Although we pride ourselves on being 'in the know', sometimes we must admit defeat and turn to those consistently on beauty's cutting edge (geddit?!) to expand our horizons and ensure we're giving you the best expert advice from the frontline. In this instance, we picked the brains of two of the hair care industry's biggest names - celebrity stylists {James Corbett} and Neil Weisberg - who talked through all things 'trend', how to grow your bangs and how to mimic that insouciant, 'French girl' look when you're not blessed with a Parisian post code...

Formerly the 'Neil' of premium hair care range Neil George, British-born stylist Neil Weisberg has teamed up with industry icon Tracey Cunningham to create Mèche - LA's go-to salon for the Beverly Hills' elite. Lured from London by the glamour of America's West Coast, Neil now tends the tresses of the world's most celebrated manes. Describing his signature style as 'effortlessly textured - that sexy, wake up-and-go hair', Neil cites Charlize Theron in film 'Atomic Blonde' as his hair muse: 'I love the colour and the super textured fringe' (we hear ya')!

When asked about the latest 'buzz cut' craze, Neil's tips for those who're contemplating copying Ms. Delevingne are just to 'go for it! If you're opting for an edgier aesthetic then ensure you choose a trusted stylist to crop your mane. Short hair grows quickly so make sure both you and your hairdresser can keep up with the schedule.'

And aside from the ‘buzz’, Neil says that bangs are officially back, with everyone requesting textured, mid-length, heavily layered styles that evoke the cool, groupie looks of Almost Famous - think: Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull and Alexa showcasing her latest 'throwback' do (in other words, the fringe to end all fringes).

And on the best way to achieve that enviable 'French girl', bed-head texture? 'Product is king!' says Neil, who swears by texturising formulas to give the look of perfectly dishevelled lengths. Cuvée Beauty's {Champagne Spray} is great for giving 'oomph' to stubbornly straight strands, while Sachajuan's {Moulding Spray} allows you to reclaim control of your unruly locks.

And when it comes to colour, no-one has their fingers on the fashion pulse like NY super-stylist {James Corbett}. One of America's leading colourists, James has lightened the locks and tinted the tresses of fashion and Hollywood's most hallowed names, from Christina Hendricks to Kendall Jenner!

When quizzed about the latest colour trends, James barely paused to ponder before telling us that 'pastel, pastel, pastel - colour, colour and more colour are still on the menu for fall. Hair changes are becoming more extreme, with lots adopting wigs to guarantee maximum impact. We're seeing platinum bobs, purple highlights (à la Halle Berry) and of course, we've just seen Kim K and Emilia Clarke ditch their brunette for dazzling ice white.'

'Women of all ages are now using colour as a sign of self expression. Look at Helen Mirren with her recent pink rinse! I have so many clients who are 50+ now coming to request a streak of blue, pink or purple - brights and pastels have finally shrugged off their punk connotations.'

Fortunately, you can now tap into the ongoing 'rainbow hair' aesthetic thanks to Lime Crime's {Unicorn Hair} - wash in pots of vibrant, head-turning pigment which can be modified to tailor the intensity. There's no need to bleach your hair first, and the semi-permanent rinses slowly fade, so there's no re-growth line. And, these won't strip or damage your strands so, what are you waiting for? We're personally obsessed with {Chocolate Cherry} - a rich cherry coke shade which feels perfect for autumn.

We also asked James about how to contend with that awkward, in-between phase when you're trying to grow out a fringe. 'You're in luck!' said James. 'Bobby pins - the more outré the better - are firmly back on the fashion radar. Rather than trying to camouflage them, invest in some statement making grips and use to sweep your fringe to either side. Just look to the Ashley Williams runway show for inspo - her oversized Swarowski styles are totally of the moment.