Finished Products

I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when I get to the end of one of my million lotions or potions. It's a novelty akin to ploughing my way through a plate of Nana's specialty boiled mince and onions - a job well done but resented.

I'm fickle and too easily impressed by the latest fads to persevere with most things, however much I think I like them. There are however, one or two products amongst the lilac lip glosses (apparently, lilac lips was a trend I bought into), black lipsticks and blue nail polishes (corpse chic anyone?) that I whiz my way to the bottom of, only to wish I hadn't been so eager.

Pommade Divine, especially in the handbag friendly 10ml tube, looks adorable and is amazing. There's something satisfyingly primary school about it's yellow and blue wrappings that appeals to my wannabe Hipster (nothing says Hipster quite like looking marginally academic) and gives me cause for a smug 'I-know-something-you-don't-know' half-smile whenever I retrieve it from the bottom of my (canvas) bag.

The scent is reassuringly earth-mother (clove-esque and edible) and the non-sticky texture is perfect for the long-of-hair, who can't BEAR having strands glued to their gloopy (probably lilac) lips.

My second recent 'finishee' has been Yes! Nurse's Hand Cream, which has quite literally nursed my over-washed hands (it's a thing I do) back to something resembling human. Not having ready access to a nail brush is a genuine cause for concern (I blame a childhood 'germs' video) and as a result, my hands take a serious hammering. The non-greasy, quickly absorbed texture of this hand healer is perfect for me - I cannot abide stickiness - and means I can scrub my hands to my hearts content without worrying about them falling off.

Plus, it smells a little bit like Christmas. And Christmas is always a very good thing in my eyes (or nose).