The brand that conjures images of Dumbos weaving woozily post one-too-many whiskies, {Drunk Elephant} has staked its claim to every ‘Hall of Fame’ you’d care to mention, and now we’re heralding it as our Cult Brand of the Month throughout the entirety of July *hic* ...this can only mean one (read: multiple) things - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on your all-time favourite or yet-to-try must-haves as well as a host of new arrivals and an unmissable competition too! From their Holy Grail {skin care} to their latest hair and body ranges, we're falling trunk in love with this clean-clinical range.


The brainchild of Texan-born Tiffany Masterson – a peer-to-peer saleswoman (think: Avon but for skin care) – she learned about ingredients and started recognising common product formulations before packing her trunk and deciding to trundle away to create all the products she dreamt of. The result was Drunk Elephant – a ‘clean clinical’ line-up of products designed to be fun BUT effective (superficially ‘fluffy’, there’s serious science behind this phenomenal, in-demand brand).

Incredibly ‘bio-available’ – which means the formulas are ‘recognised’ by cells and therefore welcomed by the body – this super-charged edit boasts brilliant spot fighters, youth-boosting wonders and face oil so silky you won’t know you’re wearing it.

Brimming with marula oil – the reason for the name (the legend has it that the elephants binge-drink this sweet elixir and then stagger from their gatherings with four left feet and trunks around each other wailing Wonderwall en route to the oasis) – the range is proven to support and strengthen skin’s own acid mantle.

Because all skin deserves to be respected with ingredients it can get along with - Tiffany teamed up with professional hairstylist - and creator of 'The Rachel' haircut - Chris McMillan, to create a hair care line that focuses specifically on scalp health - products that dissolve years of buildup while nourishing hair with biocompatible proteins and oils. The rest just grew from there...

Introducing the brand's latest arrival - the {E-Rase Milki Micellar Water}! The perfect way to herd away impurities from your skin, while being gentle on your skin and eye area, this lightweight cleanser is carefully formulated so that it won’t irritate your skin or strip its delicate acid mantle. Formulated with a pH of 5.0, this vegan, barrier-supportive cleanser is gentle enough to be used all over - perfect for melting your mascara and quickly eliminating long-wearing lipsticks! Sounds like your type of tipple? Join the waitlist now!