{Facial mists} often get overlooked as a refreshing ‘extra’ – but we like to think of them as akin to moisturiser - but a more convenient version. (As someone with oily skin, your humble author swapped out heavy creams for mists a few years ago and has never looked back). In a convenient spray format, there’s no poking about in pots and less likelihood of them leaking in your bag – there really is no better way to pep up your complexion when temperatures soar.

(Another tip: mist your skin before applying a hyaluronic acid-based serum or mask, to turbo-charge its hydrating powers.)

Although many mists on the market can be made of water and not much else, here at Cult we’ve cherry-picked the ones that are packed with potent actives, as well as sun block, vitamins and humectants like hyaluronic acid. One even has probiotics would you believe? Essential to a summer wardrobe as Jackie O shades and a straw hat, mist them on liberally throughout the day and your skin will thank you.

{Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist (Exclusive)}

Very few skin care brands have a facial mist as their flagship product – which is what makes this concoction pretty special. {Omorovicza}’s iconic mist has a brand spanking new, star-patterned outfit to celebrate Cult Beauty’s 10th anniversary – guaranteed to brighten up your bathroom shelves. Packed with nutrient-rich minerals derived from Hungary’s famous thermal waters, this works to revive, tone and purify skin and is based on a centuries-old recipe for a perfume created for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary (hence the name, geddit?).

{Pixi Sun Mist}

Why there are no more spray-on sunscreens like this one, we’ll never know. The perfect alternative to messy, chalky SPFs, this featherweight formula can be sprayed over make-up, and provides broad-spectrum protection (against the burning and aging rays). It’s an easy way to top up if the sun gets particularly strong in the afternoon (SPF only protects you for a few hours each time, remember). It’s also got extracts of bamboo and chamomile to calm and condition red, sweaty skin.

{Too Faced Festival Refresh Spray}

Ostensibly a ‘refreshing spray’ this stunning rainbow-emblazoned bottle comes with a whole host of other benefits. Enriched with a cheery citrus fragrance, the formula is infused with opalescent pearls to illuminate a dull complexion and also sets make up. And if you’re into your crystals, rose quartz powder imbues this concoction with added ‘love energy’ – ‘cos your skin can never have enough lovin', are we right?

{Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator}

Skin dehydrated and prone to fine lines? Then this is the plumping superhero you need in your back pocket. The vitamin-infused aloe water calms and softens with firming sea buckthorn and evening primrose, together with detoxifying dandelion and renewing rosehip. As well as using it throughout the day, it’s also a great one to use in your bedtime regime to enhance the effects of your night cream. Green beauty fans will be pleased to hear it’s 100% natural and largely organic - natch.

{Oskia City Life Facial Mist}

Summer in the city can wreak havoc on your skin (and hair, and sweat levels etc.) As the name suggests this is ideal for city dwellers, protecting your complexion from aging pollution particles, thanks to a special encapsulated blend of vitamins to deliver supreme antioxidant powers, together with minerals and bio-actives as well as good old hydrating hyaluronic acid. Refreshing neroil and basil oil deliver a cheery fragrance too – spritz it on to bookend your daily commute.

{Zelens Z Balance Prebiotic & Probiotic Facial Mist}

Making the case for face mist as a serious skin care essential (as opposed to a nice refreshing ‘extra’), Dr. Marko Lens’s supercharged concoction is the proverbial bee’s knees. It contains prebiotics - a blend of sugar molecules obtained from corn and beetroot - to promote a happy bacterial balance on the skin, while five probiotics (more ‘good’ bacteria for your skin) reinforce the skin’s barrier function and prevent irritation. Also included are an amino acid complex and other humectants to lock in moisture, while antioxidant Japanese mint helps protect against free-radicals. Think of this as a mini facial on the go.