Professional make up artist, former creative consultant for NARS and now one third of the brains (and beauty) behind {W3LL PEOPLE}, Shirley Pinkson stopped by CB Towers to turn the entirety of our marketing team into die-hard W3LL PEOPLE ambassadors (we've all bought the phenomenal, all-natural {Expressionist Mascara}), and demonstrate an effortless 'no make up' make up look on our too-beautiful Customer Services Manager Sandra.

Lucky enough to be naturally flawless, Sandra doesn't need much (read: anything) on the make up front, but hopefully you can see how just a little bit of careful camouflage can elevate your look from good to gorgeous. With some barely-there base and subtle highlighting, Shirley made Sandra look lit-from-within - and who doesn't want to look luminous, right?

Beginning  with {Altruist Foundation Powder} in shade #13, 'Light Neutral' to match Sandra's fair Scandinavian complexion, Shirley dipped a corner of the brand's {Kabuki Brush} into the powder - lightly tapping to remove any excess - before swirling in the product's lid to distribute the powder through the bristles. She then applied the product directly to Sandra's clean, moisturised skin using downward strokes. If you need a little extra coverage here and there, use the {Foundation Brush} to build up layers - underneath the eyes, around the nose and anywhere susceptible to redness.

A bit of bronzer helps to warm up the complexion. Shirley applied W3LL PEOPLE's {Bio Bronzer Stick} using her fingertips to blur the creamy formulation beneath cheekbones for a naturally sculpted look. It's contouring for contour-phobes - granting just a hint of definition and an enviable, sunkissed 'glow'. Brilliantly multi-tasking, she also used a little bit to contour Sandra's eye sockets and enhance her natural lip colour.

Then comes the 'youth in a stick' - more commonly known as the {Bio Brightener} - an ultra-creamy highlighter that builds radiance without any glitter or glimmer. Sandra used her fingertips to dab this along Sandra's cheekbones, brow bones and the centre of each upper eyelid.

Finishing the look with two coats of {Expressionist Mascara} to volumise and emphasise Sandra's incredible eyelashes, Sandra used {Nudist Colourbalm} in shade #7 'Nude' to hydrate and perfect Sandra's pout for a 'your lips but better' effect.