Are we here again? I haven't even got to the bottom of last year's list of resolutions...

There is a certain element of, 'know thyself' that needs to be injected into this process. For example, if at no point in your life have you ever been great at mornings, it's probably not a good idea to decide to resolve to get up at 6am four times a week to go jogging, this simply won't happen. Here are a few easy resolutions worth keeping:


Just like skin, hair looks and feels better when moisturised. Use a hair mask once a week to give it a boost, this not only makes it look nicer, but moisturised hair is less brittle and won't fall out as much, leaving you with a thicker mane. Go as natural as you can with this one and it will treat and calm your scalp, which also encourages growth and stops flakes. The Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair is beautiful and lasts for ages and the Elemis Monoi Moisture Melt is great for both hair and body.


Just like love you don't know what you've got till it's gone. If your feet fall apart and grow crooked it will effect you daily. When worn for 20 minutes a day Beech Sandals help keep your feet flexible, pain-free & looking good. They strengthen & retrain your toes out of the crushed, distorted shapes that fabulous shoes force them into, realigning them to sit straight. Margaret Dabbs' Footcare Range will keep them looking lovely on the outside.3. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SUN

Be aware that unless you are in a windowless room your skin is being aged by the sun. It's never to late to start and when in 20 years time people are mistaking you for your daughter's sister you will thank yourself. If you can go for physical barrier protection Invisible Zinc make a lovely daily moisturiser (SPF30+) that also protects from pollution called ESP, Alison Raffaele's primers (SPF15) are incredibly lightweight and Jane Iredale and BECCA both make mineral foundations that are also chock-full on minerals to feed your skin. It's also a good idea to make an appointment to have your annual mole check with your GP today!4. FEED YOUR INNER BEAUTY

There are times when even the saints amongst us fall fowl of our five a day. Beauty supplements are a big trend for 2012, they not only keep your daily vitamins and minerals topped up, they are focused specifically on nutrients and anti-oxidants to keep skin and hair looking youthful and healthy. If your skin is going through a particularly bad patch Murad's Skin Clarifying Supplements help remove blemish-producing toxins and strengthen the skin against irritation, Perricone MD's DMAE Anti-ageing Supplements support the functions that bolster the skin's elasticity and thickness, and strengthen cell membranes.


Hands are great communication tools so make sure you're sending out the right message. Like bad shoes, chipped nail varnish, chewed cuticles and flaky dry patches on your hands spoil your whole look. Re-apply or take off old nail varnish the minute it chips. If you are a frequent varnish wearer or have sensitive skin Priti do a non-toxic, non-irritant, organic-soy-based nail varnish remover and biodegradable remover wipes that keep you looking chic without harming the environment. Keep a tube of hand cream on your desk and Creative Nail Design do a super effective Cuticle Eraser cream to exfoliate away any dry skin buildup.6. GET YOUR HEART RATE UP

Regular exercise is one of the hardest resolves to keep up, but also the one with the most benefits to your health, body, immune system, levels of happiness, ageing and skin luminosity. The Tracey Anderson workouts are bloody tough to do, but the results that really show after just 2 weeks are enough to keep you hooked (see left for the example she sets).7. DARE TO WEAR

We all get stuck in a beauty rut... black eye liner, black mascara, peach blusher, pony tail anyone? Try taking just one of your regular looks and just change the colour you are using. Prestige Eyeliners have a great range of colours, if you have brown eyes try the purple (Icon) or envy (green), for blue eyes try the gold and those lovely green eyes go for a grey. DuWop do a lovely range of Eyecatcher Eyeshadows that you buy by eye colour (see below), designed to make whatever you have pop beautifully. 8. SPRING CLEAN...FREQUENTLY

Time to wash your make up bag and get into the habit of cleansing your brushes & make up sponges weekly. There is no point in being fastidious about your cleansing routine if you just brush the bacteria back onto your skin when applying your make up. Beautyblender's Make up Tool Cleanser is a soothing soy-based, low-suds formula that's strong enough to remove even waterproof make up from your sponge or brushes, without damaging them in any way.


There is nothing better than a hot shower to wake one up in the morning, but the hotter it is the more it strips your skin of it's natural fatty barrier. The best way to remember to do this is to keep your moisturiser in the shower. Pat your skin dry with a towel rather than rubbing, then lather it on this while your skin is still damp because this helps your skin to better absorb the oils and holds in that moisture.


Most beauty regimens take at least a few weeks to have an effect, if you are not a natural choose one upgrade to your routine and stick to it. Set a reminder on your phone, put the products where you see them every day.