If you're intrigued by trends but like a subtle nod rather than full scale 'look at me' aesthetic, we've rounded up three understated ways to show you're in the know, with looks that whisper 'trend-setter' (but never steal the show...)

For chic, sophisticated sparkle, steer clear of glitter on the lids and apply an ultra-thin line at the roots of your lower lashes. Violet Voss's appropriately named {Sophisticated Sparkles} are teeny tiny - think, 'cocktails in Capri' rather than 'Red Stripes in a mud bath' - and choose from burnished gold (we love 'Sandy'), or 'Venus Glitter' (it's hypnotically holographic).

Or widen eyes by applying a light sprinkling of 'chunky' glitter to the inner corners. It's a cute-but-classy way to glisten up (and keep intrepid sequins relatively contained). Prep the area with a light lick of glitter glue (making sure you don't stray too near to the tear duct or actual eye) - then use a brush to position your glitter of choice. We love Beauty Bakerie's {Sprinkles}, which come in a spectrum of wearable colours. Or try NYX Professional Makeup's {Face & Body Glitter} in 'Ice' - a frosty, opalescent hue that's sure to mesmerise.

Want the fun without the faff? A glitter top coat looks pretty on naked nails, or adds an 'edge' to everyday nail shades. Choose something with a hint of twinkle - try Smith & Cult's glimmering {Vegas Post Apocalyptic} - and apply several coats for added 'Rainbow Bright' vibes. And may we also draw attention to {Gay Ponies Dancing In The Snow} - worth it for the name itself...