Pommade Divine Ultimate Lip BalmThis everything balm is a wonderful insider secret, if your lips are dry or chapped this doesn't just sooth, it heals them overnight! There's £5 off the 50ml tube here (now £11.95) so it's even more good value. Here's what some top bloggers think of it:

"For years I've been a diehard devotee of Eight Hour Cream. I've recently been trying Pommade Divine and have to say I'm now very torn as to whether it can beat 8 Hour in the moisturizing stakes.

It's smooth and gives the lips a really nice sheen, which is suitable for all day wear, so you can forget about needing gloss or lippie on top. It helped my dry lips feel hydrated and like the 8 Hour Cream also doubles up as a heal all balm- great on bruises, cuts and stings. One small tube has lasted me for simply ages, and you get three for under £12- which makes it a lot more budget friendly than the Arden version." Zara Rabinowicz Kiss & Make Up

Lilly Pebbles chose it as her top product for 2012 (view from 2:10 on her vid below) This is from XOJaneUK talking about Post Christmas Skincare Solutions for a Distressed Face

"Obviously, unless you are some sort of saint, you are going to have scratched at your face in a desperate attempt to perform a kind of 'home facial', leaving yourself resembling Edward Scissorhands. In that case, put some Pommade Divine on (topically) – it’s the most amazing healing gel."