Dear Cult Beauty,

I'm 26 years old and I have unfortunately had a reaction to the RMS products. I contacted you about this because I knew this was highly unusual and thought you would like to know. I suffered really bad eczema as a child and do have occasional breakouts and extremely sensitive and dry skin. Even more so now I have had two children. I used to work as a beauty therapist and was especially interested in make-up, now I can't seem to find any that my skin can tolerate. RMS' way of thinking is very like mine. I also use coconut oil to cleanse, and only use pure unrefined oils to moisturise. These are what I have come to use after a lot of research and trying many products. Shea butter and Rosehip Oil are my favourites. You can't beat them for truly sensitive skin. I have now been on a three year mission to find make-up I can use. I even wondered if I could try making my own at one point, but this is a lot easier said than done. I gave up looking after trying Inika mineral make-up as it irritated my skin. Also, I don't really think mineral make up does me any justice, as it just enhances my flaky skin and looks so unnatural. Then I came across RMS. I thought this stuff is so pure it couldn't possibly irritate, as other mineral make-ups did. The Lip-to-Cheek colour made my cheeks red and tingly and my lips went a bit flaky. The 'Un'Cover-Up Concealer felt fine for ages before my skin got warm and tight and went a bit red over my nose, cheeks and forehead. There was no reaction where my skin is healthy along my jaw and eyelids. This makes me wonder if my skin is just very damaged and cracked and the make-up irritating my skin like it would irritate a cut or graze. The Skin Balm was fine for me though. I used to use prescription creams with good results. These creams all contained mineral oil or petrolatum. I used Vaseline on my face at night and would wake up with great skin. All of a sudden, these products stopped having any affect on me. My skin would be extremely dry and red with a greasy film on top. I also developed sore breakouts under my ears and along my neck. I got pain the same as you would get with tonsillitis. I had prescription antibacterial cream which got rid of it. When I stopped using these mineral oil creams the breakouts instantly healed. I thought it might be coincidence so after a while I tried using them again and the breakouts came right back. This is one of the reasons I believe in natural moisturisers so much. I would really appreciate any help or advice you may be able to give me. Thank you, J. Cult Beauty (Alexia) - I am incredibly sorry to hear this and think that the best person to speak to is the founder of RMS herself, Rose Marie Swift (pictured right):

Hi J,

It is so funny that you have written these words to me as this sounds so familiar. All those chemicals have dehydrated the surface of your skin and have unfortunately left a little premature aging on the surface. This is very common with Vaseline and prescription products. The UnCoverUp Concealer is actually just revealing the damage because the colour minerals make it visible. The product itself has not caused this.

Vaseline would never show this because it works like a plastic wrap over the surface, causing the skin to sweat so it looks moist, when in reality it's drying the skin. Not a good ingredient at all. My suggestion first is to start taking some Pro-biotics (not Acidophilus alone) but a mixed Pro-biotic. I always say the skin is a mirror to your gut. I also suggest to start taking fish oils for dry, overly sensitive skins, I think this would especially help you as Eczema is another symptom of Essential Fatty Acid deficiency.

Cut out sugar, artificial sweeteners, smoking, no soda pop (EVER), avoid pharmaceuticals, cut out dairy and red meat. Go for fish, chicken or turkey instead, start eating food that is more alkaline on the system and eat as much raw as possible.

When the skin has a burning effect like you described it can be because the body is releasing acid. I used to get that from acidic foods, but it went away when I took probiotics and ate more alkalising foods. I guarantee that if you try these changes, you will be able to use RMS without reaction and other products too. Please take the fish oil (or, even better, try Krill Oil) but it might take about 3 months to notice a difference in the skin. Don't worry, it will go away honey....Good luck and let me know what happens. You need to strengthen your immune system and then the body can kick in to protect itself and be stronger.

Also take chlorella every day 100% for sure. That does wonders and pulls heavy metals from the system. xoxooxoxox Rose-Marie

Hi Rose Marie. Thank you so much for your reply. You have given me hope! I am definitely going to follow your advice. I can't believe I took doctors advice for years to use prescription creams that were actually doing my skin no good. I would apply them religiously to my face really thickly. I guess this must be one of the reasons my face is so much more sensitive and dry than any other part of my body. Although I do generally eat healthily, I have never looked into changing my diet before to help my skin. This may just be what I am needing. Thanks again, J xx