has a semi matte finish. I must say that I am extremely disappointed, I have oily combination skin and this foundation is not the one for my skin type. I applied the foundation with a beauty blender, at first it gives a nice coverage with a smooth finish however after a few hours of wear I noticed that my skin became oily - especially around my t-zone, my nose and mouth, the foundation was leaving patches and started to slide off my skin (bearing in mind I used it during the winter time, I don't want to think about wearing the foundation in warm weather). I have not used the foundation since and sadly it will go to waste.
    Skin like perfection.....
    It's a nice medium coverage...but didn't minimised pores..anyway superb!!! No make up make feeling with skin like finish.
    One of the best foundations!
    After using MAC foundations for a few years, I found that no matter which one I tried it would oxidise. I've always been a fan of Charlotte Tilbury and I think this was one of the first products I bought, and I'm glad I did. Leaves a beautiful finish to the skin, the coverage is easily buildable and is great for all skin types. I have more oily skin, with the odd dry patch, and it will last throughout the whole day and still looks good. Most definitely worth a buy! Not forgetting the colour match was perfect.
    I'm so in love with this foundation it makes my skin look so natural ♥️
    Good foundation - need more time to love it
    I have an oily/combo skin that's acne prone and with first signs of very fine lines. I have this foundation in shade 3 (literally perfect match) and so far so good. I do use primer (high adherence one), then powdered the face with some translucent powder and after about 8h of wear, it has not (luckily!) separated or gathered in my fine lines. Yes it has rubbed off in places (nose and chin but I do blow my nose a lot due to allergies), but the rest seems to have held off very well. I just used a blotting paper and its all good. It's a matte finish and medium to high coverage (not full full coverage). I do prefer more natural finish for the day. Overall, I do like it but need more time to love it. it doesn't dry out my skin so that's great (can happen with matte, higher coverage foundations). I think with time it might be one of my favourites but it does have a lot to live up to.
    Wouldn't recommend for oily skin
    As many people I have combination skin - dry patches near the jawline and an oily t-zone. First applied, this foundation gave a reasonable amount of coverage but definitely wouldn't call it full coverage. The foundation instantly makes your face feel soft and moisturized, so doesn't feel heavy at all. After a few hours wear the foundation weirdly begins to separate on the skin leaving notable blotches on your face. I tried this with a variety of primers, powders and setting sprays but nothing worked. Sadly won't be repurchasing.
    A exciting shock
    So I'm a Nars girl through and through, with the odd exception. I've tried so many foundations the list is endless, but I always levitate back to Nars as my personal preference it suits my skin. However this is literally a gorgeous foundation and I adore how it finishes on my skin. I'm a changed woman - it's such a texturised and fab coverage foundation without the greasy sticking oily layer that some leave on your skin. May I also add, Cult Beauty have provided me with the best deals over the years and I absolutely love love love shopping here - the best in terms of delivery and ease of purchasing x