Su-Man Hsu, Eve Lom, Ling Chan, Emma Hardie

Learn how to care for your skin like a pro with do-it-yourself tips and tricks from the world's leading facialists.

Su-Man Hsu Su-Man Skincare{Su-Man Hsu}

Personal facialist (we should be so lucky) to ageless beauty Juliette Binoche, Su-Man Hsu has firm, sk-invigorating fingers. She makes your face feel like a bodhrán - tapping and kneading and pummelling (in a good way) - it's like a workout for your face (imagine being danced over by countless, tiny Michael Flatleys). Skin feels plumped and reinvigorated, with that youthful glow you usually only get from humping... boxes up four flights of stairs. You know the one.

{The Daily Face-Gym}

Su-Man Skincare Exfoliating Facial PolishBefore massaging, encourage circulation with a 'scrub'. Apply {Exfoliating Facial Polish} all over dry skin, rinse and follow with the {Purifying Cleansing Gel Oil} - a delectably scented, skin nourishing balm that transforms into a silky oil; ideal for conducting the following facial 'workout'.

Su-Man Skincare Purifying Cleansing Gel OilUsing the heels of your hands, apply pressure along the jawline from chin to ears, repeating 36 times (to stimulate lymph drainage). Repeat from alongside your nostrils to the edge of your ears - making sure to 'lift' the face - then make 'claws' with the four fingers of each hand, and trace your fingertips in opposite directions from the centre of your forehead to your temples, to diminish visibility of frown lines.

Gently tap your index fingers around the eyes - 6 times above the socket and 6 below - to de-puff, brighten and tighten. Then continue tapping all over the face, to leave skin looking luminous and 'cushiony'.

{Su-Man says...}

"Before starting your daily self-facial, generate heat in the face by rubbing both ears with your palms 'til you 'feel the burn' - this prepares the pressure points for massage."


Ling Chan Facialist{Ling Chan}

Since arriving in New York from Hong Kong aged just 21, Ling Chan has devoted herself to pushing the boundaries of skin care and aesthetics. Now, with 30 years' experience, Ling tends to the complexions of some of the world's most celebrated actors and models - and has corrected and perfected even the most problematic skin types, with her signature fusion of traditional Asian beauty principles and pioneering, scientific techniques and ingredients

Ling Skin Care Spotlight Papaya Resurfacing Peel{The Energy Lift Facial}

Exfoliation is the cornerstone of Ling's sought-after treatments, and {Spotlight Papaya Resurfacing Peel} is a crucial part of her famous Triple Peel Facial (a favourite of Cameron Diaz and Gisele) - digesting dirt and impurities without upsetting delicate skin types

Ling Skin Care DNA Cellular Youth ExtensionOnce the skin has been clarified, moisture is replenished with her {Ginseng Therapy Moisture Mask} - to instantly soothe and relieve inflammation before the anti-ageing heavy-hitter; {DNA Cellular Youth Extension} stars a Nobel Prize-winning ingredient, to 'un-do' existing damage whilst extending the life cycle of healthy skin cells


Eve Lom{Eve Lom}

When Eve Lom launched her eponymous skin care brand in 1985, she set the standard for radiant skin. Beauty editors the world over were instantly besotted by her {Cleanser} - the velvety, clarifying balm was one of the first of its kind, and has been recognised in almost every beauty 'hall of fame' you'd care to mention.

Now, 30 years on, Eve Lom believes cleansing is still fundamental to achieving glowing skin...

Eve Lom Cleanser{The 7-Step Regime}

Geared towards encouraging lymphatic drainage, the signature Eve Lom facial focusses on applying pressure to key points of the face, to aid detoxification and maintain skin's elasticity and 'stretch':

{Steps 1 & 2} After applying {Cleanser} all over the face and neck (on top of make up), start by applying firm pressure behind the ears, circling slowly and steadily all the way down to the collarbone. Then place the fingers in the centre of the forehead between brow bone and hairline - press firmly and hold for 5 seconds, repeating incrementally until you reach the temples.

{Steps 3 & 4} Place 3 fingers under the eyes either side of the nose - apply pressure, holding for the count of 5 - repeating in small stages down towards the jaw. Then place fingers above the upper lip - press firmly and hold for the count of 5 - continue around to the corners of the mouth, repeating 3 times.

{Steps 5 & 6} Place fingers - spread out like a fan beneath the cheekbones - press, hold for the count of 5 and release. Next, put your thumbs underneath your chin with fingers on top - press, hold and release, continuing along the jawline 'til you reach the earlobes.

{Step 7} To complete the facial, hold the muslin cloth soaked in hot water over the entire face - take a deep breath through the nose and hold for the count of 7 to 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times, then rinse the cloth and remove all traces of cleanser and make up by gently polishing skin with small circular motions, before finally rinsing with cold water and applying to clean skin to close pores.

Amandine Isnard (head of Eve Lom product development) has this tip...

"If you're especially prone to puffiness, supplement the 7-step lymph-drainage massage with diet rich in grapefruit, asparagus, fennel and fresh berries - which can alleviate water-retention."


Emma Hardie {Emma Hardie}

World-renowned facialist and Cult Beauty expert, {Emma Hardie} set the beauty world a-buzz way back in 1996, with her signature ‘Natural Lift and Sculpting Facial’ – a way of massaging and ‘kneading’ the face to help maintain its strength and resilience. Celebrities, beauty editors and the skin care-savvy flocked in their droves to her swish Mayfair clinic (and continue to do so), to benefit from her unique technique

Emma Hardie AM PM Treatment Moisturiser{Emma says...}

"Start by cleansing thoroughly with my {Moringa Cleansing Balm}, before nourishing skin with my {AM/PM Treatment Moisturiser}. My range of products has been painstakingly developed to ensure that they complement each other perfectly - working in synergy to quickly recover your skin's former strength and luminosity."

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm"Also, really focus on your application methods - it's important to take time massaging balms and lotions into skin, to maximise absorption of their potent, active ingredients and 'feed' your skin cells both topically and from within (massage stimulates bloodflow which in turn, increases oxygenation and enhances cellular efficacy)."

"I adopt a linear technique, in which I follow the grain of the muscle fibres to enhance skin tone and texture. When you remove your cleanser, use your free hand to 'anchor' the facial tissue so your skin is taut and you can feel resistance when you gently buff away residue, make up and dirt with my {Dual Action Cleansing Cloth}. This super simply method will quickly and dramatically improve the vibrancy and quality of your complexion."