Gisele was one of the many stunning celebrities to walk the red carpet at the Met Ball this week, and she rocked her scarlet McQueen gown with typically sizzling Brazilian sex appeal. But we were most excited to see that her make-up was done by Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty!

The  A-list make-up artist and former model used Un Cover-Up No.33 as a light foundation and a contouring blusher on those cheekbones (grrr...). She added shine with Living Luminizer, which was also used to add a sexy sheen to the supermodel's shoulders and collarbone. Lip and Skin Balm in Vanilla was the finishing touch. Obviously Gisele would look ridiculously beautiful whatever she was wearing, but it's nice to know she chooses the 'green' make-up option. Rose-Marie Swift launched RMS Beauty after spending years researching the effects of the chemicals in beauty products on the body. She believes that skin is 'a mirror to your gut' and her products are based on the raw food principal of not killing ingredients with heat and chemicals. All RMS products use organic ingredients like coconut oil, rosemary extract and highly pigmented minerals and are free from chemical nasties, so skin is treated kindly and enhanced naturally.