Summer Beauty Must-haves

It used to be the case that I transported more lotions and potions than garments on holiday - equipped with 15 bikinis and at least two marginally different lipstick shades per day, I felt confident I was the 'consummate packer' - until I spent a small fortune on gap-year-tragedy boots and was compelled to leave half my stash in Ibiza. Lesson well and truly learned... now I know only too well that I won't wear eye shadow in 33° heat, but will need a cheek tint the colour of sunset #makeupeducation

{1} Instead of faffing around with decanting (unless unavoidable), I hoard samples all year like... a hoarder? Almost all of my holiday skin and hair care comes in sachets - apart from the odd Aesop mini (rescued from their {London Travel Case}, and eagerly refilled with my favourites), which make even hostels feel more like hotels.

{2} Because I tend to steer clear of eye make up en vacances (too much effort and too great a risk), Kevyn Aucoin's {Eye Lash Curler} is essential - for making me look brighter-eyed than I usually feel...

{3} Bronzed skin and look-at-me-lips = holiday make up perfection. A bright coral - Stila Cosmetics' {Convertible Color} in Gladiola; glossy scarlet - Lipstick Queen's {Vesuvius} in Red; cool fuchsia - OCCs' {Lip Tar} in Pretty Boy and sheer berry - such as Lipstick Queen's {Hello Sailor} are my summer must-haves.

{4} I pack a rollerball (alcohol-free) perfume - Kai's {Perfume Oil} captures the sweet floral scent of Hawaii.

{5} Bold lips are best balanced by a bold brow. Anastasia Beverly Hills' {Brow Wiz} is sufficiently fine-tipped to neatly (and discreetly) fill-in any gaps, while {Clear Brow Gel} keeps everything groomed come high (sea) water.

{6} Caudalie's {Beauty Elixir}. Needs no justification. Worth its suitcase space in gold.

{7} I keep Ying Yu's {Jade Facial Roller} in the fridge (beside the tonic) - it's ideal for refreshing and de-puffing post-sun visage, and helps soup-up a bare basics skin care routine.

{8} I take holiday mane-tenance pretty seriously - lavishing sun, sea and sand-ravaged locks with reparative conditioning and detangling treatments. Living Proof's {Full Conditioner} is a joy both to use and behold (#totesadorbz), while Lea Journo's mini {Mirroir Glossing Creme} helps replenish stressed strands and restore healthy lustre.