Ah, Father's day! One can almost hear the Hallmark marketing team rubbing their hands... When it comes to Dads'-Day one can choose to be all 'Bah humbug' about this rather retail-led assault on our pockets and feeling of family guilt, or one can say, "Do you know what, it might be quite nice to give the old man a treat", if anything to acknowledge the free taxi service for all those years :) The best way to do this would be to go back home for the weekend and make him breakfast in bed: But if that's not possible, we have some quick suggestions from Cult Beauty that might just do the trick...and they'll definitely take less proficiency with an egg yolk!!

Costes Eau De Parfum £90

This cult, underground scent not only comes in the most beautiful bottle, it instantly evokes old-school opulence with its masculine, oriental, woody smell.

EBOOST Energising Supplements - £20.99

This is a great counter for the head-back, mouth-open sofa-snore-syndrome. EBOOST is used by Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis to keep them focused, alert and to boost their immune systems so they stay healthy, it will do the same for your father.

Razorpit Razor Sharpener - £20

Original, a gadget, really useful AND it saves him money, Dad Heaven! This resharpens everything from BIC to Gillette Razorblades, increasing the number of shaves by up to 150 per razorblade.

Rubis Hand/Nail Grooming Set - £60

Made by the same artisans who make tweezers for the Swiss Watch industry (Rolex, Patek Philippe etc) these hand finished tools are beautifully designed, incredibly precise and all one needs to keep man-hands looking good. The leather wallet contains nail clippers, tweezers and nail file. alexia inge