Alexa Chung's Cult Beauty Favourites

Alexa just can't stop spilling beauty secrets... from her childhood love of moisturiser, to her silver be-lidded adolescence (space age), she talked to Stylist about which beauty must-haves she can't cope without. So if you (like us) wanttobeAlexaChungrightNOW then, read on to discover how to emulate her bathroom cabinet (it's a start...)

"I mainly steal my flatmate's products. She has all sorts - I don't even understand a lot of them. What's a BB cream, for example?" (tsssk, someone hasn't been doing their Cult Beauty homework - we explain it all right {here}, naughty Alexa). However, although clearly not a beauty swot, she managed to worm her way back into our (my) affections by being philosophical about the BIG 3-0; "Turning 30 wasn't the big deal everyone made it out to be. When you get there, it's just like 29 or 31" (here's hoping)!

Make up-wise, she keeps things simple. Flicky liner (obvs), a classic red lip and "Stila {Convertible Color} blusher - it makes you look awake." She then relies on RODIN Olio Lusso's {Luxury Face Oil} to keep her skin nice and nourished. #allalreadyinmybasket #paydayinoneday