If we could all jump into the picture above I don't think this article would be relevant, unfortunately this eatery only seats 10... I just read a sad fact about the UK and am sure this is reflected more and more throughout the world. In the last three years the use of anti-depressants has risen almost a third. Times are tough at the moment, and while these pills are helpful for severe depression the current onus on drugs as the first resort is totally wrong. Here are a few things you can do to stave off the January blues without taking pills OR spending money: 1. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you, the resulting feelings of goodwill will send your serotonin levels soaring. 2. Crowbar yourself out of your comfort zone and try doing something really challenging, or even something you find quite daunting. The feeling of achievement elevates not just your mood, but your sense of self worth. 3. Wrap up warm and get out into nature, even if that's just a local park. Get the sun on your face for at least half an hour. 4. Make friends with your neighbours - this might be one of your 'out of comfort zone' resolutions - feeling part of a community is proven to make people feel more content, plus you might make some new friends which is always useful especially if you get locked out! 5. Try doing a random act of kindness every day, it doesn't have to be big or complicated, I like complimenting random old ladies on their hair For some more lovely tips throughout the year put the blog Feeling Good Today on your reading list.