Whether you're missing your standing desk (the aches are real) or looking to invest in a nourishing, full-body ritual, these {bath & body} arrivals are the perfect way to nurture head-to-toe healthy living.


{Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream}

Effortlessly smooth and hydrate skin all-at-once with refreshing watermelon thanks to Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream. This creamy {lotion} is a smoothie of liquified vitamin-rich watermelon seed butter, naturally smoothing hibiscus AHA, soothing watermelon, and multi-weight hyaluronic acid for deep moisture to act as a tall, cool drink of water to parched pores. Never leaving a messy, sticky, or greasy after-feel, it absorbs in a flash, wrapping skin in the cult-fave watermelon scent, anytime, anywhere. 


{Mineral Body Lotion}

A must-have for achey muscles and tired limbs, Susanne Kaufmann's Mineral Body Lotion is brimming with mineral salts to help detoxify deep muscles, increase cell energy, and activate lymphatic flow while other actives help to soothe inflammation - it's a must for those who love an intense workout.


{The Sculpt Arm Compound}

A groundbreaking concentrate that visibly tightens, tones and sculpts the skin on your arms, The SCULPT Arm Compound harnesses patent-pending technology to reduce fluid accumulation, boost nutrient and oxygen supplies to your skin and foster an environment for effective collagen synthesis. It's formulated with two of the brand's proprietary SIREN capsules: the first is packed with antioxidants and retinol to encourage cell turnover, assisting with drainage for a de-puffing and toning effect. The second - SCULP-SIREN - is powered by marine extracts, probiotics and ferments that are specifically beneficial for your arm area, boosting hydration and lending its rejuvenating qualities to reveal a supple, youthful finish. As if that wasn't enough, this concentrate also promotes the skin communication that is traditionally activated during endurance exercise. The results? Visibly toned and sculpted arms!


{The After Show Body Cleanser}

The key to a luxury bathing experience, this oil-based gel formula melts away grime as it cherishes skin with a medley of nourishing actives. Completely non-stripping yet thoroughly cleansing, this swiftly eliminates everyday oils, dirt and make up while ‘feeding’ your skin so its comfortably plumped and hydrated. With sucrose laurate to generate lashings of opulent lather, alongside sk-invigorating extracts of citrus and mango to banish the blues with their mood-boosting fragrance, this heavenly wash also boasts an abundance of hyaluronic acid – a true moisture magnet – to bolster skin’s ‘spring’ and promote a soft, dewy appearance.


{Dry Massage Body Brush}

The ultimate way to kick-start sluggish skin and eliminate scales, Joanna Czech's Dry Massage Body Brush boasts densely packed vegan tampico bristles, to slough away dead cells and get your blood pumping. Made from high quality beechwood, this is best before {bathing} to polish your limbs and encourage your lymph to eliminate toxins - driving your blood round your body and bringing it near to skin's surface, to 'feed' hungry cells and provide an immediate radiance boost. A great way to help get you glowing, the mechanical action not only boosts cellular turnover - revealing your fresh, healthy cells so your skin becomes strokeably soft - but it helps clear a path for your product (cream, lotion or potion) to penetrate quickly without any roadblocks... Superficially plumping, this can help to smooth the appearance of dimply skin, and it's also a great way to make you dive into the day - flushing your system while clearing the cobwebs to help you feel pumped and invigorated.


{Shower Sheets}

No time, no shower, no worries: tear open this oversized, super-soft, moist Shower Sheet from YUNI Beauty to instantly cleanse and refresh every inch of your skin. Perfect for on-the-go cleansing, travel, yoga, surfing, camping, hiking, festival-going! Individually wrapped for freshness and portability so you can remove dirt, sweat and odor anytime, anywhere with naturally purifying organic neem extract, peppermint and citrus.