If you had told me that Hugh Laurie would become the worldwide face of a L'Oreal Skincare range 10 years ago I would have fallen off my chair laughing. He personifies everything the world finds funny about British men, foppish, slightly chinless, bad teeth, lofty brow and a brilliant ability to make fun of himself.

Then he landed his dream role in the US series 'House' and the transformation began...

Discovering what the inside of a gym looks like, the joys of a brilliantly tailored, crisp white shirt, what dentists do other than extractions and how limiting ones appointments with a razor is apparently all one needs to do to bring about a rebirth I never thought possible. What next, Jack Dee posing in white pants on a boat for Dolce & Gabanna, Alan Carr rolling around in the sand with puppies for Estee Lauder?! alexia inge

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