There are 3 make up products I discovered this year that will basically change your life (in an Cheat-Spray-Love kind'a way!). All of them will make you look fabulous for any parties this New Year's Eve, even after you've had the obligatory 2am fight with your boyfriend/best friend/lampost!

The first, won't come as much of a surprise to regular readers, is the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint. I've tried to run, and definitely can't hide from the onslaught of the mid-thirties and this complexion enhancing moisturiser is a daily Hermione to my Harry Potter in the fight against evil...effects of ageing. Next in my box of tricks is a Liquid eyeliner from Prestige Cosmetics, they come in a brilliant range of colours from which black, big teal and fame are absolute staples, and at £5.99 each are amazingly good value. Then we have a mascara so immovable we call it Merkozi, that has checked so many boxes we ran out of ink. The Volume Lash from djv Beautenizer makes your lashes so long and thick you won't be able to wear your glasses after application, and if you happen to be a contact lens wearer there is no flaking or smudging either to irritate your eyes. It's legendary! alexia inge