The thought of the family descending (even though it is his side this year) is not filling Dad with festive joy. He won't be allowed to watch the Top Gear Christmas Special, the DIY tools will have to be removed from the Kitchen BACK TO THE SHED WHERE THEY BLOODY BELONG and Auntie Geranium always takes his favourite chocs from the Quality Street. On the upside 'tis the season to eat as much as he wants without 'the eye of Sauron' appearing over the paper questioning whether that amount of butter is good for the cholesterol…Dad is hard to buy for because he doesn't feel he needs anything and can't stand waste.

Solution: Razorpit Razor Sharpener - £20.

Appeal to Dad's practical side by enabling him to extend the life of his razor blades, you can just hear him…"It's criminal how much these things cost…four blades on a razor! I ask you, what do I need with four blades!" Razorpit is based on the leather strap Barbers use to sharpen their traditional cut-throat blades. It revives razor blades, so you can extend your razor's usefulness by up to 150 shaves. It works with most brands (Gillette, Wilkinson Sword, even Bic) and appeals to that mix of traditional and technology that Practical Dad finds so alluring. alexia inge