Kate Moss Bella Freud Signature Scent

What do Ms. Moss and I have in common? Apart from an incurable addiction to tassels, it seems we're olfactor-ily aligned as Kate revealed she swears by Bella's {Signature Perfume}. The fragrant encapsulation of her chameleonic style - skinny jeans and waistcoat one minute, slinky black 'Le Smoking' next - Bella Freud's androgynous blend of resinous amber, incense-esque patchouli and earthy tonka bean is utterly beguiling - subtly alluring without screaming for attention (just like Britain's première 'super').

Developed by revered 'nose' Azzi Glasser, {Signature} is the essence of Freud. Warm and lingering with a bit of an 'edge', it's free-spirited and a little bit 'Summer of Love', enhanced by many notes and facets - just like Bella (and her many cool and quirky British muses). The smoky, verdancy of vetiver blends beautifully with olibanum resin (a symbol of loyalty) and floral notes of  ylang ylang and Japanese osmanthus to evoke a pared-back, sexy sensuality.

Bella Freud Signature Scent Cult Beauty

It's simultaneously serious and playful - there's a flirtatious, coquettish quality (something I LOVE, having once been informed I was much 'too coquettish for Cambridge'), that balances the mellow, tranquil heart and base notes; blurring the boundaries between masculine and feminine. It's perfect worn with a diaphanous, 70s (fringed!) kaftan, or your favourite white t-shirt and jeans (very Kate circa. CK).

Let's face it, if it's good enough for Britain's Queen of Cool, it's definitely more than good enough for me (and you) *applauds self for very good taste*.