Was it really 11 whole months since the last office Christmas Party, REALLY!? As you unfolded the re-used bit of printer paper to reveal Malcolm's name as your the Secret Santa, your heart sinks. What the HELL does one buy for the person who delays you with long fulminations on your department stapler budget, how ramblers have been found to live an average of 3.38% longer than runners and whose drunken rendition of  "Do you think I'm sexy?" cleared the karaoke bar last Christmas? ...You had to give him points for the shirt ripping though. For anyone partial to a jar (or ten), this is the gift that keeps giving. Faust's Potions Hangover Cure is a post party recovery pack that doesn't rely on sugar or caffeine; containing two vials: Asleep - with Electrolytes, 5-HTP, Milkthistle, Selenium & Honey to promote restfulness & relaxation. Awake - with B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B8. B12, C, E vitamins, Minerals, Green Tea, Ginko Biloba, Guarana & Korean Ginseng to kick-start the morning zombie syndrome...maybe get one for you too, while you're there.