A favourite of prestigious beauty bloggers - not to mention the YouTube sensation and pro-MUA Jaclyn Hill - {Loving Tan} is a game-changing brand for those who love an intense, two-weeks-in-the-Maldives tan.

The key to achieving a deep (completely streak-free) photo-ready glow, this comprehensive range of body bronzers caters to your every tanning whim - whether you want a quick, wash-off tint, a fast-acting tan or a gradual glow.

As with all self-tanners, prep (and practice) make perfect, which is why it's so important to ensure your skin is polished and completely dry ahead of product application. 

Shower with a loofah or exfoliating gloves to help loosen any dead surface cells, then shave your legs carefully - this acts as an additional exfoliating step, while also removing the hairs that your tan can 'cling' to (if you skip the fuzz removal then you run the risk of speckled legs - it pays to be particular).

Use an oil-free 'scrub' to buff your body - paying close attention to especially dry areas (ankles, knees and elbows tend to get quite gnarly). Therapie's {Awaken Skin Rehab Scrub} is a powdered cocktail of skin-polishing grains which you massage over dampened skin to slough away scales. Or use Loving Tan's {Tan Removing Skin Polishing Glove} to remove any dulling dead cells or residual streaks. 

A pro when it comes to sunless tanning, Jaclyn Hill swears by the {2HR Express Self Tanning Mousse} in 'Dark', which develops rapidly to grant a deep but realistic finish (no tell-tale orange tones). Or try the {Deluxe Bronzing Mousse}, which gives an instant tan that develops over six hours, so you can bronze-and-go.

Starting with the face (but only once you've done a patch test to ensure you don't react), use a synthetic buffing brush (we rate Sigma's {Round Kabuki Brush}) to 'work' the product into skin - leaving your upper lip and eye area 'til last (you don't want them to pick up too much pigment...).

Next, use a rich (ish!) body lotion or butter - Peter Thomas Roth's {Mega-Rich Nourishing Body Lotion} is perfect - and apply all over your hands, wrists, feet and ankles, and anywhere else prone to dryness (kneecaps, elbows etc.).

Use Loving Tan's {Deluxe Self-tanning Applicator Mitt} to apply tan to your arms (as far as your wrists) and legs (as far as your ankles), then use the buffing brush to blend, blend, blend the colour into hands and feet - you're aiming for a seamless, 'diffused' finish.

Use the brush to apply the colour to your chest and neck, then use the mitt to do your stomach, back - anywhere you've missed. DON'T be too concerned if the guide colour looks a little patchy - this will wash away to leave a gloriously even, sunless suntan in its wake! As long as you've been diligent about blending and buffing, you really need not be concerned.

Once two hours are up, hop in the shower and try to avoid using soap or detergent to wash away all of the tan - you just want to lose the guide colour. You should emerge looking gorgeously golden - like you've just waded in from a yacht somewhere suitably hot and exotic (just add a white bikini à la Ursula).