Georgia Gadsby - Beauty for the Over 50s

Georgia Gatsby, our oracle of beauty wisdom is back with 7, stunning recommendations guaranteed to please this Christmas, and beyond...

Holistic Silk's {Silk Pillow Case}

I actually received one of these as a Christmas present last year. Brilliant. It stops you getting those sleep-creases that become more evident as we age. In my case, because I sleep on my side, you can always tell if my head’s been lying on cotton: one eye sports a fan of wrinkles underneath while the other looks rested. Since I started sleeping on this silk beauty, that problem’s been eliminated. So a great gift for anyone 30+. And it’s likely to be appreciated even more by anyone with an allergy: dust and other mites apparently turn their noses up at silk. More fool them.

PS: The silk’s remarkably robust: my pillow-case has been washed by accident on a 40 degree cotton cycle (not recommended) several times, and it’s still fine.


Anastasia Beverly Hills' {Clear Brow Gel}

I’ve tried several other makes. Most of them leave your brows feeling as stiff as a toothbrush, and some leave a tacky residue – definitely not desirable if your hair swings over your eyes. I’ve also tried coloured gels but they’re hard to apply and I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t look a bit fake.

This is the one: you can give it to your granny, your friend or your teenaged daughter. Older women – provided they haven’t plucked their brows to extinction - will be particularly grateful (their brow-hairs have a habit of growing thicker and more unruly.) A few quick swipes and anyone’s brows are invisibly set for the day. Perfect.


Cult 51 {Night Cream}

Quite a price tag on this one - £125. What can I say? If you can afford it, I can almost guarantee that any woman – of any age – will love it. I have two 50+ friends – one on a modest salary and the other on the state pension – who are addicted to this, and prepared to make sacrifices for their daily fix. No surprise, then, that 75 per cent of people who order this come back for more.

It’s a no-fuss night cream that instantly sinks in (no oiliness) and it’s packed with serious goodies that will transform your skin. I know – every manufacturer makes similar claims. But this one WORKS. Suitable for all skin types.


Ling Yu {Jade Facial Roller}

I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t occasionally wake up with puffy bags and creases under her eyes. This is an elegant, age-old solution – you just roll the cold jade carefully over your skin, following the instructions. And you can also use it all over your face to cool and tone.

Probably most appreciated by women 35+. But my twenty-something daughter, who keeps it in the fridge, swears it also takes the edge of headaches.


Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye Cream

Sunday Riley {Start Over Eye Cream}

Seems like a lot to pay for an eye cream, but this one’s verging on the miraculous. Slather a minute amount under each eye, and as you watch in the mirror you’ll see any wrinkles and puffiness literally vanish.

I’m such a devotee that I recently gave a bottle to one of my 50+ girlfriends for her birthday. If you’re doing likewise, warn her that a few people experience a little irritation for the first few days – but this will quickly go (never to return) once the skin gets used to the goody-packed formula. For anyone aged 35+.


Studio 10 {Brow Lift Perfecting Liner}

I’ve had some unhappy run-ins with eyebrow pencils. Some are too soft and smeary; some too flinty. The worst make you look like you’re trying much too hard. Yes, I know some people go for the fake, painted-on look, but – in my view - it just tends to make the 50+ look raddled. And a bit pathetic.

This pencil’s the ticket for almost anyone. The colour’s subtle enough even for a blonde, the texture’s perfect and – if you’re buying for someone older – it does a quick job of covering up grey or white hairs. Drawing a smudgy line with the highlighter end under the brow makes it look even more sharply defined.

If you order this month, Studio Ten are donating one free pencil to the cancer charity Look Good Feel Better for each one sold. A good gift for all ages – even 90+.


D.J.V. Beautenizer {Fiberwig Mascara}

It may not have the catchiest of names, but this mascara – which I’ve been using for more than two years – has marked the end of my search for THE ONE. Used with care, you can avoid clumping and actually coat each individual lash. Then go back over the tips of your lashes and the fibres will lengthen them to Bambi proportions.

But the real clincher for me is that this mascara never migrates to the skin under your eyes – yet it can easily be washed off with soap (or its equivalent) and water. For everyone from a teenager to a chic granny.