No-one wants to smell like everyone else and this boutique British brand, Escentric Molecules, is the perfect solution. Each collection 01, 02, 03 is built around a specific scent molecule (technical term aroma chemical).

Escentric 01 is built around the aroma chemical 'Iso E Super' that has made the 01 range such a groundbreaking cult for both men and women. Iso E Super is the molecule that experienced perfumers add to scents that need sexing up, that need a bit more GrrrrRRrr to stop purer scents from becoming too sickly.

Unlike Molecule 01, which is made solely of Iso E Super, Escentric 01 is also blended with Pink pepper, Lime Peel, Balsamic notes like Benzoin, Mastic and Orris Incense in a new balance. Moving away from the traditional fragrance journey through top, heart and base notes, Escentric 01 moves quickly from top to bottom, eventually lingering on a sensual, woody musky finale. alexia inge