Make 2011 a beautiful year with our experts’ advice for body and soul...

Emma Day Make Up ArtistEMMA DAY: 'I'm going to be using the Elemis body scrub and body brush as the winter has turned my normally smooth body skin into something a bit grey and rhino-like and I think its needs some love and attention - just because we are all covered up with layers doesn't mean we should forget our bods! Use a good body cream for very dry skin afterwards...”Elemis Body Brush

SARA RAEBURN: “I’m going to be using more hand cream like the one by Yes Nurse! and on my feet too! Hands are the biggest telltale signs of your age and you can't hide them. As a make-up artist, I am constantly washing my hands, so my hands and nails are very dry - must try harder! Also why do we ignore parts of our bodies when they are not on show? Feet suffer in the winter too so put some hand cream on your feet as well – it won't be such a shock when you reveal them later in the year. And finally, relax more with a face mask [ed's note: we're loving Caudalie's Vinoperfect Radiance Revealing Mask] – it’s a good excuse to take 15 minutes and breathe – a great stress buster!”

Kathleen Beaton, Make Up Artist

KATHLEEN BEATON: REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil“I am not much for resolutions, as I think that this life is an ever changing practice, but one of my intentions for the upcoming year is to be more mindful of my body; what goes in and on it.  So in that vein, I urge all Cult Beauty readers to make an appointment with a dermatologist to have their yearly skin check up.  Skin cancers can be treated with early detection and it's one of those things on our ‘list’ that tends to slip by the wayside. So I encourage everyone to make it a priority and to be kind to oneself and indulge in body treatments and anything that honours your body and mind.  Even a simple bath with essential oils can do wonders. Happy New Year to all the readers of Cult Beauty. May 2011 be your best year yet. Wishing everyone much deserved peace.”

Aromatherapist Michelle Roques-O'Neil:  "I will be commencing a beauty detox, internally flushing out toxins by juicing , drinking more water, cutting out caffeine, alcohol and red meat and of course early to bed. To get my skin nourished and conditioned I will be exfoliating with brown muscavado sugar (purifying) and lemon juice twice a week, as well as moisturising with  pomegranate oils - rich in antioxidants, they add moisture, have natural estrogenic properties, are anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, improve skin elasticity, and protect the skin. I usually blend this with Rice bran as it acts as a fantastic carrier. I will do every day. For my face I will be doing an accupressure massage with a mixture of Rosehip, Argan and Jojoba with some Geranium and Grapefruit to improve microcirculation, reduce puffiness and refine the skin, pure Frankincense Hydrosol to hydrate and refresh the skin (I mist throughout the day with this) and a rose serum at night pressed into the skin. I will do this regime for 21 days."


EMMA: “To keep up my at-home manicures - just like my nan would have liked!” Save your pennies and get a fabulous home manicure with our chic selection of nail colour & nail care products SYLVIA: “To grow my hair out – naturally!” Make the tedious process of growing out your hair that little bit more fun and luxurious by stocking up on hair & scalp treatments now...

PHOEBE “To diligently brush my teeth for a full two minutes twice a day and to floss properly (two minutes is a looong time – just try it!) Also to avoid red wine and coffee – I just had my teeth whitened and want to maintain it for as long as possible!” ALEXIA: "My new year's resolution is to do Yoga (using my trusty Yoga-Paws), this will hopefully de-stress me, which will also stop me getting these annoying deep spots that don't go away. My hair is also looking a bit dull and very over-fine at the front, so I think I also need to do more hair and scalp masks (once a week) to strengthen and moisturise my hair, encourage regrowth and stop it falling out! I'll start with the Hairfix Detox and Recovery treatment for Jan and then move on to the Jasmin Hair Mask from Leonor Greyl for a weekly shot to hair aid."