The Science of QMS Cosmetics - Collagen in Skin Care

Conceived by a leading plastic surgeon - Dr. med. Erich Schulte -  back in 1985, {QMS Medicosmetics} revolutionised the industry's approach to anti-ageing skin care. Originally developed to strengthen skin prior to reconstructive surgery, Dr. Schulte's clients pleaded with him to make his pre-operative treatments available to purchase (and he, very graciously, obliged).

At the heart of the {QMS Medicosmetics} range is the {Classic Set} - a trio of {Exfoliant Fluid}, {Day Collagen} and {Night Collagen} that provokes skin into working harder - which in turn, helps it stay younger. Here's how it works...

QMS Medicosmetics Exfoliant Fluid{Exfoliant Fluid} consists of a cocktail of fruit acids - nature-derived acids of the alpha-hydroxy family - which help improve the overall performance of the epidermis. Unlike physical exfoliators - which 'chip away' the dead cells and surface debris which can cause skin to look lacklustre, fruit acids - such as glycolic - melt the mortar that gels these dead skin cells together. 'Acid' sounds scary, but this is actually one of the gentlest methods of exfoliation, and an effective way of quickly recovering skin's luminosity (a smoother surface will reflect more light).

QMS Medicosmetics MED Dermabrasive GelGlycolic acid is the smallest of these fruit acids, which means its molecules can penetrate more deeply. With 10% glycolic acid (7% in {MED Dermabrasive Fluid}, Exfoliant Fluid is a potent brightening, refining and anti-ageing treatment. By lowering skin's pH from 5.5 to 3.5 - low enough to activate cells, but not aggravate - glycolic acid initiates repair mechanisms, and encourages cellular efficacy; it's like an alarm clock, rousing sluggish skin cells and propelling them into activity


QMS Medicosmetics Collagen Helix

Once the path has been cleared, it's time for the collagens. One of the most important proteins in the human body, collagen accounts for up to 6% of total body weight and plays a vital role in regulating skin's moisture content - which is why collagen is essential for maintaining skin functionality, elasticity and tone.

QMS Medicosmetics Day CollagenIn young skin, collagen fibres ensure constant cell regeneration over a 28 day cycle - however, as we grow older (which means, pass the grand old age of 25!), collagen synthesis starts to slow - which means moisture retention is compromised, resulting in a gradual decline in skin strength, suppleness and 'stretch'.

QMS Medicosmetics' {Day Collagen} and {Night Collagen} help to reverse this ageing process by delivering natural, soluble collagen deep within skin where it soothes, stimulates and regenerates. To achieve this, the collagen molecule - consisting of three strands of amino acids in a helix - must be divided in order to penetrate the skin barrier.

QMS Medicosmetics Night CollagenDr. Shulte's groundbreaking innovation, was to split the collagen helix in such a way that the amino acids re-link automatically once 'in' the skin - meaning he devised a method of delivering large collagen molecules to where they're needed, in order to bolster diminishing collagen reserves and enhance skin's moisture levels

The result, is visibly plumper, smoother skin, with a 'bouncy' texture and far fewer fine lines. Skin's fabric becomes stronger, more supple and resistant to the ravages wrought by the elements - so that ultimately, your skin appears younger. So, embrace your years without the wrinkles and discover {QMS Medicosmetics}