Mums are precious! So make sure your's feels loved with something special from our expertly curated edit (a compilation of our mamas wish lists).

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow KitMy maternal unit is particularly sparse of brow, so has put in a special request for Anastasia Beverly Hills' {Brow Kit} - which comes complete with stencils, tweezers, double-ended brow brush and a choice of two-toned powder (to suit the whole spectrum of mummies). It also includes the {Clear Brow Gel} - to maintain her newly-flawless arches until bedtime... all the better for raising in disdain over her daughter's dubious sartorial choices ("You're doing those earrings??").

If your mum finds 'unwind time' as elusive as the Scarlet Pimpernel, encourage relaxation with a stunning scented candle. NEOM's {Tranquility Candle} is laced with a soul-soothing blend of English lavender and jasmine to calm, reassure and comfort, while Urban Apothecary's chic {Velvet Peony} envelops stressed mamas with a warm, olfactory 'hug' in a stylish black glass jar.

Delectably scented (and perfectly pretty), #TeamCB are smitten with Indie Lee's {Jasmine Ylang Ylang Bath Soak} - with no less than FOUR types of mineral-rich salt soaked with floral extracts to enhance circulation and trigger detoxification. The perfect way to turn mum's tub into a sanctuary, this Hallelu-jar has a delicate scent and is the nearest thing we've found to Valium (without the spaced-out side-effects). A perfect present for all mums in desperate need of some Zzzzs…

When something's good enough for 'Posh Spice' then it's more than good enough for us… and Sarah Chapman's {Overnight Facial} is no exception to the rule. A luxurious cocktail of skin-soothing, strengthening (mood-boosting) extracts to nourish and replenish while restoring long-lost radiance, this silky night-time serum is ideal for mummies who struggle to find time to fret about face care - consider this a one-stop skin-perfecting shop.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Slip's {Pillowcase} is fit for a princess (or mum). Non-absorbent, the smooth surface won't soak up her costly night serum or potion - while the slippery texture helps maintain hair's lustre, and avoid those tell-tale creases when she wakens from her beauty sleep. Just ensure that your pa doesn't pinch it.

Bella Freud Signature PerfumeBella Freud's {Signature Perfume} is beloved my Ms. Moss, and is the olfactory invocation of the '70s 'free love' spirit. A trip down memory lane for your mothership, it's a warm, resinous blend of olibanum, patchouli and vetiver, layered with ylang ylang and Japanese osmanthus - inspired by Bella's childhood in Morocco. Be prepared to catch mum kaftan-clad, wafting 'round Waitrose stockpiling Campari and vol-au-vents.

And if your mum forgets to take care of herself, give her the ideal excuse to remember. Tata Harper's {Daily Essentials} contains an anti-ageing skin care regimen in miniature, so she can soon develop an addiction to this gorgeous range - and her new found, youthful luminosity. It's also travel-friendly, so spare your jet-set matriarch the bother of decanting endless potions into pots, and treat her to this timeless 7-step ritual - guaranteed to gain you brownie points (and access to her air miles).

And for something a little bit fancy, pacify mum's inner magpie (and urge her to part with that ten-year-old purple eyeshadow she's hoarding) with Charlotte Tilbury's hypnotic wardrobe of wearable shades. Sleek and slimline with twelve sumptuous shades, the rose-golden {Instant Eye Palette} will help her transition from daytime to dancefloor with just a suggestion of smoulder and whisper of shimmer. It's soon to be the hardest working item in her bulging make up bag…