Until recently, Lip beauty trends have been focused on a 'bigger is better' ethos, but there's been a style backlash against all those lilo-lipped, cushion-cheeked celebs. There are much more fabulous ways of looking sexy than channeling that pumped-up, porn pout...Lips come in many different guises, whether bee-stung, rosebud, finely curled or downright pneumatic, they are all beautiful shapes.

The skin on our lips is much thinner (around 5 cellular layers rather than 16 for the rest of the face) with fewer melanin producing cells, so you can see the blood vessels beneath, which is why lips appear redder. This is also why you need to protect them more from the sun. The surface of your lips have no sweat or sebum glands, which is why they have a tendency to become dry with extreme environments.

Dry, Chapped Lips

The ravages of winter are just around the corner and that means flaking and chapping are not far away. When you need to bring out the big guns Pommade Divine is just the kalashnikov you need. Exfoliate the area with your toothbrush twice a week and then use this as a night treatment. Here are some of the cult lip-balms no handbag should be without. Keep up with your vitamin supplements, cracks in the corner of the mouth can indicate a deficiency of vitamin B2.

Ageing Lips

As one of the most frequently moved parts of the body (for some more than others) and combined with the lack of natural protection makes our mouths prone to fine lines and wrinkles. During your daily skin care routine make sure you extend your attention to the area, especially around the lip-line, Payot do a very effective anti-ageing Eye & Lip Contour Cream. The handbag hero for this is the LIP20 by KaplanMD, anti-ageing, plumping, SPF20 and the coolest holster in the west. Lipstick Queen have a brilliant product for anyone over 28 called the Invisible Lip Liner that you draw outside the outline of your lips, this clear waxy pencil fills wrinkles and stops lipstick or lipgloss pigment feathering into fine lines throughout the day.

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

The trend is to enhance a beautiful bee-stung shape. Highlight your philtrum (grove above your upper lip) with a tiny smudge of illuminator, just along the ridge and then with your ring-finger pat your high pigment lipstick or tint from the centre of your pout outwards (with the densest pigment at the centre and very little at the edge). Then pat lipgloss onto the fleshiest parts of your lip to visually bring the area forward. Then smile, the sexiest look for your lips is FREE!