Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder: Alicia Keys of Keys Soulcare

Easily one of our most-anticipated brands ever, we thought there’d be no better way to ring in the arrival of {Keys Soulcare} than by virtually(!) sitting down with the one and only Alicia Keys – you know, the queen of soul who just so happens to be the founder of the meditative beauty range. So, equipped with a list of burning questions and a not-so-subtle crush, we caught up on all things skin care, self-love and Keys Soulcare…

{Cult Beauty} Hi Alicia! We’re so excited to speak with you and welcome Keys Soulcare into the fold. To start off, can you tell us a little bit about how (and why!) you made the jump from an ultra-impressive music career to starting your own beauty company? 

{Alicia Keys} Thank you for the love! I’ve always dreamed of creating things that would actually work for me since I’ve struggled with my own skin. Eventually, I realised how we care for ourselves reflects everything we do: emotionally, physically, spiritually. And self-care — self-love, really — has always been important to me, because when we give ourselves permission to take time for ourselves, that’s when the magic happens. 

{CB} What would you say is the Keys Soulcare mission? 

{AK} To share the soul of beauty — with care that is more than skin deep. To help elevate our frequencies with offerings, both product and content, that empower us to radiate from the inside out. 

{CB} What sets the brand apart from the rest of the industry? 

{AK} Keys Soulcare is about being unafraid to fully love yourself and BE yourself with intention; it goes far beyond a skin care line. Keys Soulcare is more than its formulas, it’s a state of mind to connect with ourselves more deeply using products that help to create rituals or moments of personal ceremony. And as a community, we are here to guide each other, truly be there for each other, as we each become more ourselves. 

{CB} Can you describe the brand in three words? 

{AK} Body. Spirit. Mind. And because our lightworker community is the heartbeat of Keys Soulcare – Connection. (Sorry, that’s 4!) 

{CB} If you had to choose just one of your products, which would be your all-time favourite? 

{AK} The {Comforting Balm}! I’m a lip balm fanatic and this one is SO good. You can use it anywhere your skin needs some extra loving too, like on your hands, elbows, or feet.

{CB} Has lockdown inspired new ways of taking care of your wellbeing? Do you have any helpful tips you can share? 

{AK} The past year has been crazy, but it has proven that when we fill our lives with what is most important, we create the space to learn, grow, and lean into our sacredness. The time in my day where I get to focus on my meditation practice, journaling, and workout is where I get stronger, both mentally and physically.

I find stream of consciousness journaling, where you just write exactly what you’re feeling – no editing or thinking about it – is really powerful. To be able to release all my thoughts really helps me to clear space in my mind. 

{CB} We loved your letter on the liberation of a make up-free lifestyle and the choice of wearing it, rather than the expectation. To us, make up is all about self-expression, playfulness and ritualistic routine. That being said, is there a specific make up step that you love to wear? 

{AK} They do say that eyes are the windows to the soul, so I love secret eyeliner; it enhances without you quite knowing it’s there. And mascara, especially a deep brown one. It’s subtle and sensual. 

{CB} And if we were to have access to your handbag for a rummage, which item(s) are we guaranteed to find? 

{AK} My bag always has my phone, my {Comforting Balm}, a pen to write ideas down and some small crystals for good energy. 

{CB} Which pearl of beauty wisdom would you love to tell your past self? 

{AK} Don’t concern yourself with trying to be like everyone else, you are perfect just as you are! 

{CB} How will you be practising self-care in January and beyond? 

{AK} I will be focusing on all the rituals in my life, both the little ones that make me smile and the ones I have to find time for that really allow me to grow. Rituals ground me each day – they’re my special time! 

{CB} Do you have any bedside beauty and wellness essentials? 

{AK} My {Reviving Aura Mist} is a firm staple before bed, it balances my mood (and skin!) like nothing else. I also keep a moisturiser close at hand so I can massage my feet! 

{CB} Can you share a beauty myth that really needs to be debunked?

{AK} Beauty doesn’t need to fit into society’s standards; it’s yours to own!  

{CB} What does ‘cult’ mean to you? 

{AK} To me, it means a group of people that have similar interests and are obsessed about sharing their passions together. 

*Klaxon sounds* {CB} Time for a quick-fire question round! 

{CB} Which song have you had on repeat recently?

{AK} ‘Hold On’ by The Internet!

{CB} Pick a side… Smoky eyes or a statement lip?

{AK} Can I go with glowing skin?

{CB} Which book/movie/TV show has had you hooked recently?

{AK} Everything Toni Morrison.

{CB} Finally, what’s next for Keys Soulcare?

{AK} I want to continue growing the Keys Soulcare community – bringing together lightworkers – to continue spreading the love and light we all so desperately need right now.


Bethan Robinson

Bethan Robinson


Bethan is a Copywriter at Cult Beauty. When she’s not trying to perfect the ultimate ‘no make up’ make up look — she swears by Saie — or find new skin care to fall for, she’s likely playing video games, making the most of her housemate’s MUBI account or strolling around Victoria Park with a pastry in hand.