With our self-hair routine looking more and more like an elaborate K-Beauty ritual, the mane-taming realm is responding in kind with a flurry of new and exciting arrivals to fortify, shield and replenish your lengths. From serums that practically ‘shrink wrap’ your strands to hair brightening treatments with vitamin C that apply skin care science to lacklustre locks, it’s time to expand your hair-izons.

A godsend for colour-treated tresses, Philip Kingsley’s {Pure Color Frizz Fighting Gloss} wraps your strands with a heat-protective, anti-humidity shield that deflects the effects of the elements, while intensifying vibrancy and helping to extend your dye’s vitality. A lightweight blend of silicones, this silky serum leaves locks sleek, while helping to ward against fade due to UV and damaging radicals, while lending a glorious, ad-worthy lustre for fresh-from-the-salon brilliance.

Going up to bat against breakage, Color Wow's {Kale Cocktail Bionic Tonic} helps to reverse the strand-weakening impact of colour and chemical-processing, thanks to its super-charged blend of conditioning, sulphur-rich sea kale, protein-building amino acids and B vitamins which work to reinforce internal bonds and fortify damaged manes. Still not convinced? This hero is clinically proven to reduce breakage by as much as 50%(!) with just one use.

Hair dyed a death? If you’re brand new to {OLAPLEX}, a) where have you been and b) now’s the time to find out what the hype’s all about. A quartet of sized-to-try heroes from Shampoo to bestselling No 3 Hair Perfector, the four-piece {Hair Repair Trial Kit} has arrived to spin bleach-ravaged, chemically treated or over-styled straw into silk with its magical, bond-healing properties.

Naturally based, performance driven formulas for every type and texture, Briogeo’s fruit (and veg!) fuelled treatments ‘feed’ your hair with superfoods that work to soften, smooth and fortify. Disillusioned by the disappointing – and frequently misleading – natural hair care on the market, Nancy Twine took matters into her own, very capable hands and developed a line of transparent solutions for those who want strong, healthy hair without compromise. The new {Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Superfood Hair Mask} is packed with a ‘smoothie’ of nourishing oils and green, good-for-you extracts to swiftly repair and revitalise compromised lengths. From coarse, curly textures to heat-weakened ends, this buffet of goodness is basically rehab for hair the requires a stint in recovery…

Pioneers when it comes to sustainable practices, Davines formulate high-end, salon-approved products with a conscience. Always at the cutting-edge of hair care innovation, the brand marries nature with science to offer a swathe of ingenious treatments to tackle the spectrum of common concerns – from dry, flaky scalps to unruly curls. New to their wave-taming repertoire, the {Curl Building Serum} defines and adds polish while putting a ‘spring’ in your coils. The perfect cream-gel hybrid, this doesn’t add weight or a whisper of ‘crunch’ for the glossiest, ‘bounciest’ curls on the block.

OUAI’s range of heavenly smelling hair heroes has recently been reinvented to cater to texture instead of requirement – from fine to thick hair and now locks that require a {Detox}. Developed to gently eliminate build-up (here’s looking at you, dry shampoo) and liberate roots from the residue, oils and pollution that counteract ‘oomph’, this cleanser deep cleans and ‘unblocks’ your clogged follicles, leaving your scalp free to breathe (and your lengths free to move). With hydrolysed keratin to rectify damage, and apple cider vinegar to ‘cut through’ grease, this once-a-week wash will help limp hair recover its bounce.

Skin care for hair, THE INKEY LIST’s {Vitamin C Brightening Hair Treatment} applies the luminosity-boosting brilliance of its key ingredient to dulled or damaged hair. Shine-amplifying and frizz-minimising, this brilliant treatment is great as a serum, or used as a ‘booster’ to add a ‘gloss shot’ to your favourite shampoo or conditioner.