SLIGHT RANT ALERT...I've just spent today reading through reams of articles about updating one's skin care routine for Spring. Am I the only person sitting here thinking, "have you been outside recently"!? The time to start thinking about changing your skin routine is March. There is a reason behind this - winter is a time for hibernation in many ways, not least for our body functions. Our metabolism slows and with that our skin turnover. The light but active products we need for spring will not only fail to provide sufficient protection from the elements, but their über 'enthusiastic' ingredients will fail to be 'maximised' by sluggish winter skin cells, making them a waste of money.

Bed down a little longer and let your cells have the R&R and souped-up nourishment they need before you carry out the beauty equivalent of sticking your sweaters in storage. Here are five products that are brilliant for hibernating skins:

{Ling Skincare Ginseng Moisture Mask}

Ling is one of the best insider skincare ranges in the world. This mask nourishes your skin while cleansing it of impurities. It stimulates and feeds cellular renewal, calms and soothes any irritation. The key hydrating factor comes from Glycosaminoglycans - a gelatinous material that maintains a moist, stimulating environment for collagen and elastin - which keeps your skin's matrix firm and hydrated.

{KaplanMD Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm}

This contains some of the most effective known moisturising ingredients; Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Seabuckthorn Berry Extract (which is 20 times more moisturising than Vitamin E) together with SPF 20. It's dreamy to wear and really sorts out chapped lips.

{Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm}This 100% natural, protective moisturiser tackles the big problems that winter and ageing bring to your skin with its mega-dose of nutrients - from sensitivity, dehydration and rosacea to broken capillaries and post surgery healing.

{Eve Lom TLC Cream}An aptly named treasure from Eve Lom, it's the moisturising equivalent of a weekend at your Mum's house. TLC Cream creates a solid protective barrier against wind and cold, while calming inflammation and redness. It also makes a lovely make up base.

{DeMamiel Winter Facial Oil}

Designed specifically to provide the extra moisturising protection you need in winter, as well as calming sensitivity and redness so it doesn't flare up when moving outdoors to indoors and uplifting one's spirits through the long hours of darkness.