When you're (arguably) the world's most famous woman, you'll go to great lengths to keep lengths looking... great. Which is why we weren't surprised to learn that two of Kim-K's hair care must-haves are Cult Beauty favourites.

Sachajuan Ocean Mist

As somebody who's mane is no stranger to styling/bleaching/straightening (you name it, Kim's hair's had it), she entrusts Leonor Greyl's super-natural range of tress tamers - specifically their {Shampooing Revivescence} - to keep her locks "shiny and soft". Designed to rehabilitate incredibly dry and damaged hair, the nourishing crème cleanser restores lustre and vitality to lifeless, stressed-out tresses.

Then, when she's "feeling a messy, beach look" she always uses Sachajaun's beautiful blue {Ocean Mist}. Apparently her hair stylist, Jen Atkin, "applies it to wet hair and clips it to create natural waves as it dries." According to Kim, "it adds natural body and volume" - which she loves enough to recommend to all her 55+ million {twitter} followers. High (and deserved) praise indeed.

So, fancy giving your strands the Kardashian West treatment? You've come to the right place...