As restrictions are lifted and people get back to a (slightly) more normal existence, we’ve rounded up beauty and self-care essentials to help you negotiate errands and brave the outdoors with a little more confidence. From hand sanitisers to stress-quelling scents, meet the lockdown-easing heroes…

Hand sanitiser has joined the illustrious ‘keys, wallet, phone’ on the check-list of can’t-leave-without-its. We’ve developed a deep, near-romantic attachment to antibacterial gel and with many to choose from, you’ve probably ‘kissed a few frogs’ before finding your ultimate, germ-quashing prince. Oskia’s {Safe Hands Hand Sanitiser} is laced with additional glycerin, lavender and rose essential oils to cherish compromised extremities, while Aesop’s {Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash} looks pretty bougie and smells like a dream. And if things have been getting a little bit ‘Lady Macbeth’, then the DAVISAGE {Handie Bottle} pairs a gentle (but 99.99% effective!) hand-sanitising gel with an accompanying cream in a convenient, keyring-compatible tube to replenish your wash-ravaged palms.

Speaking of creams, summer and slippery hand cream don’t mix, so you need to ensure you’re equipped with a light yet conditioning lotion that sinks in without any residue (shudder). A French pharmacy favourite, Embryolisse’s {Nourishing Hand Cream} is found in the classic Chanel 2.55’s of discerning French femmes, while Algenist’s {GENIUS Hand Cream} is brimming with strengthening, healing and youth-boosting plant-derived collagen – perfect for softening, smoothing and healing your hands without a trace of ick-inducing film.

As we navigate guidelines and edge our way steadily closer to life as we knew it, the weirdness could give way to wobbles… This year has been A LOT and that can manifest as heightened stress and waves of paranoia as we try to redefine our comfort zones. A stress-quelling mist or a mood-boosting rollerball helps to re-centre and act like a bit of a talisman – even the act of unscrewing the lid can remind you to breathe-and-reboot. The Nue Co.’s {Functional Fragrance} has legions of 5-star reviews, extolling its soul-soothing virtues, while Therapie’s {Restore Aura Spray} helps to trigger an ‘energy shift’ so you feel far less fraught.

Taking a supplement won’t keep you safe from a global pandemic but, it’s probably not a bad time to be turning attention to eating a great mix of colourful veg and supporting your system with something that gives it a boost. Rejuvenated Ltd.’s {Immune Complex} boasts a bevvy of essential vitamins, minerals and pre- and probiotics that promote a healthy gut and help to bolster your resilience, while anatōme’s {Daily Wellbeing + Vitamin Complex} is easy to swallow (one tablet a day) and delivers a 360˚ feast of wellness-enhancing nutrients.

Wearing a mask? Hot weather, make up and masks spell disaster so make sure you’re always equipped with a finishing mist to refresh and re-set your foundation. Urban Decay’s {All Nighter Setting Spray} feels like a breeze yet it fixes your face and protects against heat, sweat and… pretty much anything else that the year wants to throw at you. Helping to ward against make up migration, it comes in a pocket-sized 30ml bottle.

And, with face masks comes a charming new development called ‘mascne’ – yep, when smothered your skin can rebel against feeling confined in a swathe of unusual ways; something our Cult Concierge have been helping key workers to mitigate during the lockdown. From redness and flare-ups to flaking and breakouts, your skin – especially around your mouth and jawline – will require careful cleansing, light hydration and occasional zit-zapping. Kate Somerville’s {DeliKate} range has arrived just in time to attend to the needs of stressed, compromised skin, while DISCIPLE Skincare’s {What Spot?} works to calm a blemish quickly without over-drying skin.