With a gift list as long as your arm, there's no scope for stressing about 'Secret Santas'. Which is why we've compiled this impressive edit, boasting something to tickle man, woman and typically cynical teen - all at prices you won't balk at...

{Your colleague} 

Show your appreciation for their efforts with a soothing, stress-dispelling spritz - something that's ideal for bringing calm when everything has gone to ****. Yuni's {Count to Zen Rejuvenating Hand and Body Cream} is the aromatherapeutic incarnation of 'namaste', while NEOM's {Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist} works hard to combat post-office anxiety and ease insomniacs into the Zzzz-zone. And for those who find work one long headache, Yu Ling Roller's {Jade Facial Roller} helps to relieve desk tête-tension and provide the perfect excuse for a few minutes of 'me time'.

{Your brother-in-law}

If he already has sufficient pairs of Christmas socks to last a lifetime, treat him to a bag of HAECKELS' ache-alleviating {Seaweed Bath} - it's novel sans the all-too-common naff-factor. Smart, sustainable and packed with potent, skin-revitalising seaweed, this combats scales while appealing to beau-frères' latent hipster sensibilities. And if he needs encouragement to put his best face forward, Cor's {Silver Soap} is an A-list favourite - cleansing skin (and controlling spot-causing oil) to keep complexions clear and Clooney-esque.

{Your mother-in-law}

Choose charm over thinly-veiled insult with one of these treats guaranteed to please your almost-mum. Nuxe's super-cute {The Essentials Travel Kit} looks ADORABLE and boats five favourites of the brand's best-loved French fancies (mais oui!), while Aesop's otherworldly {Resurrection Hand Balm} is a thoughtful way to provide a rare opportunity to pamper her hard-working hands. Or, opt for Pixi's {Best of Bright} - a trio of travel-sized treats to replenish, refine and decongest all skin types.

{Your god-daughter} 

If you're blessed/cursed with a tricky teen-child to raise a smile from, look no further than Stila's {Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set} - a trio of kiss-proof lip pigments which promise to conjure those warm, fuzzy feelz from the stoniest hearts. ZOEVA's beautiful {Brushes} look luxe without costing a fortune (and are sure to soften even the most practised 'resting b***ch face'), while Huda Beauty's {Harmony Lashes} are part of her 'Eazy Lash' range - designed for falsie-novices and ideal for upping their selfie-game. Or, prove you've still got fingers firmly on the pulse with 3CE's {Sparkling Liquid Pigments} - fresh from SoKo, these dazzling shadows act like real-life Kira Kira (that's a really good thing).

{Your boyfriend's dad}

Without doubt, one of the most dreaded tickets on your gift list, dads in any form are practically impossible. Noble Isle's {Whisky & Water} range is ideal for discerning gents - they can keep the hand cream in their 'man caves' or their potting sheds. Or, if he's a regular hip dad, you can't go wrong with one of {Escentric Molecules} {Body Washes} - choose from {01}, {02} or {03} and prepare to bask in 'best girl' glory.