Stress is one of the most talked about afflictions of our time. Apparently the British waste, on average, a year and a half worrying during their lifetimes. Long periods of stress can lead to a huge range of nasty symptoms including headaches, teeth grinding, lack of sleep, weight gain, stomach pain, reduced fertility and sex drive, all horrible.

Radox have been helping calm stressed Brits for decades with their hearty bath soaks, and as part of a new PR drive for their Spas they've done some research into whether it’s the massage or actually the ambient music that makes the experience so relaxing. They commissioned Manchester band Marconi Union to produce a track with the brief that it had to be ‘the most relaxing music in the world’, the result is called Weightless.

The music applies the science of 'Entrainment' - using specific rhythms, tones and frequencies with a continuous rhythm of 60 BPM (beats per minute), which causes ones brainwaves and heart rate to synchronise with the rhythm. The low underlying bass tones relax the listener while the low whooshing sounds induce a trance-like, deeper state of calm. Scientists at MindLab International in Sussex tested subjects to record the subconscious physical responses to listening to 'Weightless' versus other music, or the action of having a massage. Surprisingly the measured effects on heart rate, skin conduction and respiration proved that listening to ‘Weightless’ was more relaxing effect than both a massage and listening to more conventional music by the likes of that old fave, Enya. If you are feeling stressed we suggest you light a Tranquility Candle by NEOM, put on the Silk Eye Mask from Holistic Silk and download this tune from the Radox Facebook page. cate sewell