Cult Beauty has been campaigning for RMS to extend its complexion colour range for a while now. Easy to do when you are a massive multi-national, very expensive and time consuming when you are making batches of 200 at a time and without resorting to using cheaper, synthetic ingredients!

The good news is that Rose-Marie Swift has just added tone 44 to this brilliant, totally natural concealer (bottom right in the image) opening this range up to olive skins as well.

This isn't just another 'natural' make up range, it's organic skincare with mineral make up added. Most of the ingredients are cold-pressed - like high end olive oils - a process that retains the integrity and goodness of ingredients like Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil.

Rose-Marie is a top-notch make up artist who works a lot with pros like Gisele (who wears tone 33) and Miranda Kerr (tone 22), so these products provide the high performance levels of their more synthetic sisters. These concealers are brilliant for sensitive, dry, normal and combo skin types, (I would avoid them if your skin is very greasy as this stops them holding to the skin as well). alexia inge