As soon as we laid eyes on Kjaer Weis' breathtakingly beautiful make up range, we knew we'd discovered a lasting cosmetic obsession...

Created by the awe-inspiring Kirsten Kjaer Weis - a Danish-born, New York-based professional make up artist with years of experience backstage and working on high-profile campaigns and cover shoots - {Kjaer Weis} was born out of her eagerness to 'clean up' her kit. Having recognised that many of her go-to cosmetics caused her supermodel canvases to breakout, Kirsten sought to develop a capsule collection of skin-friendly, super-natural products, made with the finest, sustainably-sourced ingredients (without any too-often irritating chemical preservatives). 

Boasting beautiful, high-performance mineral-based pigments, all of her impressive products combine opulence with efficacy. Proof that 'natural' and quality aren't mutually exclusive, this considered line-up of wearable colours with easy to use, skin-beneficial formulas is exquisite whichever way you look at it. 

Everything from the gratifying 'click' when you close the wonderfully weighty compacts to the tactile grain of the leather-look crimson cases has been painstakingly thought out. "My designer and I spent ages on the 'phone comparing 'clicks' until we had that 'eureka' moment", says Kirsten, who has devoted almost a decade to the development of her eponymous edit of luxe cosmetics. 

Like mini masterpieces, each {Cream Blush}, {Lipstick} and {Eye Shadow} has the same, oooh-inducing beauty that makes make up such a joy. A wonderful addition to a well-dressed dressing table, there's also something classic in the brand's contemporary styling - these products would seem just as 'right' emerging from Marilyn Monroe's handbag as they do scattered atop a modern, Scandi-styled bedside cabinet. 

And all of the products are refillable, to minimise waste and encourage sustainability. Once you've bought the compact, you can replace the pans by buying the same (or a gorgeous new) hue, which comes housed in chic, recycled and biodegradable packaging. Even the {Mascara} is refillable - the inner slips out of the metallic casing for quick and convenient change-over. 

In case you hadn't guessed, we are completely bowled over by the beauty and integrity of this phenomenal make up range. The creamy formulas blend seamlessly, virtually melting into skin for natural enhancement. Kirsten's ethos is not about make up as camouflage, but about using products to enliven and subtly counteract signs of too-many light nights or unwelcome breakout. 

The {Foundation} is dewy and beautifully buildable - granting sheer to concealer-esque coverage - while the gorgeous {Lip Tints} marry balm and pigment for a pretty, skin-nourishing stain that lingers. And for the ultimate indulgence, the aptly named {Beautiful Oil} is packed with precious plant-derived oils which make this amber nectar the secret to supple and luminous skin. It's an intensive treatment for stressed, dulled or compromised complexions, and makes the perfect priming base for make up. 

Which {Kjaer Weis} products will you be taking home first? Let us know what you've got your eyes on in the comments below...