Q&A with Julius Eulberg of Julisis

Created by modern-day alchemist Julius Eulberg, {Julisis} is powered by the skin-strengthening and harmonising properties of gold and silver, to totally transform your skin. We pitched some questions to the brains behind this wizard-worthy skin care range...

{Cult Beauty} You’re an alchemist, which instantly conjures associations with ancient magic and mysticism – can you explain what ‘alchemy’ means now? I’m guessing there’s more to it than the quest to transform lead into gold…?   

{Julius Eulberg} The whole ‘lead into gold’ thing is not to be understood literally… alchemy is essentially about the transformation of substance – ameliorating what nature already gives us. With Julisis, it’s about eliminating all potential allergens so that the range is suitable for even the most delicate complexions. It’s a question of balance – the perfect balance makes a world of difference, which is why the product development process is so painstaking. We take our time stirring, fermenting, combining, extracting, dividing and uniting to create the purest, most precious cocktails of the finest ingredients – which is what makes our preparations so powerful and ultimately, efficacious.

{CB} You talk about being inspired by Paracelsus – what was it about the man and his philosophy that first captured your imagination? 

{JE} Paracelsus wrote that ‘Nature marks each growth … according to its curative benefit’ – meaning that certain leaf or petal shapes are indicative of their healing properties (for example, kidney vetch (resembling the kidney shape), is actually a herbal tonic for the kidneys). His theories and findings are still relevant, and can mostly be proven by modern science.

Studying his books and findings and translating them to modern times is fascinating. We, at Julisis, are lucky to work with an alchemic laboratory, using 17th Century machinery to ferment our precious ingredients. We grow our own medical herbs – ‘activating’ them to unleash their skin-beneficial properties.

{CB} Julisis is created to support the body’s ‘bio-rhythm’ – can you talk us through what ‘bio-rhythm’ means, and why it’s so important to skin health? 

{JE} Everything has its own rhythm – even our bodies operate in cycles (hormonal, regenerative etc.). For example, our livers detox during the night-time, and our kidneys are most active during certain phases… so when it comes to skin, the largest organ of all, it makes sense to work with its natural behavior. Through the silver in Julisis’ night-time preparations we support our system’s own ability to detox and regenerate, while the gold activates and protects skin throughout the day.


Julisis Skin Care

{CB} Your range harnesses precious metals – primarily gold and silver. What is it about these elements that is so beneficial for the skin, and overall wellbeing? 

{JE} Unlike so many skin care brands whose products include metal particles which are invariably far too large to penetrate and actively repair the skin – they simply ‘sit’ on the surface creating a nice ‘luminous’ effect – our patented formulas (Julisis Liquid Gold (jlge®) and Julisis Liquid Silver Essence (jlse®)), are the only cell-accessible forms of gold and silver, already found as trace elements within the cells themselves. Which is why our formulas are so skin-beneficial – accelerating repair and supporting skin’s natural healing processes.

{CB} Also, you’ve created the wonderfully whimsically titled ‘sun ritual’ and ‘moon ritual’. We take for granted that skin needs different products during the day and the evening, but why use gold for day and silver for night?

{JE} This goes back to the alchemists; the gold (solar energy) stands for the activating, energising principle, while the moon (lunar energy) represents the detoxifying, regenerating principle, which happens overnight.

{CB} For somebody completely new to Julisis, which one product is guaranteed to get them hooked? What’s your ‘velcro’ product?

{JE} The washes are the absolute must-haves. They took over two years to develop – they cleanse thoroughly without dehydrating or ‘stripping’ the skin. Our special ‘organic sugar tenside’ is derived from pumpkin, and really helps to fortify the lipid (pH) matrix to keep skin strong and healthy.

Also, the {Eyemulsion} is an award-winner and loved around the world. I never board an aeroplane without it – it’s so moisturising and calming.

{CB} And for those whose skin is sensitised or acneic, what would you ‘prescribe’ to help reduce skin’s reactivity and swiftly restore calm?

{JE} Sensitive or blemish-prone complexions need normalising. Our {Silver Wash} helps to re-establish and maintain skin’s optimal pH (skin’s natural barrier), which is the basis for a healthy, glowing complexion. The {Silver Toner}, {Silver Elexir} and Silver Mask are then perfect for sustaining skin’s equilibrium – the {Silver Mask} can even double as an on-the-spot treatment – just apply to blemishes and leave on overnight to accelerate healing and calm inflammation.

{CB} And finally, what’s next for Julisis? Do you have any exciting new launches in the pipeline?   

{JE} We’re due to launch a deeply hydrating, refreshing mask called ‘Rose Pearl Hydra Mask’ next month – it is gel-based and has a very unique texture. Watch this space…