On a mission to perfect the skin of today’s health conscious, informed consumers, {Youth to the People} brand founders - cousins Joe Cloyes and Greg Gonzalez - use a cocktail of potent, antioxidant-rich leafy greens (such as spinach and kale), as well as beneficial vitamins and other proven, super-natural sources of youth-preserving goodness.

We stole a few minutes from Joe's jam-packed schedule, to learn more about this phenomenal, farm-to-face range.

{Cult Beauty} Could you begin with a little bit of the brand back-story? How {Youth to the People} came to be, and what differentiates it?

{Joe Cloyes} You could say {Youth to the People} was a destination we were both traveling toward our whole lives. We’re cousins and our grandmother created her own skin care line over thirty years ago. She was a pioneer who brought botanicals and natural ingredients to the industry. More recently we were both inspired by the cold-pressed juicing revolution. 

We loved the idea of green superfoods being juiced. And we started to think, could we gather those same benefits – the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants – but apply them topically for your skin’s health and youth.

{CB} What’s the significance of the name, and who is this range aimed at?

{JC} Youth to the People is designed for all people and all skin types. A line that is effective but simple enough to fit into all lifestyles. Our company name evokes that unity.

{CB} There's increasing concern about the impact of our (ever more) toxic environment - which negatively impacts on health and is shown to accelerate the skin-ageing process. What are your 'top tips' for urbanites who want to protect their complexions from pollutants?

{JC} It all starts with our {cleanser}. In the morning, it freshens and balances skin’s pH and prepares skin for free-radical fighting serums and creams so they’re that much more effective in protecting your skin from a toxic environment. At night, it removes the day’s make up, pollutants, toxins, and build-up in pores.

{CB} This worry about exposure to toxins has sparked renewed interest in 'clean' cosmetics. Your range ticks all the super-natural boxes – how do you ‘sell’ green to those who’re cynical? Many customers remain convinced that purity and efficacy are mutually exclusive…

{JC} As whole and clean as our superfood ingredients are, {Youth to the People} believes in pairing what’s best in nature with what’s most efficient for age prevention in science. We combine ingredients such as cold-pressed extracts from kale and spinach with tripeptides to create our super {serum} - it's like photo shop for real life.

{CB} The ingredients read like a superfood smoothie. How did you select the ‘holy trinity’ of kale, spinach and alfalfa, and how are they sourced?

{JC} Kale, spinach, and alfalfa are the trifecta of leafy greens that inspired us. These three superfoods have extremely high concentrations of free radical-fighting antioxidants, phytonutrients, skin-beautifying omega 3 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties, and reparative vitamins. We’re excited to be introducing additional superfoods in new products, like the spirulina and microalgae in our mask.

We source our cold-pressed extracts from the United States, and manufacture, fill, and package all of our products in California.

{CB} Do you position yourself amongst the growing wave of ‘Farm to Face’ brands?

{JC} {Youth to the People} does a lot right – farm to face and age prevention science. We’re huge fans of the farm to face movement – really, any movement that encourages consumer knowledge, transparency, and sustainable and environmentally-gentle business practices. We do our grocery shopping at the farmers' market, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows us.

Our products are for those who value the integrity of ingredients. We make our line in small batches. Our ingredients are 100% vegan. We don’t use parabens, fragrances, or added colour. And we never test on animals

{CB} What would you say is the 'hero product'? The one that's guaranteed to kick-start a {Youth to the People} addiction?

{JC} We hear that about our {Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser} a lot. People are attracted by its ingredients – kale, spinach, green tea, and alfalfa to name a few), and, admittedly, it is a stunner in its glass bottle. But it hooks people once they see their skin looking clearer and glowing after only a few uses.

{CB} Clogged pores and congestion are another all-too-common complaint amongst those exposed to stress and toxins. Which steps - skin care or otherwise - would you recommend to keep skin clear, calm and blemish-free?

{JC} The first step is using a cleanser that really penetrates pores and eliminates build-up. Our cleanser is phenomenal at cleansing thoroughly, without being harsh on skin. The cold-pressed kale and spinach in our cleanser are stars at purifying and calming all skin types. Drinking plenty of water can’t be touted enough – hydration works to flush toxins from the body and keep skin at its clearest.

{CB} The industry is also seeing a ‘rebellion’ against extensive, (often confusing) skin care ranges. Why only three products, and do you have plans to add more in the future?

{JC} The inciting spark for {Youth to the People} was to design a simple line around superior ingredients. Our cleanser, cream, and serum fit into most lifestyles as a streamlined foundation for protecting, preserving, and cleansing skin. In the coming months, we’ll have two additions to the Youth to the People fam: Spirulina + Microalgae Age Prevention Superfood Mask and our Age Prevention Superfood Eye Cream. But we’re never going to be a line that’s chaotic with products and noise...

Thank you so much Joe!